The Stour Tour: ROUND 2


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Love generations 5-7? Can't play in Smogon Tour for whatever reason? Then this tour is for you.

Tournament Rules:
  • Standard Smogon clauses & tournament rules apply.
  • Best of 3 in USUM OU / ORAS OU / BW OU.
  • The first battle is to be USUM OU, but after that game, the loser decides what generation will be played next, and if 1-1, the generation not yet played will be played.
  • Posting replays, at the very least saving them, is necessary to prevent any dispute from arising.

Round 2

LeoShakur vs. Insult
Asek vs. AAamen
Groudon vs. didi
vs. MunchlaxAndChill
Pohjis vs. LL
Dj Breloominati♬
vs. WChimera
Balandrick vs. Decemm
StepC vs. xray
Myzozoa vs. Dlanyer
Adam the first vs. Reymaki
vs. Oibaf
THUNDER CEBRA vs. Finchinator
Satanic Beast vs. Lord Thorx
The Vision vs. Haru
vs. xImRaptor
Pais vs. CyberOdin
yovan33321 vs. SoulWind
Cusho vs. pasy_g
xujing691691 vs. Indigo Plateau
Gochan vs. Teclis
So Noisy
vs. Havens
mael vs. Meru
vs. Guilhew
TPP vs. bugzinator
Marshall.Law vs. ayevon
vs. sstj
Caetano93 vs. Diophantine
LordST vs. Jardem
cb aaron judge vs. YasuKe
sig vs. Twixtry
nightcore vs. Always!
vs bye

Games are to be completed by November 25th 5 PM GMT.
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Gochan missed the scheduled time Thursday evening ; we scheduled once more for at 10PM GMT+1, and he came at 11:40PM or so, but dq'd as we were about to start and is offline since. Asking activity just in case since I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to stay up until 1AM tomorrow waiting for him (should we manage to reschedule) having school Monday.

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