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My ongoing Fakedex Project is at the 4th post of this thread. :)
Currently the request-taking is on hiatus. For now.


Hello everyone! Welcome to my humble little thread, The Strumline.

I'm Magistrum.

Shameless self promotion[AKA history]¬
I've been a fan of Pokemon games since I was a kid, experiencing each generation either by console [gen 1-3] or emulator[gen 4-5]. Only till recently have I stumbled upon Smogon, after the announcement of Gen 6. I made an account then. I was searching for forums discussing gen 6 so that was how I got into a bucketload of data concerning competitive battling in Pokemon. I actually played the pokemon games only till the storyline ends[post elite 4] and never bothered with online battles, so it was sort of a culture shock for me.

Searching for what else Smogon has to offer, I stumbled onto CAP. I was like
"Wow this is fun, a whole forum makes their own pokemon and do online battles with it." I wanted to be involved.

I've always liked drawing, but only took it seriously the time I pursued Architecture and joined as an artist in our college paper. I got the hang of trad drawing during those years and has greatly influenced my style. My main media is pencil, ink and color pens. My work is sketchy at the pencil stage since I always finalize it with inking. Coloring was optional.
A couple of my works back then:[although these are rejects since I cannot post the published ones]

A couple of traditionally colored artworks, back when I was making some comics. These are inked, and colored with Kurekolor:
FYI Jollibee is a fastfood chain that beats international staples like McDonald's, KFC and Burger King in the Philippine Fastfood scene.

Color pens actually influenced my style in digital art greatly. My art usually has vivid colors as a result.

Then WACOM TABLET happened. I graduated when I got my hands on it about 2 years ago [I've tried it a bit but didn't touch it again until recently though because of work constraints]. Currently I am learning the ropes in digital art [yeah I'm slow in joining the digital art bandwagon] and I'm hoping to learn a lot and impart with everyone!

My first digital artworks:

Looking back at it, my digital lineart sucks compared to trad...

Now onto the pokemon stuff:

Latest Art

CAP16 Proposed Design: Forest Troll
This is my first project in all of Smogon. Placed 4th in the art polls; not bad at all for a first attempt in CAP.
Look at his baby picture. I find him kinda adorable at this stage of the design.

Aaaand this is where he comes at a rebellious stage. His arm 'hair', eyes, and an earring. What a delinquent.
Personally I loved both of the schemes that I have done here, so much that I left the choosing to anyone who would comment on them. The first scheme prevailed, so I went with it. However, deep inside, I didn't want to waste the autumn theme, so I planned it to be a proposed shiny sprite.
Yeah, I know, I put in a bit more effort than I normally would in these supporting artworks, since I believed that they're fundamental for gaining appeal to onlookers and potential voters and to gain comments from artists and other contributors. I also thought that they would make good supplements for my final submission. How wrong I was to think they mattered to most of the voters; well perhaps some of them viewed the art thread and/or clicked that small link to the final submission post, but I guess voters like that who study their prospected candidates are few. Well overall I do not regret devoting additional time for my support artworks; they made my design have attitude, substance, interaction, and most of all, they brought my design to life.

This is my first Support Art, demonstrating various attacks (and ability) that I initially wanted for my design. Kinda disappointing since I feel that due to my main design only relying on this pic to demonstrate its Harvest sequence, naturally the majority of the voters didn't see it. My fault, execution-wise.

The next one is a sequence for charging Solarbeam.

Next is Power Whip.

This is perhaps my favorite support art because I love to draw many pokemon in one picture. The Beat Up attack is a perfect excuse for me to achieve this.

My last support art which is more oriented towards movepool utility that I gather to be wanted by many: Pursuit, Rapid Spin, and Sucker Punch. I had to incorporate a new feature to the design especially for Rapid Spin, with which I opted for vines using the Doraemon's Pocket Principle.
This I might say, was a series of artworks that I have done to achieve an ulterior motive. At the middle of the design process, various people have commented that the vines on the face were too creepy for their liking. Of course I wanted to ignore them, but then I felt it was an opportunity to get feedback. I came up with a "facial revamp" using circles inspired by Cradily's fake eyes.

And of course, some joke schemes inspired by duskull's eyes, crobat's eyes, and cloyster's face. Of course, I included my original design as a comparison to show how these joke schemes suck.

After posting these, along with some viable and believable justifications, I achieved the result I wanted---most of them wanted the vines back. So in a way, I used my troll to troll. =P
The cat's out of the bag. I adore Rise Kujikawa. End of story.
I was about to post my original design as my final sub when I looked back at my first sketch. Then it dawned on me---sharp facial vines were still frowned upon by some; so why not soften it? So I came up with the face that I feel was more expressive than I would have had in the original design:

And yes, I looked back at my autumn color scheme too. However I came up with this proposed shiny version, which I feel was more acceptable as a shiny than just a recolor of the leaf mane. The gloomy autumn feel it has also made it perfect.

Overall I am very satisfied with the direction this design has taken.
This Pokemon is mischievous and obnoxious, and will definitely pull a prank or two even in battle despite its menacing look and massive size. It takes advantage of its odd facial features to provoke opponents. It is proud of its tree hollow pouch housing elastic, sturdy vines growing from a subspecies of Liana Vine inside its body. Even though it is a bit slow because of its heavy wood-like body, its strength can deliver powerful whipping blows with amazing speed and dexterity, enough to pierce through its enemies' defenses.

