The Ticketmeister's Comics!


So I mostly do Pokemon-related comics, with some exceptions, and I like to think I'm not half bad at what I do. Of course, never judge an artist based on what he says, judge him based on his art. So here ya go:

This is actually fairly old stuff, but I've got new stuff on my DeviantArt page:
these are brilliant

have we found the new rocket grunt?


ahhaaahaha your generation showdown comic is fucking great

ahahahahahahaha yanappu's

ahahahahahaha the ludicolo one
these are hilarious. I actually laughed out loud... it's been a while since something on the internet's done that for me
you have a wicked sense of humor, and a really cool sketchy look that still seems refined and stuff. I paticularily like the fuzzy, soft style of the last one you made. You're also pretty good at emulating the Dr. Seuss style of art. Those looked totally legit.


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Ahhhh!!!!! Comics!!!! Dude you certainly should do more of these. I can see this kind of stuff becoming the new Smog comic.


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asdausfasfafa amazing. If its possible can you whip up separate avatars of Reshiram/Zekrom in the Dr. Suess style? Gen. Empoleon and I would be very very thankful ^_^
:D Wow! I'm amazed my stuff was received so well here! Here's my newest one, surely one that can be appreciated by those who have to deal with hackers:

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