The Unscrupulous Tiering Director Tournament II (XY) - Signups

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Originally hosted by Eo Ut Mortus

If you haven't heard, we've decided to revise Smogon's tiering system. Everyone knows that the OU council is run by people who don't actually play (cough Earthworm cough), and suspect tests are just ban-happy bandwagoning fools who don't appreciate what Mega Kangaskhan and Mega Gengar contribute to the metagame. Our new system will be a democracy: everyone will have a say.

The Unscrupulous Tiering Director Tournament

Standard OU rules apply
  • You are not allowed to use Pokémon classified as "Uber".
  • All tiers are based on Smogon tiers. The current status of the appropriate standard ladder will be function as the prevailing tier list.
  • A player may not use any Item / Pokemon / Moveset that is not obtainable in-game.
  • Team Preview must be enabled.
  • Only Pokemon that have been proven to have a released Dream World ability will be allowed to use that ability.
  • Species Clause: A player cannot have two of the same Pokémon on their team. For example, a player cannot have two Koffing on his or her team.
  • Sleep Clause: A player cannot put two or more different opposing Pokémon to sleep using attacks that induce sleep to opposing Pokémon.
  • Evasion Clause: A player cannot increase their Pokémon's evasion stat with a move that specifically increases evasion. The items BrightPowder and Lax Incense are banned.
  • OHKO Clause: Players cannot use moves that have a chance of instantly KOing an opposing Pokémon. For example, Horn Drill is an illegal move to have on a Pokémon's move set.
  • Moody Clause: No Pokemon may have the ability Moody in battle.
This is a XY Tournament. Battles are to be played by default on Showdown, but can be played on PO if both people agree.

In your sign-up post, include exactly two Pokemon, moves, or items you wish to ban. Please use the following format:


You can ban two Pokemon (Hippowdon and Flaaffy)
You can ban two moves (Lava Plume and Flare Blitz)
You can ban two items (Fist Plate and Magnet)
You can ban a Pokemon and a move (Reuniclus and Icy Wind)
You can ban a Pokemon and an item (Dragonite and Leftovers)
You can ban a move and an item (Hyper Beam and Life Orb)

If you ban the original Pokemon, it will NOT ban any alternate formes.

You CANNOT ban combinations (U-turn + Earth Power, Stone Edge + Close Combat on Terrakion)
You CANNOT ban parts of Pokemon (Speed Boost on Sharpedo, Magic Mirror Xatu)
You CANNOT ban strategies (Dragon Spam, VoltTurn)
You CANNOT ban abilities (Sheer Force, Flash Fire)
You CANNOT ban users (Bloo, Stone_Cold)


Whatever you ban will remain banned for EVERYONE in the tournament--that is, until you lose. If you lose in this tournament, you will be deemed unqualified to act as a tiering leader and will be assassinated by Smogon administrators in the middle of the night. Your bans will be revoked at the beginning of the tournament's next round.

You may ban something even if other people have already banned it. Bans enacted by multiple people will remain in effect until all people with the same ban are eliminated.

You may not ban the same thing twice (yourself). That's just pointless, and I will not count your sign-up post if you do so. If you really don't want to ban anything else, ban Magikarp.

You cannot change your bans after I close this thread. Nobody likes a flipflop tiering leader. If you do change one of your bans, please make another post in the thread stating so, not only for me to notice but also so that people are aware of a change in the global banlist.

Substitutes' bans will not take effect. Substitutes will adopt the bans of the players whose positions they take.

