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We are back...AGAIN LOL I wasn't planning to make another thread for a while, but THE GOAT HIMSELF, BKC, requested this topic, so ofc I had to oblige. Not to mention, I get the chance to jerk myself off OML
I don't really know much about SPL 2 or 1, so for those, I will personally be going strictly off of records really; SPL III is kind of a gray area as well. For 4 and beyond, I should be able to remember enough to give some better judgment. We all know how much I love the sheet, so the primary thing that will be considered here are the records on paper. Of course, there are some situations where having one more loss than another person may not prevent you from trumping that person. Going through and watching every replay played by everyone in contention for this list is obviously out of the question; not to mention, there were not even replays prior to SPL 5, so lol. I will be judging the candidates based on the quality of their opponents at the time, as well as whatever I remember about their games. Lower tiers will be given less weight than old gens and main tiers, because the competition is generally at higher level...except for RBY of course. Playoff wins and tiebreaks are also very important here; if your team didn't make the playoffs, it's going to be pretty hard to consider you against such stiff competition, honestly. Team support will also be factored in as a tiebreak of sorts. This list was honestly pretty hard to make LOL factoring in luck is pretty difficult, but I think my final list is pretty solid. So, let's begin.

Honorable mentions:

eaglesrock / trickroom in SPL II: before my time so.
ifm / 616 in SPL III: also kind of before my time; don't really remember SPL III that much. ifm lost in the finals. 616 has a stronger case, but it's hard for me to evaluate VGC especially so.
everyone who was 8-1 and whose teams didn't make the playoffs

Tiba / The_Chaser (SPL IV / SPL II): 10-1
Tiers: RBY OU

These two managed to perform the absolutely incredible feat of going 10-1 in a best of 1 RBY setting. The_Chaser did lose in the finals, while Tiba won both his playoff games, so just off of that, I gave him a very tiny edge. These are two of the best records ever, so they should obviously be honored in some way. Naturally, though, it is RBY, so they just miss the cut.

pi face: 9-1-1 (SPL III)
Tiers: BW Ubers
pi face was dominant in SPL III, and won both his playoff games against stiff competition in Hugendugen and Syrim. That being said, he was in fact in a lower tier, so that does drop him down in the rankings. He also had a lot of luck in his favor, from what I remember.

lax (SPL X): 9-4
Tiers: SM NU / SM OU

To get on this list with 4 losses, you have to have an otherwordly performance in some aspect...and lax definitely qualifies. He is one of only two players to have won go 4-0 in the playoffs, taking down noteworthy names such as blunder and ben gay in their main tiers while primarily being known as a lower tier player. He managed to accrue an absurd 9 wins in the following World Cup as well, and slayed tiebreak king bro fist on his way to the trophy, proving that this performance was no fluke. lax had the aura of a champion in SPL X, and his historic playoff run is almost enough to put him on this list. However, at the end of the day, I can't, in good faith, put someone with 4 losses on this list. That's just a bit too many.

BKC (SPL IX): 10-3

BKC had an amazing run in SPL 9. The flaw in his campaign here is his semifinals loss to dice, coupled with the fact that he objectively did get pretty lucky in his game against SoulWind. Luck is going to be a factor in this list, as you will see later. Nonetheless, he did manage to win when it mattered the most, and propelled an overmatched Raiders team to within 1 game of taking down the greatest roster of all time. 3 losses is a lot, but the tiebreaks at least somewhat make up for that. lax, pi face, and BKC all have strong cases to be on this list, but while BKC's unparalleled team support and flexibility makes him closest to the list, his 3 losses just barely knocks him off.

Jayde (SPL VIII): 9-1
Tiers: BW OU

This was Jayde's real breakout tour. He proved he was a force to be reckoned with in the BW scene, and took down household names like SoulWind and McMeghan on his way to a perfect regular season. The lone blemish on his season was a costly one, as he fell to Tokyo Tom in the playoffs. This loss really lowers his placement on the rankings, especially since Tokyo Tom isn't anyone you would label as a "worldbeater." This list is very unforgiving, so that one mistake is enough to drop him off the list

10. -Tsunami- (SPL IV): 10-0
Tiers: BW OU / BW UU / BW Ubers / BW NU

OML IT'S ME VROS HYPE!! You can say I'm biased on this, but I do not think I was as lucky as blarajan during my run. One of my wins was an activity win, but I did have to convince jasonpwn to not take the win against SoulWind, leading to a double sub that caused me to get the win SO, I think that it was well-earned lol. I played almost every tier under the sun in this tournament, and my playoff win over Fakes in an actual tier is enough to lift me to 9th, in my opinion. I also took down some solid players in Ubers legend pi face and notorious UUer RT, although the overall level of my competition was pretty low. My ranking is lowered due to that and the fact that I was stuck in lower tiers for the majority of this tour.

9. blarajan (SPL V): 11-0
Tiers: BW LC

Alright, LOL Now, this gets really tricky. blara is the only player to go 11-0, but his ranking his lowered for two reasons. The first one is that he was playing LC, which has never really had a super talented playerbase. The next is that he objectively got extremely lucky during his run; as someone who was present for him, I would argue that at LEAST 4 of his games, including his finals one, was swung with some timely luck. Still, though, he is the only person ever to go 11-0, and that's enough to put him at 8th on this list.