A long time ago, people were puzzled by the swirling vines imposing as its eyes and tongue, because it reacts to various stimuli the way a normal eye or tongue would. Some people theorized that these vines function as some sort of evolved sensors akin to an insect's antennae. Others dismissed it as mere reactions according to its "real" eyes and tongue, but whether those "real" eyes and tongue existed or not is still a mystery to this day.

It has been discovered through the help of modern technology that this Pokemon’s tree hollow parts and its organic skin has almost the same genetic makeup and is bonded to the cellular level, effectively making its “bark armor” a harder variant of its organic skin and its “mask” to be its real face.
CAP 5, which is the first Smogon project I participated in, has been a very fun experience. Trollfreak, as I once named it in the supporting art, is a precious piece to me, as it is, after all, my very first capmon. Even though I’m just a newbie in Smogon, especially in CAP, I appreciate the comments, critiques and support that the community has given to this design. I hope to participate in the next CAP too, if time would be so kind to let me. Until then, thanks everyone!

CAP17 Proposed Design: Frigate Bird
This is my second design entry for the CAP Project, which won with overwhelming support! @_@ Thanks guys!
Ahh, humble beginnings. Look at this fat guy just chillin' with a hot momma. Yes, he's a pimp from day one.

Since people commented that it looks too much like Honchkrow, I tried diong a different pose for my frigate bird. This is where I incorporated the main selling point of the design: the anchor beak. I also gave a steering wheel as its tailfeathers, but it looks too tacked on as it is so I opted for regular tailfeathers instead.
Moving on, I had time to develop both of my preliminary designs so I went ahead and colored them both.

However, due to Intimidate winning the primary ability polls, I decided to go with the frigate bird design. Another comment was also mentioned that the color scheme gave the design a water-type vibe, so I decided to change the color scheme to black instead of navy blue.
The anchor beak alone seemed to be too weak an indication of steel-type, so I added metal plating on the sides to indicate an admiral's coat.
Sometimes less is more---a lesson I learned from my previous CAP Submission, which has details that spriters won't be happy about. The tailfeathers look okay at the front, but looking at the back it resembles a turkey's. The arrows on the anchor pose a problem too. With that in mind, I finalized my design with simpler details such as fewer tailfeathers with more distinct patterns and a simplified anchor beak.
I like the pose I've done in this Bullet Punch support art. it really makes him a badass. The Taunt art is an inside joke in CAP, where Aurumoth is deemed too powerful to be a risky pokemon most of the time, which contradicts its "Risky Business" concept.

Next is Belly Drum, which I also liked doing. I guess the blur effect did great to create an indication of a very loud sound. Also the relative scale is something that I think I'll use for all my CAPs lol. Rise Kujikawa :heart:

Finally a flight pose. I think I want to showcase here how it looks in flight despite having wing claws, as welll as the tailfeathers fluidly adjoining with the rest of its body.
This Pokemon usually inflates its front to scare off other Pokemon that gets in its way. It then pounds its belly while letting out a shrill noise if the opponent doesn't back down, which Pokemon researchers observed as a last warning before it attacks the foe mercilessly.

There have been sightings of groups of this migratory Pokemon flying steadily through storms, unwavered by the intense lightning and powerful winds. Using its mass and its dangerously sharp steel beak, it swoops down in frightening speeds to pierce and capture prey that swims near the surface of the sea. It was believed that the anchors used by ships and vessels are inspired from the shape of this Pokemon's beak.
Overall I really had fun in creating, developing and finalizing this design as my second art entry to the CAP Project. I think Frigate Bird got quite its own fair share of good and bad points, all of which I appreciate wholeheartedly. I'm grateful for the support, critiques and suggestions given by everyone in this thread and in #cap IRC. Thanks everyone!

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Don't think you need me to tell you how could you are since I've already thrown my support behind your CAP design. There really isn't a lot to critique on here, its all awesome. (I'll forgive the lineart on your support art because it is support art after all).

Also this may be one of my favourite pieces I've seen around here, in terms of concept especially. I look at it and I see writer's block, something I really struggle with.

Shit, this kid is good.
Pokemon Regulus is the tentative name of my fakemon project, which has various meanings (Bright Star, Little King, Impure Metal, Basilisk) that coincide very well with the storyline I'm cooking up.

The game takes place in the Tervari region, which is almost as big as Kanto and Johto combined. As a whole, Tervari isn't as developed as urbanized regions such as Unova or Kalos, but makes it up with more diverse cultures and interesting folklore, as well as never-before-seen Pokemon that are not found in other regions.

Plot so far:
You start out in Luxuria Suburbs as a teenager who, along with your two childhood friends Kathryn and Devon, idolizes the Tervari Region's emerging peace-enforcing group named Team Aegis. You and your friends go to Luxuria City to participate in a pokemon lottery sponsored by Team Aegis. But on the way, you bump on somebody who's in a hurry who dropped a lottery ticket, and by some weird twist of fate (yeah riiight), you win the grand prize: three pokemon! You and your friends divide the spoils, pick a starter pokemon amongst yourselves, and strive to join Team Aegis! And thus your adventure begins!

New region, new characters, regional dex composed entirely of fakemons, you know the drill. However, the storyline is what I'm interested in developing. More interaction, more fleshed-out characters, a gameplot that unfolds differently depending on your choices, kickass folklore, and a possible love interest of sorts developing postgame is what I'm hoping to incorporate in this project.

