Project The Top 10 Titans of the Gen 8 OU Metagame

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After a recount, you are completely correct. Since this would yield a tie between Heatran and Corviknight, I did an internal tiebreak.

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Thus, this actually means Heatran will be taking Corviknight's place as the #6 most influential titan. I appreciate you bringing this up, Avira, and I'm sorry for the mistake and inconvenience!

This will mean that all votes for Heatran here will be voided, but to compensate, the timer will be altered to be 96 hours from this post instead. Any votes that contain Pokemon that aren't in the list below will be omitted from the tally.


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Alright, Corviknight claims the win for real this time, reclaiming its place on the list as SS OU's 7th most influential titan! The votes this round oscillated like crazy, likely in part to the mistake, but it made for one hell of a tallying process, especially as Corviknight suddenly picked up serious wind near the end of the voting cycle, ending with a solid 14 votes. Runner-up Ferrothorn yet again came close at 12.

Now we will be voting for Gen 8 OU's 8th most influential titan over the course of the generation. You may choose from any one of the options listed below, and will have 72 hours to vote. Any votes that contain Pokemon that aren't in the list below will be omitted from the tally.
All Nominees:

:garchomp::slowbro::arctozolt::barraskewda::dracovish::urshifu:(Single Strike):zeraora::weavile::tapu-lele::slowking-galar::ferrothorn::magearna::cloyster::hydreigon::melmetal::tapu-fini::buzzwole::spectrier::cinderace::gyarados::darmanitan-galar::rotom-heat::tapu-koko::mandibuzz:
My vote goes to Urshifu-S once again.
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