8. Tesung (SPL VI): 9-1
Tiers: ORAS OU

This was Tesung's best performance on the sheet. He was a destroyer of worlds in this tour, and put himself on the map in a big way. He defeated nearly everyone in his path, with his lone loss coming to badass, who had a pretty solid matchup against him. In his lone playoff game, he 6-0'd PDC (who was amazing that year), in dominant fashion. While his level of competition was a bit better than reyscarface's, his 1 loss leaves him a hair below the undefeated man in the rankings.

7. reyscarface (SPL VIII): 10-0
Tiers: SM OU

rey is the last of the undefeated gang. Unlike Jayde, he did win his playoff game, so in a list where each player is pretty close together, that's enough of a difference for him to be 6th. rey gets the benefit of the doubt here because he played in a non-lower tier. He's still hurt by the quality of his opponents, though; he didn't really beat too many great players on his run, as his wins pile is littered with a bunch of no-name clowns. He did go 10-0, though, so that's enough to put him at 6th.

6. Fear (SPL IX): 9-1
Tiers: GSC OU

LOL after some editing, Fear finds himself in 6th place. I honestly didn't consider this guy at all, but when you consider what he did, he should probably be this high. He won both his playoff games and had a dominant regular season. I'm not putting him higher than this because his strength of schedule was honestly pretty bad; GSC was really filled with a bunch of clowns. He won at 5-6 with his team facing elimination to a much inferior Ruiners squad. His performance is enough to land him above the undefeated players here.

5. McMeghan (SPL VI): 8-1

3, 4, and 5 on this list were all pretty close. Roro has 1 less loss, but also 1 less win. He did manage to win in the playoffs, though. ADV ended up less stacked than usual this tour after some shuffling, so that also sort of hurts his case. He had a phenomenal performance, carrying the BIGs to the playoffs. Ultimately, while he did put on a great show, 8 wins isn't enough to get into the top 4, in my mind. He only played 1 playoff game as well, which also hurts his case. He no doubt provided some amazing support for his team, though, which boosts his stock for this list.

4. Ojama (SPL VII): 9-2
Tiers: DPP OU / ADV OU

As Ojama's manager for this tour, I can say with certainty that I have rarely ever been as confident in a player as I was in Ojama during his run. He absolutely destroyed people with some crazy plays, and was a big reason we were able to top the regular season despite having countless holes in our lineup. He won both his playoff games, with the caveat that Golden Sun outplayed him pretty thoroughly in the finals, and would have won without some crazy luck in Ojama's favor. Nonetheless, he did manage to switch tiers at my request after a few weeks, and was critical team support for our squad.

3. Tamahome (SPL VIII): 9-2-1
Tiers: SM OU / DPP OU / RBY OU

Tama was the major catalyst, alongside Mazar of course, that propelled the Tigers to their short-lived SPL 8 championship. He was a dominant force in the thinking gen, and smashed a wide variety of noteworthy players along the way. Tama's strength of schedule is easily one of the strongest on this list; of course, he's hurt by the fact that he was slotted into a variance tier. Nonetheless, what really cemented his status as 4th on this list was his tiebreak performance in the finals. He smashed Tricking in SM OU, proving that he could succeed in the new generation as well. The battle between these legends is pretty close, but I think Tama's playoff performance surpassed that of the kingpin and roro, which lands him at 3rd on this list.

2. ABR (SPL VII): 10-1
Tiers: ORAS OU

ABR's debut tournament was also his best. He put himself on the map in a big way, going 10-1 against some tough opponents including Jamvad, Tesung, and blunder. Speaking of blunder, he was the only opponent who managed to beat ABR, in a down-to-the wire game that featured a disconnect in the middle of it. ABR also won a tiebreak in Week 9 against Geemick to put his team in the playoffs, before getting his revenge against blunder in the semifinals. Crazy to think that the Ruiners didn't manage to win SPL with the arguably the best team support of all time nabbing 10 wins for a 10k price tag, but that's the way the cookie crumbles sometimes. What sets up ABR apart from a lot of competitors in this list is the quality of his opposition; he really played a myriad of skilled battlers on his way to a dominant season. That along with his tiebreak victory lands him at 2nd on the list.

1. Lavos Spawn (SPL X): 12-1
Tiers: BW OU / GSC OU

Lavos, without question, had the most impressive SPL performance of all time. He was an absolute machine in the regular season, destroying everyone in his path besides Fear. What really sets Lavos apart, though, is nearly unmatched playoff performance. He went 4-0 in the playoffs to help his rag-tag Ruiners squad take down one of the best teams of all time in the SPL X Tyrants. When his team needed him the most, he delivered. He even defeated Ojama in BW OU in a tiebreak as well, proving that he was a menace in multiple tiers. He may have lost a game, but at least it was in the regular season against a highly respected GSC player. His playoff performance was just unparalleled, except by his comrade lax, of course. While his strength of schedule wasn't really the greatest compared to someone like ABR, that's not nearly as relevant when your playoff performance helped create one of the biggest upsets in Smogon history.
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