Tournament The Unofficial Doubles Draft League [Won By YoBuddy]

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Welcome to the first ever Doubles Draft League Hosted by myself and fespy!

(he was picked first)
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The other day on the discord server, I happened to notice some people showing interest in a draft league format during some random conversation, so I said "well, why not?" I posted a message in the server and after some lovely people dmed me showing interest (sorry if I didn't get to you a lot more interest was shown than anticipated) I started a separate server, worked out some details, and over the course of the past few days we've been drafting our teams. The way draft leagues work is that each player takes turns drafting a Pokemon that will be available for them to use throughout the course of the season, each Pokemon can only be selected once, players will then make teams composed of some combination of the Pokemon they selected where they will then play each other to determine who makes playoffs and is eventually the winner. We ended up getting 12 people to join the league and we each drafted 10 Pokemon each. A snake draft format is used as to keep the teams as balanced as possible and since there's only 400 Pokemon in the Pokedex currently for SV, we allowed the use of different forms of Pokemon (Rotom, Lycanrock) as long as they had differences between forms. We also banned Commander instead of Tatsugiri to give us another option when it came to drafting.

The Draft order for our league was randomized by good user Yoda2798 and is as follows

big pichu
Mack Knife

The First round

And with the first overall pick in the draft.... qsns picks.... Annihilape! No surprise there. Most centralizing Pokemon in the post Flutter Mane era and will be an absolute demon to deal with as far as draft leagues go where there is less checks to everything than the normal Doubles Meta. Following the pick of Annihilape, SinglerThunder picked Iron Hands, a very good support Pokemon with insane bulk and offensive pressure. NotlPrimRose then, with the 3rd pick, elected to take Palafin. One of the strongest attackers in the game and access to one of the strongest priority moves is surely a good pick in a meta with less defensive checks to everything. Shaian followed up by electing to pick Armarouge, which could be considered a little early for the premier Trick Room Pokemon, but with not being forced to Run Tera Grass every game it could be a very good choice. With the 5th overall pick I selected Chi-Yu as a great spread attacker and wall breaker. Pichu then selected Gholdengo which somehow fell all the way to the 6th pick. The Baker took Great Tusk, another all around very good Pokemon with great typing and synergy with a lot of Pokemon. Mack elected to take Ting-Lu, amazing hazard setter with a great ability which makes it incredibly hard to deal with. Memo followed this up by taking Arcanine, which some may consider a strange round 1 choice but the combination of Intimidate, Snarl, and Will-o-Wisp make it a very good choice in an overall weaker metagame where you don't have to prepare for every threat Doubles has. The other half of our Tier Leading duo was due to pick next and Actu picked Garganacl, bolstering that massive defensive stat, infuriating signature move, and the ability to Tera to whatever type it needs for the matchup at hand.

The 11th Pick of the first round gave us our first interesting interaction of the snake style draft. Smudge was do to pick next, however, with both Chein-Pao and Dragonite have yet to be picked. If Smudge doesn't take either, Fespy would get both for free with the 12th and 13th pick. So in a sense, Smudge was forced to take one or give Fespy a deadly combination early. Smudge elected to take Chien-Pao opposed to Dragonite. However, with Smudge having the 14th pick, Fespy was also forced to take Dragonite to make it so Smudge couldn't get the combination he denied Fespy from having. Fespy took Dragonite with the 12th and final pick of round 1.

The full draft is shown below :)

Trades are currently being conducted between players, each player gets 2 trades to make before week one matches begin on Monday. Free agency will open after week 3 where each player will be allowed to replace 2 Pokemon on their team with Pokemon that weren't selected in the draft.

What are your thoughts on the teams? Who won the draft? Who did the worst? What do you think some of the teams are missing? Discuss below and hopefully we can get more interest in a pretty cool format and more tournaments like these can be ran in the future!

If you would like to follow along with our league and see how all the matches are playing out join the via this link

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Sounds like a lot of fun and i'll definitely sign up next time.
From best draft to worse in my opinion :

Best : qsns got all the ape support mons
2nd best : yobuddy, who got away with tusk, bundle, hydreigon, tinkaton and discount arcanine.
Strong : mimi, actuarily, mack knife, shaian
Decent : pichu largo, memoric, smudge, fespy
The "I have no idea what you're gonna do with that" drafts : hana, singlethunder


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The Drafting Phase and Trading Phase ended and we've finally made our two divisions. Players will match up against each player in their own division once, and the two leading players in each division will go head to head in the final.

The two divisions are as follows:
Division 1
Division 2
Smudge Hana
shaianbig pichu
Mack KnifeActuarily
Fespy Memoric

Week 1 Match-ups

Smudge vs Mack Knife
YoBuddy vs fespy
shaian vs qsns

Hana vs Actuarily
Mizuhime vs Memoric
big pichu vs SingleThunder
Now that all the players have sent in their Power Rankings here is the overall Power Rankings:
  • 1st: Qsns (Average Rank: 1.5, Highest: 1, Lowest: 3)
  • 2nd: YoBuddy (2.1, 1, 3)
  • 3rd: Actuarily (4.7, 2, 9)
  • Equal 4th: Memoric (5, 1, 11)
  • Equal 4th: Mimi (5, 2, 10)
  • 6th: Pichu Largo (6.2, 3, 10)
  • 7th: Fespy (6.4, 2, 11)
  • 8th: Mack Knife (7.5, 5, 10)
  • 9th: Shaian (7.8, 4, 11)
  • 10th: Smudge (7.9, 5, 11)
  • 11th: SingleThunder (8.5, 3, 11)
  • 12th Hana (9.5, 7, 11)
There was a lot of disagreement between players on the rankings. Six different players were ranked last by at least 1 player. Memoric was ranked both first and last by at least one player.