Introducing the Map of Tervari!
The Tervari Region
Disambiguation: Terra[land, ground, earth] + Varietas[variety, diversity, difference]
Can be translated as "Diverse Land" or "Land of Different People and Places".
Tervari is a very big and diverse region, taking up two map screens (a la Kanto x Johto), however it is divided into a north sub-region and a south sub-region. (If we base on the ds emulator, each screen can show one sub-region)

North Tervari is basically composed of highlands such as a tundra area, a plateau, a mountain range and the pokemon world's highest mountain, the Mountain of Creation, where the region's Creator is said to reside. Compared to South Tervari, the north is more rural, but is rich in tradition and folklore. It features a city composed of treehouses (a la Fortree City) which has the Tree of Knowledge in its core (a humongous Library Treehouse) and a japanese-themed city that is dubbed 'The First Hamlet of Tervari' which is now the most populated area in the region(and possibly the world), taking up a whole plateau in size and housing 3(!) gyms. Three rivers flow from the northern part of North Tervari to the largest lake in the world, the Great Basin, which is rumored to have great secrets within. It is surrounded by a peculiar mountain range formation which makes it look like a literal basin. On the Southeast part is Ash Mountain, an active volcano which spews ash more often than lava. On the southwest is Rune Desert, a desert that was said to be a city that got pulverized when a powerful pokemon rampaged.

South Tervari is mostly urbanized, and is split into east and west by the Tervari Canyon, which stems from the mountains that hold the Great Basin. The long coastline of South Tervari is made up of white sandy beaches, stretching from west to east. On the sea are some islands accessible by boat. Most notable are the Red Feather Island, Yellow Feather Island and Blue Feather Island, in which 3 ancient lighthouses stand. These lighthouses are said to be pokemon-made, and as to why pokemon built them is currently unknown. Local folklore states that Legendary Pokemon sleep within each island.

Formerly in the eastern coast of South Tervari, the Pokemon League is now situated at the center of the subregion, directly at the end of the Tervari Canyon.

The left one is how it looks overall, while the right one is when adding all the map details. The borders indicate how it looks like when divided by the ds screens. Yes, it's a two-part map that goes north-south, kinda like east-west for Kanto-Johto.:) It's a map that houses 12 gyms, and along with the Elite 4 and 1 Champion means that it has all Gen V types covered (17).

Map Details
Tervari City/Town Legend

Luxuria Suburbs.
This is where your house is. At postgame, The Luxuria Mayor opens his mansion's backyard to the public, where you could find some pokemon not native in the region.
Luxuria City [1st gym: Normal-type].
Quite a big city and has the Pokemon Lab and the Xtransciever Dev't Company.
Luxuria Resort.
Unlocked Postgame, kinda like a Join Avenue, and everyday a catchable starter pokemon plays here.
Coastlink City.
A port city, but you won't use any of the boats here. Super Rod is obtainable here. The Pokemon Hotel is a place where you can battle some gym leaders and/or champions in Tervari and other regions with high-level teams. The people available change everyday. This city is unlocked postgame.
Stardom Valley
A “minigame” center where R/S/E Contests, Pokeathlon and Pokestar Studios are gathered in one place. Only accessible postgame.
Prowesce City [2nd gym: Fighting-type].
Has a Pokemon School. Also has the Pokemon Tablet PC Inc., or PokeTab Inc. for short.
Fogress City [3rd gym: Flying-type].
A big trade city with a department store. Also has a battle restaurant/café where the Name Rater hangs out.
Basin's Spout.
Essentially a Pokemon Park. It also has the frontline view of Tervari's Great Basin, the vast lake located at the very center of the region.
Cresciege Town.
A stronghold town of Team Aegis.
Einsbolt City [4th gym: Electric-type].
A city with a power plant that powers the Tervari Railroad Transit.
Westream City [5th gym: Ground-type].
An Oasis city. Many vendors/item traders here.
Verisil City [6th gym: Grass-type].
A treehouse city. Houses the Tree of Knowledge, the biggest library in the region. Also has the PokeGreenhouse where you can grow berries. Pokemon sometimes gather depending on the berries planted.
Tournament Island.
An island accessible by train where people from around the world gather to participate in the Battle Frontier and the Pokemon World Tournament.
Ventherea City [7th gym: Poison-type].
Basically a Pokemon Lab and Weather Lab town. Most residents are researchers.
Safari Zone.
Developed by Ventherea City to study pokemon in their natural habitat.
Arcavis Town [8th gym: Psychic-type].
A town taken over by Team Aegis. Gym Leader's whereabouts unknown. The Aegis Trieres, a big warship, is docked here.
Tervari Hamlet [9th-11th gym: Ghost, Dark and Bug-type].
Ironically the most populated city in the region. A Japanese-themed city, it has a whopping 3 gyms whose gym leaders will challenge you to a triple battle when you beat them once each.
Sierravasse Town.
A town that has an 'elevator' irrigation system to carry water supplies from the Great Basin to Tervari Hamlet.
Sunfalzen City [12th gym: Fire-type].
The biggest port city [and second biggest city] in Tervari. The Gym Leader uses the Old Pokemon League building as his gym before postgame. Afterward he returns to his own Gym Building. Sunfalzen has a sewer system that is home to some poison, dark and water pokemon.
Victory Road Entrance.
Has numerous gates that open if you have the required badges. Has a Trainer House with some trainers preparing for the arduous Victory Road.
Victory Clearing.
A mountain clearing which signifies that you cleared Victory Road. Has gates to enter either the Victory Hall or the Victory Tube.
Pokemon League/ Pokemon League Ruins.
This is the new Pokemon League Building. Destroyed by Team Aegis during endgame.
Old Pokemon League Bldg./ Pokemon League.
Used by the Sunfalzen Gym Leader as his gym, but became the new Pokemon League Bldg. at postgame.
Logbend Town.
A laidback town that was unaffected by Team Aegis' sieges. Team Aegis backstory is explained here. Unlocked Postgame.
Riverclog Town.
A mountaineer town. Information about the legend of the Mountain of Creation is explained here. Houses the Riverclog Temple, a temple filled with monks itching to battle. Unlocked Postgame.
Conferica Town.
The Champion's and the Team Aegis Leader's town. Does not welcome outsiders too much because of its tradition. Has an Herbal store to buy bitter medicine and incenses. The treehouse shrine is a place to pray for bountiful harvest. Unlocked Postgame

