THE UNEXPECTED (full on offense)

Expect the Unexpected

I present to you ladies and gentleman the funnest team i have ever had the pleasure of using. I can't describe to you the thrill of using these pokemon and crushing all those standard thinking trainers. This team may look gimmicky but boy does it work. Celebi revenge killing scarftran.. Togekiss destroying walls and crushing puny sweepers, I'm telling you its incredibly fun and efficient.

The Strategy is pretty much just destroy whatever pokemon i am facing, nothing too fancy​

------------------------------------------------------The Team------------------------------------------------------


Infernape @ Focus Sash
Trait: Blaze
48 Atk / 252 SpA / 208 Spe
Naive (+Spe, -SpD)
- Fake Out
- Fire Blast
- Close Combat
- Stealth Rock

The best lead on and offensive team period. Renders other leads focus sashes useless, absolutely destroys Bronzong and is always to get out the Stealth Rocks. He helps the team start off with a bang and he is oh so good at it.

Suicune @ Life Orb
Trait: Pressure
252 SpA / 252 Spe / 6 HP
Timid (+Spe, -Atk)
- Calm Mind
- Surf
- Ice Beam
- Hidden Power (Electric)

My first major sweeper in the team. He is able to set up on soooooo many different pokemon and then proceed to sweep half the opponents team. The monster speed he packs is the first unexpected within this team and lets him cause havok.

Celebi @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Natural Cure
252 SpA / 252 SpA / 6 HP
Modest (+SpA, -Atk)
- Leaf Storm
- Psychic
- Earth Power
- Hidden Power (Ice)/ Trick

The most fun revenge killer i have ever used and for good reason. No one expects this thing to outspeed them and cause as much damage as it does. Leaf Storm is able to OHKO Vaporeon and Suicune. Outspeeds Heatran and then hits back with hidden power, psychic traps and kills Infernape and just generally hits things hard. This guy is a fucking machine.

Lucario @ Life Orb
Trait: Jolly
252 Atk / 252 Spe / 6 HP
Jolly (+Spe, -SpA)
- Swords Dance
- Close Combat
- Ice Punch
- Extremespeed

Just adds to the sweeping and generally cleans up for me at the end of the match. CBF to describe how devastating this poke is because you all know that already.

Salamence @ Choice Band
Trait: Intimidate
252 Atk / 252 Spe / 6 HP
Adamant (+Atk, -SpA)
- Outrage
- Fire Fang
- Earthquake
- Dragon Claw

Destroyer of stall, destroyer of switch ins and just an all around destroyer. I love using this guy and he works great in my team because he destroys those odd bulky pokemon who would otherwise cause me trouble.

Togekiss @ Life Orb
Trait: Hustle
154 HP / 252 Atk / 104 Spe
Naughty (+Atk, -SpD)
- Extremespeed
- Flamethrower
- Grass Knot
- Roost

Playa's Special Blend. The heart and sole of the team. He's such a great wall breaker killing things like Skarm, Forry and the like in a single shot. Grass knot destroys Swampert and cause respectable damage to Hippowdon. Extremespeed also destroys all frail sweepers like azelf, nape and skymin and the best part is that no one yet has seen it coming and so they have no idea how to handle it.
Dude DFN, I can't believe I'm saying this but... nice team (it's Zeus btw). Glad I'm seeing a fellow Scarf Celebi user, but ummm it gets Earth Power you know, switch HP Ground for Earth Power. I for one don't use Trick on my set, but that's just me since I have U-Turn to trap Celebi's switch-ins (Heatran, Infernape, Gengar) with Dugtrio. Awesome Togekiss. Only other time I've ever seen that Togekiss was from Mario310.

Seriously, someone rate this 5 stars. Great synergy with Suicune and Lucario too, Suicune netting kills on Celebi/Zapdos switch-ins to form the Lucario sweep.

Nice work, I commend you. I'm really going to test this team via Shoddy. I'd love to see Togekiss' raping action for myself =)
Thankyou very much Zeus that actually means alot me. And thankyou to letting me know Celebi gets Earth power, I plan to use hp ice and earth power now and ditch trick completely. Thanks man


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Yeah as Stalefish said, celebi learns earthpower so replace that with HP ground. I think you should playtest endeavor over closecombat on infernape and see how that works, because if you endeavor them its pretty much a guaranteed kill (assuming you got rocks up) because you can bring celebi in and outspeed for the KO. If you replace naughty nature with lonely nature on togekiss it would give you a better switch into gengar, azlef, alakazam and the like. Has Skymin been a problem? I know togekiss does okay but I would seriously consider lonely > naughty for skymin alone. Why 48 attack evs on infernape? I'd rather just put them into speed to tie with other infernapes. I may be wrong but i think salamences fire blast does more to forre and skarm even with CB so that may be something to look over.

