Project The Top 10 Titans of the 6th Gen OU Metagame

Something I nommed made it into the top 10? nice

Want to stop it? Better be carrying multiple coverage specific checks, because if it has the coverage for your already very few options to answer this monster, you either hoped you had something faster and it was "just" AoA or clicked X tbh

Basically, you prayed to Arceus Manaphy didn't have the set that destroyed your team if you were slower. Otherwise, you prayed you were faster and could KO or you were screwed pm

PS: fuck Goth

It made HO a lot more viable than it probably should have been, and it did this by stacking rocks and multiple layers of spikes oftentimes on suicide lead sets. It could potentially get around Magic Bounce via Skill Swap to boot (not that it was that relevant at the time, MDia and MSab came out after it was banned), and at worst got rocks up. Not to mention it had a decent offensive set with (mixed) coverage up the wazoo (pretty much Greninja level coverage, maybe more so) and a 140 base power STAB attack. Oh yeah and it outpaced everything up to and including ScarfChomp.
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Mega Scizor:
Best Mega after Mawile Ban and Salamence quickban.

Mega Mawile:
Biggest threat after Mega-Luke ban, it was only hold on because of Aegislash, but after its ban it had 0 counters.

Landorus Incarnate:
Or you had specific checker for all of his possible moves or you're screwed from team preview.
Tyranitar (I originally chose excadrill because of sand, but this time I chose the thing that enables exca to do its job. And unlike excadrill, it can do plenty of things outside of the sand that are viable.)
Bisharp (One of the best revenge killers in OU, makes people hesitant to defog, can puruit trap or set up and sweep.)
Mega Metagross (I don't know why people haven't talked more about this thing, it's one of the main reasons why defensive mega scizor is so popular, as it is this things one true counter.)
Can't believe Lando-I is missing out on a spot, and Goth's spot should have gone to M Gengar because it was used as an alternative trapper once Gengar was banned, but hey he wasn't on the list so Goth did him well as a rep.

Latios is OUs most reliable defogger, fueled the rise of defiant users and pursuit trappers and provided the power of a mega without taking a mevo slot, raining down Draco meteors and all sorts of coverage moves and sets.

Mega Mawile

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