Tervari Landmark Legend:
Trinity Mountain.
The first cave in the game, yet has the most varied-leveled pokemon encounters depending on where you enter it. Fully accessed postgame.
Fogress Ranch.
The Fogress City Gym Leader owns this ranch. Has a Moo Moo Milk store and 2 sets of Pokemon Daycares. (so you can breed up to 4)
Trinity Mountain Tunnel.
Still has some pokemon encounters albeit fewer because a Train Rail Project is ongoing here. Fully accessed postgame.
Rune Ruins.
Ruins of Rune Desert that is said to be once a developed city destroyed by a rampaging pokemon.
Rune Desert.
A mysterious Desert where the sandstorm was never reported to stop since ancient times.
Einsbolt Power Plant.
Uses both windmills and a manmade waterfall from the Great Basin to generate electricity. Electric-type Pokemon and some Poison-type Pokemon thrive here.
Rune Mountain.
A mountain shrouded in mystery. Unlocked postgame.
Secoia Forest.
A large forest that is home to many kinds of pokemon. Large trees and secrets aplenty.
Cape Mansion.
An abandoned vacation house that is now home to some ghost and psychic pokemon. Fully accessible postgame.
Trainyard Cape.
A place where train cars are stored when not in use. Some Steel-type pokemon can be caught here.
Mountain of Creation West Entrance.
First entrance to the largest Mountain in the region. It stretches up to Ventherea City. Fully accessible postgame.
Mountain of Creation East Entrance.
Can only be entered via Dive HM. Requires Flash. Fully accessible postgame.
Memoir Forest.
A cemetery for humans and pokemon alike. Ghost, Psychic, and Dark Pokemon encountered here.
Justice Forest.
A large forest that can only be fully accessed with Waterfall HM postgame.
Tervari Plateau.
An uphill cavern that is full of Stength HM puzzles. Also has a small cave full of fossils within.
Tervari Shrine Tower.
A shrine that is home to some Grass, Bug, Dark and Ghost-type Pokemon.
Sierra Eclessia.
A mountain range that requires Flash on higher parts. It stretches north to the Aegis Colosseum.
Aegis Colosseum.
Main HQ of Team Aegis.
Ash Tunnel.
A cave route that has the entrance to Ash Volcano.
Ash Volcano.
Home to powerful fire pokemon. Has hidden chambers that are unlocked postgame.
Red Feather Island.
Only accessible by boat. Home to the Fire Lighthouse that hasn't been lit for generations.
Blue Feather Island.
Only accessible by boat. Home to the Ice Lighthouse that hasn't been lit for generations.
Yellow Feather Island.
Only accessible by boat. Home to the Lightning Lighthouse that hasn't been lit for generations.
East Ruins Island.
Only accessible postgame by Dive. Some Water, Rock Pokemon, and Unown live here. Has a hidden chamber that houses Legendary Pokemon.
West Ruins Island.
Only accessible postgame by Dive. Some Water, Rock Pokemon, and Unown live here. Has a hidden chamber that houses Legendary Pokemon.
Sea Coast Tunnel.
Unlockable postgame. Home to some water pokemon.
Sea Coast Mountain.
Unlockable postgame. Legendary Pokemon are said to sleep within.
Sunken Temple.
A temple located deep beneath a trench. A legendary pokemon is said to sleep here.
Kaleido Island.
Only accessible via boat postgame after acquiring the Kaleido Ticket. The whole island is said to change from time to time for some unknown reason.
Mountain of Creation North Entrance.
Home to the highest-leveled pokemon in Tervari.
Mountain of Creation Summit.
It is said that the creator of Tervari sleeps here.
Chronlesce Forest.
It is said that time flows differently in this forest.
Great Basin/ Tower of Legends.
The center of the whole Tervari region. This is the prime source of water supply for the whole region. It is said that the Tower of Legends shall rise again from the depths of this lake to be the home of the creator.

Tervari Route Legend:
Route T1: A fairly standard straight route with a few patches of tall grass.
North Exit: Prowesce City
West Exit: Trinity Mountain
South Exit: Luxuria City

This route has gives access to Trinity Mountain, but is blocked by a tree that needs HM Cut.
Route T2: A grassy route with a few trainers.
East Exit: Trade Bridge
West Exit: Prowesce City

At the end of the route, the ground becomes rocky, telling that you’re a few walks away from the Tervari Canyon. If you still haven’t gotten your 2nd badge, the bridge entrance is blocked because of structural maintenance.
Trade Bridge: A steel bridge with many people sightseeing.
East Exit: Route T3
West Exit: Route T2

Showcases a 3D angle(if possible) showing the Tervari Canyon and the Great Basin in the distance. There are some people willing to trade items here, mostly something like potions for Sitrus Berries or trading common status berries for a Lum Berry.
Route T3: A grass and dark grass route.
North Exit: Fogress City
West Exit: Trade Bridge

