The Smogon Classic III - Playoffs [Won by giara]

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So after these 3 thrillers i finally managed to win a series before game 5 eh

Thanks to ifm and the cup hosts for hosting this tour, thanks to dice for playing, dont let yourself down by the score, the series was a lot tighter than it looks

Peasounay: dice is so stupid - Peasounay: and so is giara
Ojama: hes bad, if u lose to him dont talk to me ever again
Ultra Roro: and now a brand new version of sd chomp starmie rain in bw

Ojama thanks for the help in adv & dpp, ill stick with roro for bw though... rdv au domac vitry.

Peasounay sorry you had to endure these games of butchered rby D: , tu peux venir aussi à vitry oklm.

McMeghan nice team dumps that carried me through the early rounds and a hot bw team for the finals :D

thanks to everyone in team France for the support, not gonna name everyone sorry D: but you will recognize yourselves without a doubt
@ Tigers, sorry i couldnt achieve this kind of performance during spl but i really appreciated the unconditional support during this classic (esp. from my day 1 fan miltankmilk)

ps: reyscarface tasty tears, too bad u didnt make it far enough to play me
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