The UK champion will be eliminated and why? here is my defense and the truth of what

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Hello, I'm Ruben Puig Lecegui (The Champion from UK 2011 and 2012)

The Spanish team competing in Birmingham's Pokémon VGC which took place on March 3rd has been subject to harsh criticism by the press and other media, which leads to the following statement.

The events described by different media all over the Internet are in no way true. While one of us may have been involved in an isolated case of vandalism at the hotel where we stayed, this has nothing at all to do with Pokémon, the tournament or the facilities where the tournament took place. The only consequence of his acts was an economic sanction which was paid immediately. We can't tolerate these attempts at discrediting the Spanish players (some of the most skilled players in Europe) , as our behaviour during the tournament was not unacceptable in any way.

and, I have not had anything to do with what happened in the hotel, that I do it a friend of mine...

I went to Hawaii in 2010, and I went to San Diego in 2011, for my pokemon is like my life, I ask please do not make me this .. I won again in Uk and I deserve to go to Hawaii and represent Europe in the pokemon world...

we were in our room and we were speaking and talking a little bit loudly... one of my friends took a "poo" and left it at the corridor, wrapped in paper. I told my friend not to do that but he did it anyway... it was so embarrasing I couldn't say anything at the moment... I said it was the one who had done it because my friend was ashamed to admit he had done it..

I would really apreciate that The pokémon Company thought about the decision they have taken once again and refresh their website after taking my defence into account. Thank You.

(Where is my name?: )
It's probably good you got your side of the story out there, Ruben, but we'd really rather this wasn't carried out on our forums. I'm sure TPCI has some contact information -- probably an e-mail or something -- that someone can help you find, contesting this through a private outlet would definitely be the most appropriate way of trying to work with TPCI about whatever actually happened in that hotel. You're not going to change their minds by posting here; this is something that you should definitely discuss with them a little more professionally if you want to accomplish something. But I'll leave this here so you can at least have made your case to the community.

I'm not into public relations myself, but as someone who's right at the end of my Marketing 4-year degree, I think it's probably worth pointing out TPCI's side of this since it's related to a lot of what I've been taught. I don't know if I agree with their call on this one or not -- there's a ton of he-said she-said here, and I'm sure they have much more thorough information than I do about the situation from looking into it -- but I think you have to at least think about this from their perspective. The whole "all publicity is good publicity" cliche is normally true, but they're an organization building around a children's game and having something like this getting them in the news makes them look really bad, especially to the parents of kids they need buying their products, and weakens their brand. As such, they really need to be tough on incidents like this that reflect badly on their operations to make sure nothing like this happens again. It's not even like VGC is like TCG where card sales probably actually make the event profitable for them... our tournaments must absolutely be bleeding money for them, and the main benefit they get out of it is improving people's attitudes toward their brand and products, which is negated when stuff like this happens to turn people off of them. I'm not going to comment any more than that because I lack facts needed to make an intelligent decision, but if what the news outlets reported was true, I'd have DQed you, too. I hope for you sake that isn't what really happened and that you get this sorted out, because while I think this is some evidence that maybe it'd be good for you to grow up a little, you're maybe the best user of standard Pokemon in the world and Worlds will be weaker for not having you if you aren't allowed to attend.
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