Everyone's rankings:

Anyone who wants to post a detailed explanation for their rankings is welcome to. Mine are as follows:
1. Qsns. Getting pick 1 when there is one mon head and shoulders above the competition is a big advantage. Qsns also got great support for Annihilape with double Follow Me, Revival Blessing and Prankster screens. The one major weakness is that Qsns is going to have to rely on Annihilape to win every game and if people can bring some creative counterplay (or just hax the Ape) then I think he is very beatable.

2. Memoric. Starting later in the draft Memo didn't get a broken mon with his first pick, however he has a lot of solid mons that give him plenty of options for each matchup. I think he did the best with his later picks. Mudsdale, Dondozo, Chansey and Weavile are all potentially quite helpful in the right matchup, which I can't say about some of the other mons picked in the later rounds. Iron Jugulis makes a good fast Tailwind setter but not having rain for Hurricane is a bit unfortunate.

3. Mimi. Mimi has a pretty solid dual weather draft with a number of immediately obvious threats (Chi-Yu + Sun, Torkoal + Lilligant, Oranguru + Torkoal, etc.) that will force preparation from the opponent even if they aren't brought. While this team does have impressive firepower there are a number of stacked types, including 2 ice types, that mean Mimi is going to need to rely on bulk or Tera to take some hits due to a lack of resistances. Overall I think this is a pretty strong team that might have a lot of one sided games, both winning and losing.

4. Fespy. We thought he was going to be stuck with Pawmo for a moment but everything worked out in the end for him. Drafting Pelipper early allowed Fespy to make good use of his late picks, mostly using his early picks on solid mons and taking the decent mons that were only good for Swift Swim at the end. Dragonite, Meowscarada and Iron Treads is also a strong combination in case rain won't cut it in some matchups.

5. Actuarily. One of the bulkiest drafts, Actuarily went with more bulk and healing than other teams at the expense of speed and power. Actuarily will have to build well to ensure they don't get run over by their opponent's offensive threats. Actuarily probably has the most potential wincons of any draft, which will make their team difficult to prepare for. On the other hand Actuarily will have to make sure they can pressure the opponent's wincons with less offensive pressure than a number of other drafts.

6. Smudge. Smudge has a lot of physical heavy hitters that will enjoy Chien-Pao support. Unfortunately they are going to have a hard time running Sash on Chien-Pao with Tyranitar on the team, which will limit the amount of work Sword of Ruin will do. I like a lot of the later picks, Lucario is a great budget Extremespeed user and even gets Swords Dance which will be threatening with Grimmsnarl's screens. Staraptor can provide good damage, Intimidate and Tailwind that the team would have otherwise really missed.

7. Shaian. I have no clue why Shaian didn't draft Indeedee-M, which went undrafted, after using pick 4 on Armarouge. Without Sun or Psychic Terrain to boost Armarogue he lacks a broken mon to carry the team. He is also probably going to have to commit to bringing Trick Room pretty much every week, which makes it easier to prepare against him.

8. Mack Knife. Mack really really wanted to draft hazards, going for Ting-Lu and Glimmora as their first 2 picks. His only Knock Off user is Hariyama so it will be interesting to see how they play around Boots. Scizor and Azumarill provide priority to help make up for the team's lack of speed. Haunter and Bruxish are kinda questionable picks, I don't think such a bulky team really needs priority immunity and Haunter seems to be a panic pick after I drafted Gengar the pick before.

9. Pichu Largo. Gholdengo dropping to pick 6 is pretty surprising to me, I would have strongly considered it at pick 2. Pichu certainly won't be complaining though, especially after taking Murkrow with their second pick to round out a strong offensive core. The rest of the team lacks a bit of offense that I would expect from a team that drafted Murkrow with its second pick, instead using many of the remaining picks on bulky mons. The team is still pretty solid overall.

10. Hana. I think trading Meowscarada for Brute Bonnet was a mistake on Hana's part. Meowscarada + Palafin is a really solid offensive core that is good even in regular DOU. Hana's only good speed control is Trick Room Rabsca, a mon that would rather be saved for Revival Blessing. She also doesn't have that many fast mons and will probably have to rely on Palafin to play a major role in every game. That being said she does have a lot of bulk and good utilisation of Rabsca could go a long way to helping her succeed.

11. SingleThunder. Aside from Pincurchin + Quark Drive there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of synergy on SingleThunder's team. The later picks in particular aren't even good mons. Iron Hands is pretty scary though, so maybe it can carry the team. I think SingleThunder is going to have to rely on unpredictability and good building to have a strong run in this league.


Lets keep our secrets dirty
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week 3 matches are as follows

Smudge vs qsns
Fespy vs Shaian
Mack Knife vs Yo Buddy

Hana vs Single Thunder
Memoric vs Big Pichu
Mizuhime vs Actuarily
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