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You'll always be a part of me
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are we still on the AZ train?

look, az
if i were gay, i would totally put you on my to do list
just saying


You'll always be a part of me
is a Forum Moderator Alumnus
also by the way

<@Ninahaza> also when i say "to do" list
<little_gk> why not :c
<@Ninahaza> i meant hang out
<@Ninahaza> and stuff.....\
<~Shii> .-.
<little_gk> .-.
<~Shii> >_>
<+drcossack> 9.9

also i see all the disat pictures and i'm like, man, az, remember when we posted back to back sexy disat pictures in the photo album last year? good times, lets do that again
dont worry that you already posted pictures of yourself on this page, i'm sure no one is going to complain if you added a few more
well, maybe Nastyjungle

Edit: by the way as you can clearly tell, i dont like adding to my post count so i'll save a post and congratulate you here.
congratulations on the 4k, bruce


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
I haven't put any of my pics up in this thread, and I don't want to go around digging the ones out of the old one, so here's me and my friends (I'm the man sitting next to the lovely lady on the right):

Thuggin' it out after a day at the beach. (this was taken some time ago)
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Here be SoS, backstage at a pantomime he was recently in (hence the stage makeup). Yes, it was a western. He's on the left, the girl on the right is a close friend of his. And yes, he enjoys the third person.

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