A standard L-route with grassy patches and a dark grass patch.
Route T4: A grassy route with a brook.
North Exit: Sierravasse Town
East exit: Fogress Ranch
South Exit: Fogress City

A standard northward route to Sierravasse Town, but you are obstructed by a brook which is only crossable via Surf HM. The Fogress Ranch is accessible at the east end of the route.
Route T5: A short uphill route.
East Exit: Fogress City
West Exit: Basin's Spout

This is a route that goes straight up to the Basin’s Spout.
Route T6: A short straightforward route.
East Exit: Fogress City
West Exit: Canyon Bridge

If you haven’t gotten the 3rd badge yet, the end of the route is blocked by two trainers battling each other.
Canyon Bridge: A natural rock bridge.
East Exit: Route T6
West Exit:Route T7

Another 3D angle bridge(if possible).
Route T7: A grass and dark grass route by the riverside.
East Exit: Canyon Bridge
West Exit: Trinity Tunnel
South Exit: Trinity Mountain

A standard grassy route with trainers. This route has a river that goes to an underwater entrance of the Trinity Mountain, albeit only accessible by Surf HM and Dive HM.
Route T8: Rune Desert East Route.
East Exit: Einsbolt City
West Exit: Westream City

Has permanent sandstorm weather. You encounter many pokemon that thrive in the desert. If you haven’t gotten the 4th badge yet, workers block the way, saying that they’re fixing the power outage at the town gate.
Route T9: Rune Desert North Route.
North Exit: Secoia Forest
South Exit: Westream City

Blocked from the gate to Secoia Forest if you haven’t gotten your 6th badge. Has permanent sandstorm weather. You encounter many pokemon that live in the desert. At the north end of the route is Secoia Forest.
Route T10: Dark Grass fork route.
North Exit: Mountain of Creation West Entrance
East Exit: West Basin Bridge
South Exit: Einsbolt Power Plant

Cannot be accessed until you have gotten the 7th badge. Route 10 is mainly a dark grass route that has permanent rain weather. This route is quite a fork road; at the south you can go by the river route (Surf HM required) and end up at the old part of the Einsbolt Power Plant. At the east is West Basin Bridge, but cannot be accessed because of repairs from a recent incident. At the northwest is the Tervari region’s north coastline, leading to the back of Cape Mansion where you get the Surf HM. At the northeast is the Mountain of Creation West Entrance, serving as a detour while the bridge is inaccessible but requires the Surf HM to access.
West Basin Bridge: A long, reinforced concrete bridge which is also a sluice gate.
East Exit: Route T11
West Exit: Route T10

Cannot be accessed until the events in Ventherea City have transpired. The first time you go to this bridge, there are boulders obstructing passage back to Verisil City, implying that there has been a recent landslide.
Route T11: Grassy and mountainous route.
North Exit: Mountain of Creation West Entrance
East Exit: Ventherea City
West Exit: West Basin Bridge

A grassy/ dark grass route with a Strength Puzzle. There is also a waterfall here that goes to the upper part of Mountain of Creation West Entrance. Surf HM and Waterfall HM required.
Route T12: A short route with a river at the center.
North Exit: Ventherea City
South Exit: Safari Zone

A grassy downhill route that has some trees that need Cut. Has a river that stretches throughout the route. It goes straight to the Safari Zone.
Route T13: Grassy and mountainous route.
East Exit: East Basin Bridge
West Exit: Ventherea City

Almost the same as route 11 but has no waterfall. If you haven’t gotten your 8th badge, the path to East Basin Bridge is blocked by Team Aegis grunts.
East Basin Bridge: A long brick bridge that is also a sluice gate.
East Exit: Route T14
West Exit: Route T13

A sluice gate bridge swarmed by Team Aegis the first time you go to this bridge.
Route T14: A dark grass route.
North Exit: Memoir Forest
East Exit: Arcavis Town
South Exit: Justice Forest

This route has permanent rain. At south is Justice Forest, but cannot be fully accessed unless you have both Surf HM and Waterfall HM. At north is Memoir Forest, a cemetery. At northwest is a river route going southward to an almost hidden house beside Safari Zone. At the east end is the entrance to Arcavis Town.
Route T15: An uphill route with patches of grass and dark grass.
North Exit: Logbend Town
East Exit: Sierra Eclessia
South Exit: Arcavis Town

Only accessible postgame. A very standard uphill route with some mountainous areas and Strength puzzles. At the east, has access to the underground part of Sierra Eclessia. Leads to Logbend Town.
Route T16: Mostly a water route.
North Exit: Riverclog Town
East Exit: Aegis Colosseum
West Exit: Mountain of Creation East Entrance
South Exit: Logbend Town

Only accessible postgame. Many water pokemon reside here. Needs Surf HM, Waterfall HM and Dive HM to fully access the underwater cave that is the Mountain of Creation East Entrance. At the northeast end is a ruined and abandoned part of the Aegis Colosseum. At the northwest end is Riverclog town.
Route T17: An uphill snowy route.
East Exit: Riverclog Town
West Exit: Mountain of Creation North Entrance

Only accessible postgame. A mountainous route that has thick snow. Depending on the season it has snowy or blizzard weather. Has permanent hail in battle. Many Ice-type pokemon live here. At the end of the route is the Mountain of Creation North Entrance.
Route T18: A downhill snowy route.
East Exit: Mountain of Creation North Entrance
West Exit: Conferica Town

