The Smogon Classic - Introduction

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Thanks again to MiniArchitect for the logo!
Aloha! Welcome to the first ever Smogon Classic. This tournament celebrates Smogon's and Pokemon's history throughout the years. Players will compete in separate tournaments for the RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP, and BW generations, culminating in a finals where players must play all generations with this amazing trophy on the line:

The format consists of five separate tournaments: The BW Cup, The DPP Cup, The ADV Cup, The GSC Cup, and The RBY Cup. Each tournament is single elimination, best of three. Depending on your performance in a Cup, you will be awarded points. The point system is the same as the one used in Smogon Tour (see this for further explanation). When all the Cups have been finished, the twelve players with the most points will advance to the play-offs. There they will battle in a best of five series until there is one undisputed Smogon Classic champion.

Signups for each Cup will be posted after the first round of the previous Cup is completed. The hosts are allowed to play in the tournament that they are administering, as long as they elect someone else to create pairings. Here is the list of the five Cups with the names of the hosts and the dates each will be posted:
  • The BW Cup - Hosted by Bloo - March 30th
  • The DPP Cup - Hosted by Sapientia - April 16th
  • The ADV Cup - Hosted by Mizuhime - April 16th
  • The GSC Cup - Hosted by Jellicent - May 3rd
  • The RBY Cup - Hosted by Isa - May 3rd
If there are any questions, post in this thread and I will answer them as well as I can. Do not use this thread as a venue to complain about the format.

The tournaments will be format-locked at the time of posting of this thread. This means that should any past-gen tiering evaluations happen during the process of this tournament, the tiers themselves will not change during the scope of this tournament (looking at you GSC).

Current Standings.
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