The Smogon Classic - Introduction

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lol man PROBLEMS ...something tells me you probably wont make it out of r2 in most of these cups m8.

r2 cos its pkmn and things happen sometimes....
Another question: Can u sign up for every tour or can u only sign up for 4/5 (5/6 tours at grand slam) tours?
I think second would be better since gsc sucks (no offense gsc players).
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levi when we win ekans
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every tour

edit- also this seems really interesting, will most likely participate

for further clarification, an odd no. of tours will be selected, as is being done in grand slam atm. this will most likely apply in gen 7 (5/6 tours).
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Theres a dpp ou glitch where lo doesnt activate sometimes if it hits a sub. Can this be fixed?
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