Only accessible postgame. A mountainous route that has thick snow. Depending on the season it has snowy or blizzard weather. Has permanent hail in battle. Many Ice-type pokemon live here.
Route T19: An uphill route.
North Exit: Arcavis Town
South Exit: Hamlet Plateau

A mountainous uphill route with a few patches of grass. Leads southward to Hamlet Plateau.
Route T20: A downhill route.
East Exit: Tervari Hamlet
West Exit: Sierravasse Town

A mountainous downhill route with a humongous pipe on the side of the route. It leads westward to Sierravasse Town.
Route T21: A grass/dark grass route.
North Exit: Fogress City
South Exit: Sunfalzen City

A fairly simple L-route that has a pokemon blocking the way. You won't be able to fully access this route from Fogress City @ early game.
Route T22: A mountainous route.
East Exit: Sunfalzen City
West Exit: Victory Road Entrance

A trainer-infested route with cut and strength puzzles. Leads westward to Victory Road.
Victory Road
North Exit: Victory Road Entrance
South Exit: Victory Clearing

A long and arduous mountain that is infested with powerful pokemon and trainers.
Victory Hall
East Exit: Victory Clearing
West Exit: New Pokemon League/ Pokemon League Ruins

A straight path that has the statues of past champions from previous games. [Blue, Lance, Red, Steven, Wallace, Cynthia, Alder, Iris] The path leads to the Pokemon League near endgame/ Pokemon League Ruins postgame.
Victory Tube
North Exit: Old Pokemon League/ Pokemon League
West Exit: Victory Clearing

Only accessible postgame. An underwater tunnel that is infested by strong trainers. The path leads to the Pokemon League postgame.
Route T23: A mountainous route.
North Exit: Trinity Mountain
East Exit: Prowesce City
West Exit: Coastlink City

Only accessible postgame. A short uphill route with a few grass patches. Has an access point to Trinity Mountain; one is westward by land and another is northwest by Surf HM. Leads to Coastlink City.
Route T24: A coastline route
North Exit: Trinity Mountain
East Exit: Luxuria Resort
West Exit: Coastlink City

Only accessible postgame. A grassy route with trainers on land and sea. Has an access point to Trinity Mountain.
Route T25: A coastline and sea route.
North Exit: Sea Coast Tunnel
East Exit: Sunken Temple
South Exit: Sea Coast Mountain

Only accessible postgame. A very long route that has a lot of trainers. It has a diving spot that goes into a sunken temple with hidden treasures inside, and is said to be the resting place of an ancient legendary Pokemon. At the south end of the route is Sea Coast Mountain.

Gym Leaders
The Tervari Region originally housed 8 Pokemon Gyms. However, due to the integration of the Tervari Hamlet's Gym Leader into the Elite Four, as well as the recent development of Luxuria City and Arcavis Town's gyms, the number of Pokemon Gyms bumped up to 12 with 13 Gym Leaders governing them over the past few years. With no clear successor to Tervari Hamlet's Gym, 3 other Gyms feuding over who shall get the title rose to the occasion, all of which are acknowledged, resulting in Tervari Hamlet having 3 Pokemon Gyms.
1. Luxuria Gym: Roland and Annya (M & F): Normal Type: Gem Badge
Tycoon Twins. The Luxuria City Mayor's children.
"Nothing's impossible! Live a rich life, like ours!"
2. Prowesce Gym: Filia (F): Fighting Type: Skill Badge
A leader of grace and technique. Kung fu Martial Artist.
"Express yourself. That's the most important thing."
3. Fogress Gym: Floydd (M): Flying Type: Soaring Badge
The Pokemon Rancher. Also a pokemon breeder.
"Pokemon are friends. Cherish them. Dream with them."
4. Einsbolt Gym: Joulie (F): Electric Type: Surge Badge
The Alluring Engineer. Dreams of Tervari being linked together by train.
"Set your goals straight, and do your best to reach it!"
5. Westream Gym: Terry (M): Ground Type: Fossil Badge
The Desert Architect. Has a crush on Joulie.
"Everything is built from dust. How you build it is what's important."
6. Verisil Gym: Clovis (M): Grass Type: Sprout Badge
The Calm Historian. Guards the Tree of Knowledge.
"History is the root that gives us strength to grow for the future."
7. Ventherea Gym: Veronica (F): Poison Type: Toxin Badge
The Fieldwork Researcher. A naive scientist that is Prof. Spruce's former assistant.
"The world is vast! Explore! Experience everything you can!"
8. Arcavis Gym: Lucy (F): Psychic Type: Grace Badge
The Sultry Surrealist. A pokemon artist that is friends with Castelia Gym's Burgh.
"Everytime I look at your future, it's... surreal... beautiful..."
9. Tervari Hamlet Gym: Resha (F): Ghost Type: Forlorn Badge
The Eccentric Maiden. A shrine maiden that has a feud with Domon and Beeto.
"Domon and Beeto are idiots. Don't grow up to be like them."
10. Tervari Hamlet Gym: Domon (M): Dark Type: Blade Badge
Master of the Sword. A veteran warrior that has a feud with Resha and Beeto.
"Do not follow the example of that weak ninja and that stupid maiden."
11. Tervari Hamlet Gym: Beeto (M): Bug Type: Shed Badge
The Nimble Ninja. A ninja that has a feud with Resha and Domon.
"Hmph. Stay away from that crazy girl and that old coot."
12. Sunfalzen Gym: Friedrich (M): Fire Type: Magma Badge
The Infuriating Leader. Self-proclaimed strongest gym leader in the world.
"You may have beaten me once, but that was just luck, you hear me?!"
The Gym typings were arranged in such a way that the typing is weak to the next gym's:
Normal <Fighting <Flying <Electric <Ground <Grass <Poison <Psychic <Ghost <Dark <Bug <Fire.

