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Thanks Stellar, much appreciated! I'll be meeting up with him at UConn after he finishes finals stuff. Or maybe Nomad's because they have DDR and PIU machines there.

It was my first time cosplaying but I get the feeling a lot of people got some free nipple service with my costume
My friend (the Electrode in my first pic) went to Belgium and she said people got angry when she tried to find their waffles. That's like Philly saying you can't have cheesesteak or a New Yorker slapping you if you asked for pizza.
Nah man, it depends on the person you ask. Belgium is really... how do you call it... introvert? We don't like to bother people we don't know randomly in the street, so if people come asking for waffles, some people may act annoyed, but nobody really minds it.


tits McGee (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
Cute pic Fishy! I like the Gastly trinket, did you make that yourself? that a collar on your thigh dafuq
it's a leg brace! oh fashion.......... and i didn't make the ghastly necklace, it was gifted to me along with a similarly made haunter and gengar :D
I wasn't really prepared for that level of fashion in this thread. I guess you could say I had to brace myself for that leg

Minwu those glasses are bomb. Where are you from?
Thanks! I like to think it makes me look like I'm lennon my happiness. I'm from Illinois, in the middle of nowhere.

Nice pun, you monster.


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
Walrein indeed is the person we all perpetuated him to be: the kid who jacks off and is found out by his mom.

jk, it was really cool to meet up. We played a few games of Cards Against Humanity whenever we waited in line for a panel.
I'll be making a dump thread with pictures and shit when I get home. Its easier to format that stuff vs doing it on a phone or via iPad...

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