The Super Fun Advance Generation Team Tournament II - Signups

Hello friends, the Super Fun Advance Generation Team Tournament is back for its second iteration. Last year we saw Team Friends (ft. Kill Edward) come out on top. Which team will be the winner this year?

The format:

ADV Uber
RS 200

Last year's format included the then-popular ADV BL, but the tier hasn't been played since then, so it is being replaced with the underappreciated RS 200. For anyone with an interest in learning the tier, please read this post by pasy_g.

2. Team time dos sonhos
ADV Uber - elodin
ADV OU - Tamahome
ADV UU - Eternal Spirit
ADV NU - Hyogafodex
RS 200 - ggggd

2. Team against fake news tiers
ADV Uber - Vulpix03
ADV OU - Jytcampbell
ADV UU - jcbc
ADV NU - fatty
RS 200 - TPP

3. Team Sisterandteambros
ADV Uber - dream
ADV OU - mael
ADV UU - Sage
ADV NU - Triangles
RS 200 - Diophantine
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