the underappreciated things thread (aka i knew it before it was cool)

playing eternal darkness, realizing what a great game it is yet so few people bought it :(

dark, interesting, great story telling and solid poe-inspired prose. the environments take on a life of their own--sometimes literally

and the sanity effects are cool

don't let this thread be limited to videogames of cours
I quickly glanced over the title of this thread and thought it said underpants thread.

Why is there no underpants thread?

Clearly they too, are under-appreciated.
^same with paramore, Killswitch Engage and Senses Fail for me. It's not exactly a feat to listen to a band first, unless you are a hipster.
Evan is either going to dominate this thread or have nothing to contribute since everything he does is too underground to ever go mainstream.


Two kids no brane
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Music - Ra, Boyz II Men and Thousand Foot Krutch (saw TFK do a free concert in some random amphitheater before they were big)


Adidas Sambas

Fresh Prince of Bel Air
The title suggests two different things.

In my opinion, For Today is an underappreciated band, but they aren't popular.

On the other hand, a band I listened to before it was popular would have to be Hollywood Undead, which is now much more recognized than it was a few years ago

Chou Toshio

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I watched ナルト before it became Narooto.

This post would be more awesome if you could hear me pronounce the differences. Believe it.


hey that second guy isn't too bad
There was once a time when all men and women were homosexual, and vice-versa

Idlewild (I know about four people who know this band, one is my father)

Fields (As above)


VVVVVV (goddamn this game is hard)

Dwarf Fortress (Minecraft is for casual pussies)
I liked Deathnote and Naruto before stupid geeky anime kids started wearing headbands and bringing notebooks to school and thinking everyday was Halloween.

I liked Kings of Leon when they still looked like hippies and no one gave a shit about them.

I always thought Zooey Deschanel was hot.


Alas poor Yorick!
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Hotel Dusk Room 215 and it's Europe-only sequel Last Window. Who knew film-noir video game novels both taking place around Christmas could be so amazing? Some of the most realistic character dialog in a video game.
How about adding your own ridiculous challenges to games? I've done 3-heart challenge in several Zelda games, beat Super Mario Galaxy with 1 HP the whole game, a wide variety of ridiculous challenges for Kirby Super Star Ultra (Such as beating True Arena with no powers, or beating Helper to Hero with every character, no healing), and my current favorite; playing Golden Sun with just Isaac :) beating Saturos 1 on 1 was awesome!

Other then that, I think Linux is really underappreciated. Granted, it's a little trickier to use then Windows, and not everything runs well in Linux, but it's free :) And a lot faster and less glitchy then Windows. Google helps with getting it to work, and Ubuntu Linux is IMO simpler to use then Windows in some areas. Plus, if I accidently break it (Which happens about every 3 months, due to user error) I can redownload it as many times as I want. If the CD messes up, I just make a new one. If I want to upgrade to the newest version, I click a couple buttons, instead of going to a store and paying $200 or however much Windows 7 costs.

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