This team looks pretty cool on the whole and that togekiss set is pretty cool.

Edit: Scizor looks troublesome because infernape will usually die in the first couple of turns. I don't know how to fix this without ruining the synergy, but hp fire on celebi is worth consideration over psychic, which is mainly for hera (earthpower deals with infernape). Hp fire will still hurt heracross.
For your lead Infernape, if you want you can try adding Flamethrower over Fire Blast for accuarcy, however if you don't care about that, leave him be.

Same with Lucario, if you want, consider Crunch over Swords Dance as you then can hit stuff like Dusknoir or add Bullet Punch for STAB and secondary priority move, other than that, I like it.
thanks panamaxis lonely nature does seem like a better idea and I'll be sure to playtest the endeavor set, thanks for the suggestions. Also I think that fire fang ohko's anyway and has better accuracy, but I will look into the matter.
I like all superoffensive teams really, and this one is a bit different, which is pretty cool.

I'm worried about a few things, the main thing being really bulky offensive teams, especially ones that carry ddmence. Basically, once ddmence gets even one dd, you better be at fucking full health with suicune, and he better not be loed, or else you basically lose 3 or 4 pokemon, if you somehow escape a sweep.The worst part is that he can switch in pretty much everywhere as well. Now, there are a few ways to fix this, and the first one that comes to mind is switching celebi with skymin, a more effective revenge killer. Of course, skymin has some issues, the sr weak, more predictability, etc. Really what you could try and do is go a real weird route and make scarf skymin your lead, thus gaining you an early advantage to roll downhill from as well as pretty much stopping all sr users cold (with the exception of bronzong, into whom you can switch infernape).

Now, your team also really hates switching in, but once its in, bad things happen to your opponent, so I will share with you a very cool infernape set.

Infernape @ leftovers
naive nature
252 speed, 252 special attack
~ encore
~ stealth rock
~ u-turn
~ overheat

the premise is to come in on things that try and set up, like subpunch breloom, something that has just slept stuff, anything that set sr, etc. and encore them if they are comfortable against infernape, or just sr if they are going to switch. at this point, you have bought yourself a free turn to get out your sr, which helps with things like salamence, so you can put the hurt on things even if you predict wrong. But then beyond that, after you have gotten your sr, ecnore -> u-turn helps you bundles by getting in the absolutely favourable switchin, and also helps out skymin loads by getting you in for free, as things have a hard time switching in even against scarf skymin, especially with sr. overheat smashes switches, and this ape is designed to be leaving shortly after coming in.

By going with encore ape, you lose out on the early sr, but you also with skymin leading off, you keep sr off the field, which greatly helps salamence really smash stall by easing the prediction. You also properly revenge kill things now, so that other speed-raisers don't just shit all over you.

So basically, I think my shit is worth testing.
Ok. I am not that good at rating teams, but a Cresselia can give you problems, especially if it has light screen/reflect. Just throwing it out there. Not really sure on how you can cure that weakness, but im sure these people can.
Nice team, indeed.
Celebi @ Choice Scarf
Trait: Natural Cure
252 SpA / 252 SpA / 6 HP
Modest (+SpA, -Atk)

I think you meant Spe for one of those 252.
A Timd Zapdos with HP Ice could give you trouble if Suicune is at low health or gone. But everything else looks good and i mean really GOOD. Great job on this team.
This team has bit of a suprise factor that will take most other teams by storm netting a few random KOs due to over prediction. I do have 1 concern how does your team deal with Stat boosters like Scizor and such elaborate and I will explain what my fear is, if you have no issues than there is no reason for my suggestion. Although this may cause you some more strafe VS other dragons I'd suggest you throw Brick Break on to mence to hit T-Tar harder and more impotantly to Break screens, as i see stall teams giving you an issue due to the vaste amount of pokemon being locked into moves (choice items) and the 16% damage your Life Orbers will be taking from SSStall (Sand Storm Stall), Brick Break allows you 1 to beat the number 1 SS starter T-Tar as well as break screens set up by them, and you dont want to be wasting turns firing of moves with half the power. It is a bit of reversion back to the old Salemence, but with full offense and no taunting or anything you risk being set up on alot.
It's nice to see someone else using a mixed togekiss (there's now a mixkiss set on the togekiss page thanks to me). The set I posted uses Aura Sphere over Grass Knot and runs SpA EVs over the HP EVs. This allows it to OHKO Ttar (as well as outpseeding adamant Ttar with 104 speed EVs), and it has a chance of OHKOing Heatran with Stealth Rocks up, assuming it isn't a bulky heatran.
I will admit that it's had some problems with bulky waters, and grass knot might help this, but it leaves it much more vulnerable to Heatran (double resists knot, absorbs flamethrower, resists Extremespeed) and Ttar (grass knot will never OHKO ttar, especially given your lack of SpA EVs).