The Pokemon League
With the former Champion retiring to pursue a different career, the Pokemon League recently reorganized and relocated from the foot of Ash Mountain to the mouth of the Tervari Canyon. One of the Elite Four succeeded the Champion's place, while a gym leader was integrated into the Elite Four.
Water E4: Drizella (F): A parasol child. Acts far older than her age, and is considered a battling genius.
Rock E4: Bastian (M): Your dad. Has a stone-cold glare and unshaking resolve.
Ice E4: Viceroy (M): A world-famous snowboarder. An energetic guy.
Dragon E4: Lyndra (F): A kimono girl with dragon patterns. Former Tervari Hamlet Gym Leader.
Steel Champion: Valeria (F): Adorned with a winged coronet. Uses a balanced team with varying types, but her strongest is Steel-type.

The ordering of the E4 types are opposite of the gym leader types' principle:
Water> Rock> Ice> Dragon
The Champion's primary typing (Steel) resists the last E4's typing.

Team Aegis
Theme: Gladiator/ Valkyrie outfits
Credo: To promote and enforce peace upon the whole region..
The grunts basically use normal, fighting, and dark pokemon. However, their leaders use different types.
Lady Bernatrice: Fire-Type
Sage Cryogoras: Ice-Type
Gladiator Zaphriel: Electric-Type
Emperor Wryvalle: Steel-Type

...If you read through all that, it means I love you already LOL.

Going with the trainer artworks, so far I got the female trainer down:

Current Pokemon Designed: 31/165 barely 19% :/
Grass Starters based on the Lotus Flower and the Hindu Diety Lakshmi: Lillibud, Felotus and Sacreflora

Fire Starters based on Komodo dragons and the Norse Fire Giant Surtr: Crotyke, Lavatara and Komolten

Water Starters based on Orcas and the Greek Sea God Poseidon: Dolfby, Fervorca and Valorca

An Electric two-form fakemon based on batteries: Cellectro

A Rock-type line based on Chess Pieces: Stalacrumb, Stalacore and Stalakarn

A Fighting/Ground Cassowary line which are parodies of the Angry Birds game and Braveheart movie: Grouchick and Cass-O-War

A Poison/Dark fakemon inspired by Manticores and Vlad the Impaler: Vladicore

A Grass/Dark line based on goblins and trolls: Shrublin and Trolliath

A Steel/Ghost fakemon based on the Iron Maiden Torture Device: Virgrim

A Ghost/Psychic fakemon based on the Native American Shamans: Shamantra

A mono-Psychic fakemon line based on miko/shamans and celestial bodies: Cosmica, Solarica, Lunarica, Stellarica & Gravica

A mono-Flying fakemon based on Clouds and Sheep: Sylphleece

A Normal/Ghost fakemon based on the Gazelle and Dullahan: Ghouzelle

A Dark/Fairy, two-form fakemon based on the Incubus/Succubus: Devlux

A lategame bird line based on the Philippine Eagle: Aguilet and Aguilari

A postgame bird line based on Harpies and Valkyries: Harpling and Valthena

A pseudolegendary line based on Serpents: Aspoxin, Galviper and Drasilikos

A two-form legendary fakemon based on Sultans and Genies: Sahrafi

Sorry if the quality is inconsistent between the artworks; they were done when I was exploring art styles. As always, suggestions, comments and critiques are very welcome :)
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Don't think you need me to tell you how could you are since I've already thrown my support behind your CAP design. There really isn't a lot to critique on here, its all awesome. (I'll forgive the lineart on your support art because it is support art after all).

Also this may be one of my favourite pieces I've seen around here, in terms of concept especially. I look at it and I see writer's block, something I really struggle with.

Shit, this kid is good.
Thank you sir, you are too kind. Actually, those support art [solarbeam, power whip and beat up] were supposed to be uncolored, if not for the warning given to me being accused of hogging the thread. o_0 So I colored them to let off steam.

You must have A LOT of patience to draw all those chains >_<...
Yeah, and kinda sucked that it got rejected T_T

Meanwhile, here's

Watercolor with Photoshop effects.

Vitruvian Smeargle

This is a digital art intended to represent this thread, but seeing that the art for articles thread needed some, well, art, I figured I might as well attempt to contribute this. I hope it's good enough, though.


A traditional pencilwork of my impression of a darker Absolem, the smoking caterpillar in Wonderland where Alice wandered about.
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I LOVED the chain one. The way you varied the shades, and made it look realistic really stood out to me. Also, for your most recent pic, I am amazed with all the details you put into each part, whether it's the smoke, the fingertips, or the shading. Really, really nice work. Luvdisc'd! =)
Awesome drawings.. >_<

You've taken my heart at that Milotic [my favorite gen 3 poke]

That chained man must have taken ages X_o .. too COOL!

I love the Absolem sketch. It has so much emotion.

Do try to compress some of your drawings though. Maybe around 640x640 pixels at most. It's too large for my screen. Hahaha. And it would be easier for other user to appreciate your work.
Awesome drawings.. >_<
Do try to compress some of your drawings though. Maybe around 640x640 pixels at most. It's too large for my screen. Hahaha. And it would be easier for other user to appreciate your work.
Okay I'll do that, thanks for the advice.

