The Stour Tour: ROUND 5

Love generations 5-7? Can't play in Smogon Tour for whatever reason? Then this tour is for you.

Tournament Rules:
  • Standard Smogon clauses & tournament rules apply.
  • Best of 3 in USUM OU / ORAS OU / BW OU.
  • The first battle is to be USUM OU, but after that game, the loser decides what generation will be played next, and if 1-1, the generation not yet played will be played.
  • Posting replays, at the very least saving them, is necessary to prevent any dispute from arising.

Round 5

ayevon vs. ZDen
Always! vs. Raiza
vs. Finchinator
xray vs. So Noisy

Games are to be completed by December 28th 5 PM GMT.
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another west player lucking me to shit in bw of a variant of stour, classic. guess my rotom-w is bound to get crit by amoonguss no matter which one of them i play. i deserved that series, but it isn't your fault. ggs gl in remainder

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