Project The Top 10 Titans of the Gen 8 Ubers Metagame [See Post #183 for Final Ranking]


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Congratulations to the ninth winner with 9 votes, Xerneas!

Here are the nominees for #10:

Remember, those ranking are for the most influentional Pokémon on the meta, not the best, so, if you think that Xerneas changes the Teambuilding more than Yveltal, but Yveltal is a better Pokémon, then you should vote for Xerneas. This rank also keeps in mind all of Gen 8, not just DLC 2 SS. So, while this doesn't make Pokémon like Groudon, Yveltal and Kyogre unable to compete with the others, do keep in mind that they weren't here from the start.

We're going to start by voting the number #1 until we get to the number #10, with each voting stage lasting for 7 days. To vote, you simply need to say the name of the Pokémon you're voting for; you don't need to provide a motive, but that would be appreciated. Discussion during the voting stages also is encouraged.

I'll be voting for Excadrill. I've seen a lot of people vote for Quag, which I can understand to some degree, but you should all remember that we are primarily ranking Pokémons based on their influence, rather than how good they were at some time in the tier. Very honestly, what did Quagsire ever do besides checking Zacian-C and Excadrill ? He wasn't influential at all, because you could just switch Eternatus and wall it to death. It's even more clear by the fact that after Dynamax Clause was created and Zacian-C was banned, so basically at the beginning of DLC 2, he completely disappeared. My vote here was personally between Excadrill and Dugtrio, because they both influenced the early meta a fuckton, but I think Excadrill was more threatening and always had more options than Dugtrio. He's also still "correct" today while Dugtrio is kinda unviable now.

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