But yes, MixKiss generally takes out something like Skymin or Infernape with an out-of-nowhere ExtremeSpeed. Then they go "oh, a rock/steel type will counter this" and send out something like Skarm/Forretress/Scizor/Ttar, only to have it get nuked as well.


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I love this team just from the pokemon on it. I've played you several times but I'm sure you know that LO offense cune, cbmence, and sdlucario are all on my team. I've also been absolutely dying to use scarf celebi and infernape is a personal favorite. So, a recomendation so that this post isn't completely useless. I'd go for zapdos over kiss, as it gives you counters to many many common threats, ie scizor.
I usually switch in Salamence if the opponent is using a stat booster but yeah it does have a bit of trouble with scizor especially when rocks are up
Can I steal your Togekiss set? I don't remember it being on the analysis page but it looks awesome. Flamethrower over Fire Blast because of Hustle, right?

ddmence gives me no problems as celebi outspeeds even after 2 dd's and kills it with up ice.

And by all means feel free to try out any of my sets, they won't disappoint


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I remember playing you with this team, but whilst I won, that Scarf Celebi really took me by suprise and raped me. Switching into a CBed Outrage is a pain in the ass for your entire team (Luke gets OHKOed too), so thats something to watch out for. Still, Stealth Rock damage will take its toll, but I do recommend Celebi runs HP Ice over Trick in case of this. On the surface, you seem to have a Scizor weakness. However, Suicune outspeeds it and resists Bullet Punch as do Lucario and Infernape. Celebi is almost always X-Scissored, however it has no business staying in on Scizor. If they manage to get Stealth Rock down, this will limit your ability to beat it. Seeing as you love your Togekiss and the surprise works well, may I recommend a Bulky Zapdos (either Sub/Roost or standard 3 attacks + Roost) to give you a counter to said pokemon. Also gives you a better way of dealing with SDLuke, which can potentially hurt your team. I'm curious as to how that Togekiss works, would you mind posting some damage calculations against said frail sweepers and also stuff like Blissey? If they look promising then I may (unless you choose to) playtest this and write a peer edit for it :).

Anyway, innovative team, I enjoy it.
Nice team you got. One problem I see is that an offensive life orb zapdos can put a dent into this team if majority of your pokemon are <50% health though such offensive Zapdos' are usually uncommon.

When Celebi is down, things like Raikou may create some problems.
Can I steal your Togekiss set? I don't remember it being on the analysis page but it looks awesome. Flamethrower over Fire Blast because of Hustle, right?

A similar set was actually posted to the analysis page the same day this thread went up (I know because I was the contributor). Flamethrower over Fire Blast because Togekiss can't learn Fire Blast.
A similar set was actually posted to the analysis page the same day this thread went up (I know because I was the contributor). Flamethrower over Fire Blast because Togekiss can't learn Fire Blast.
Hmmm, really? Coulda sworn I saw FB on the move list in Shoddy (but I guess that can't be trusted... ). Anyway, the set PWNs. It seriously beats up stuff like infernape, etc.

Here are some damage calcs from the analysis page (that was updated) for one of the above posters who asked:
Extreme Speed
Alakazam: 100%
Azelf: 71.92% - 84.59%
Infernape: 70.75% - 83.33%
Weavile: 79.08% - 92.91%
Heracross: 65.89% - 77.48%
Salamence: 56.93% - 67.17%
Gyarados: 57.53% - 67.77%
1. Hustle doesn't affect special moves
2. Togekiss learns fire blast. (seriously people look this stuff up instead of just assuming it doesn't learn it)

IMO fire blast is better on your togekiss for that extra oomph, especially since you don't got any spA EVs.

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