...BTW hey there kababayan (/^o^)/\(^o^\)
this is really neat stuff; i would love to see you pump out more refined and complete digital pieces, because the linework and colors you've done for the cap design are stellar.

the composition on your crobat piece is a little weird; perhaps adding some silhouettes (like of trees or anything else you could think of) would make it seem more complete. additionally, the text doesn't really stand out against a black background so i would probably reconsider the color or something.

anyway, looking forward to seeing more.
the composition on your crobat piece is a little weird; perhaps adding some silhouettes (like of trees or anything else you could think of) would make it seem more complete. additionally, the text doesn't really stand out against a black background so i would probably reconsider the color or something.

anyway, looking forward to seeing more.
Kinda hard to add trees since the POV is staring up at the moon,[possibly a few branches can be drawn, albeit small ones on the edge of the pic] but I could add other crobats in the distance to make it more complete. Thanks for the critique! Edit: finished modifications
A bigger update than last time:
A scan of my fanart of some jobs in Ragnarok Online:

Pencils and ink. This was done years ago though, I thought I might as well dump it here.

A CAP update:

Which one of them strikes your fancy? :naughty:

And a WIP:

I realized that for the longest time, I haven't tried to color any of my traditional artwork digitally! It was always pure traditional or pure digital, never a mix in between. Sooooo for the first time I am giving it a try!

It was hard at first because of the line art cleaning, since I tend to be sketchy at the pencil stage and thus leaving a lot of unnecessary grain. However, thanks to the internet tutorials I pulled through. Of course, any tips from everyone would be welcome.
Another Update: [I hope I ain't stepping the line, I got a triple post but they're in different days so i guess it's okay =P]

First in line is Spade Queen Milotic!

This is my second attempt in the Smeargle Card Project, this time the Queen of Spades. I tried a coloring style different from my comfort zone but I think I nailed it, or at least close enough. I also kinda got a Persona 4 feel going on in this artwork. [If you haven't played Persona 4 yet, you're missing out too much. It's that good.]

Also, I have something that would show a bit of how I do traditional. This was actually advised by my art director back when I was an artist in the college paper. I dunno if she was trolling or helping me back then; the process was...time consuming, but it helped fill my portfolio faster. She also argued that this refines your inking skills, so I did it anyway, and it worked for me. [Although, she never used this process and so far I was the only one who did it among my peers]

I never outgrew my sketchy pencilwork because somehow it has that authentic feel to it. This was actually cleaned in preparation for the 2nd step; refer to the rough preliminary sketch of my proposed capmon 5 to get a feel of how really messy my sketching is.

2. Buuuut before getting to the inking stage, I photocopy it first. Why? because the sketch is an artwork in itself already. The copy is what I ink while the original goes to my folio. That's why the sketch is cleaned a bit.

The sketch becomes the monochromatic render of the line art, albeit giving only a brief depiction of lighting and shadows.

4. Photocopy the output again. This is usually the most annoying step. Although the lines are defined from the inking, the photocopy usually lowers its quality so I redraw the lines. This step is actually what my art director implies as refining my inking skills. Of course, the original line art is also stashed into the folio. After reinking the hardcopy...

The final step is what I make the most fun out of. I use Kurekolor as my coloring medium because the strokes are faster and easier to control than watercolor, and averts the white spots problem which occurs often when using color pencils/oil pastels.

Overall this process is arduous but it is quite fulfilling, netting you at least 3 artworks! I actually once made 4 copies on the 4th step of another artwork to make different color schemes in the coloring stage. If you have the time [and patience] why not try this out?
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I think it's fine, considering the work you're putting out is really really great, and the fact that nobody has commented in between each post which is a shame. You could always update a previous post with more work.

Everything's brilliant. It's just a massive shame that nobody is really picking up on how good everything is.

Also I like the step process you gave for your artwork. It's a lovely piece as well :)
@GlassAbsol: Thanks for all the praise! I really appreciate it.

@someone under the sea: I think it's the angle that confuses you. Her hand reaches to the bow backwards away from her body, which shortens it in the picture.

@Fulgrate and Sæglópur: Yeah I think looks awesome too. I'm glad it came out okay since I just lurked at deviantART for some digital artworks and tried to adapt and try out the coloring style.

A wee update this time compared to the previous ones, since I've been busy. I posted my final submission for CAP 5 though:

I reverted to my previous design but tweaked the eyes to be more circular. The facial revamp earlier just didn't cut it for me. Also a shiny version:

and a scale to determine its relative size:
Man this is inspiring. There is tons of humor, colour and obviously lot of effort in your pictures. Luv to the disc'd!
Thank you! (づ。◕ω◕。)づ <(^‿‿^< ) I'm glad you like it.

Also a little update, since apparently I've been lurking in the IRC too much lately... In the meantime let me present to you a non-pokemon related art that I posted before as a WIP: another of my characters in Ragnarok Online, Ekreya Stormforge the mechanic!

Ink with Photoshop Coloring and Effects.
The Milotic looked brilliant. Very colorful, bright, and really emphasized Milotic's beauty, which we all know is it's main theme. Also loved the Crobat. The dark colors, combined with the moon again emphasized the theme of Vampires. Especially loved the moon, the bright contrast with the dark colors of the night was done highly effectively and in good detail.
I tried RO once, but just couldn't get into it! I liked the sprites/art though...
Also you should totally draw people from Persona like your RO characters! <333
Oh wow I haven't really had a good look through your thread and all your stuff is amazing. I think I love your shading the most, just the way you use it to show different surfaces so well (like the metallic shading on the robot hand in the last pic compared to the softer shading in other places)
Hope you stick around for a good while with this quality art man n_n

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