Sign-ups (will remain open for 48 hours):
1. Ezio (Stealth Rock / Volt Switch)
2. cbt (Lucarionite / Deoxys-D)
3. Fuzznip (Knock Off / Genesect)
4. E-ShenLong (Charizard / Genesect)
5. Zukai (Choice Band / Rotom-W)
6. Lolkomori (Leftovers / Choice Scarf)
7. BROStime (Spikes / Aegislash)
8. Dr Ciel (Lucarionite / Talonflame)
9. Raseri (Quiver Dance / Dragon Dance)
10. Dice (Manaphy / Thundurus)
11. Plus (Venusaurite / Aegislash)
12. ThePillsburyDoughBoy (U-turn / Tyranitar)
13. Soulgazer (Gurdurr / Druddigon)
14. PDC (Rotom-W / Thundurus)
15. porky (Blissey / Chansey)
16. SoulWind (Defog / Choice Scarf)
17. Dragonforce (U-turn / Charizard)
18. Sayonara (Choice Band / Terrakion)
19. Number Zero (Dragonite / Weakness Policy)
20. Bedschibaer (Focus Sash / Baton Pass)
21. Sand Castle (Play Rough / U-turn)
22. Ellipse (Skarmory / Eviolite)
23. dcae (Chansey / Latias)
24. Zebraiken (Scizor / Thundurus)
25. perplexingpool (Lucarionite / Venusaurite)
26. ShakeItUp (Talonflame / Lucario)
27. Sapientia (Defog / Lucario)
28. Laurel (Politoed / Sticky Web)
29. The Jaiho (Leftovers / Toxic)
30. FLCL (Scald / Life Orb)
31. Jirachi (Recover / Roost)
32. ChrisTehAwesome (Klefki / Hidden Power)
33. tjtjpoke (Smeargle / Spore)
34. NoStatusPlz (Heatran / Air Balloon)
35. Lasagne21 (Alomomola / Enigma Berry)
36. shartruce2 (Rotom-W / Lucario)
37. MarceloDK (Lucario / Dragonite)
38. Danilo (Thundurus / Aegislash)
39. Hantsuki (Basculin / Protect)
40. Jayde (Keldeo / Wish)
41. Ruppy (Talonflame / Mawilite)
42. McMeghan (Charizard / Stealth Rock)
43. senegal (Substitute / Gliscor)
44. Eo Ut Mortus (Life Orb / Substitute)
45. el poeta (Focus Sash / Heatran)
46. HBK (Lucarionite / Venusaurite)
47. XenoBlade911 (Defog / Rapid Spin)
48. taylordactyl (Lucarionite / Defog)
49. srk1214 (Charizard / Lucario)
50. Veles (Swagger / Earthquake)
51. darkie (Togekiss / Florges)
52. Bryce (Klefki / Talonflame)
53. Chesnaught (Talonflame / Genesect)
54. Remedy (Lucarionite / Talonflame)
55. Icecream (Bisharp / Excadrill)
56. MasterTP10 (Genesect / Lucarionite)
57. Goddess Lexie (Genesect / Rotom-W)
58. dragonuser (Defog / Genesect)
59. GaryTheGengar (Foul Play / Fire Blast)
60. Enguarde (Lucarionite / Scald)
61. Grey Knight (Draco Meteor / Outrage)
62. Level 51 (Garchomp / Latios)
63. pkmntrainertom1 (Toxic Spikes / Mew)
64. Chisposo (Choice Specs / Assault Vest)
65. dekzeh (Spikes / Stealth Rock)
66. Alf' (Amoonguss / Rotom-W)
67. Asek (Skarmory / Leftovers)
68. WhiteQueen (Defog / Choice Scarf)
69. Celever (Shell Smash / Focus Sash)
70. Farmer (Stealth Rock / Dragon Dance)
71. Cicada (Jellicent / Thunderbolt)
72. Nozzle (Life Orb / Choice Scarf)
73. Temptation (Stealth Rock / Landorus)
74. majaspic22 (Defog / Swords Dance)
75. Own3y (Defog / Choice Scarf)
76. Hangover (Landorus / Earthquake)
77. Pkrs (Talonflame / Deoxys-S)
78. kael (Spikes / Stealth Rock)
79. Reggisteel (Black Sludge / Sableye)
80. Koinzell (U-turn / Scald)
81. Merritt (Choice Scarf / Hippowdon)
82. little gk (Nasty Plot / Will-O-Wisp)
83. Fusxfaranto (Stone Edge / Calm Mind)
84. xtrashine (Machoke / Dwebble)
85. kingmidas (Toxic / Will-O-Wisp)
86. Lavos Spawn (Leppa Berry / Magnet Bomb)
87. Genesectless (Lucarionite / Pinsirite)
88. High Impulse (Lucarionite / Pinsirite)
89. Annoyer (Knock Off / Earthquake)
90. SubwayJ (Greninja / Ferrothorn)
91. Glace0n (Aegislash / Gliscor)
92. GCSChris (Clefable / Stealth Rock)
93. Pan. (Lucario / Rotom-W)
94. Swamp-Rocket (Klefki / Gliscor)
95. lapras6666 (Stealth Rock / Talonflame)
96. Myzozoa (Talonflame / Aegislash)
97. EZ Target (Baton Pass / Gengar)
98. Dxs (Genesect / Lucarionite)
99. Treecko (Manaphy / Ninetales)
100. Puralux (Klefki / Swagger)
101. zeo sokurame (Lucario / Genesect)
102. Dark Nikuman (Defog / Dragonite)
103. Anno nyme (Sticky Web / Tornadus)
104. Emeryn (Togekiss / Conkeldurr)
105. Lunatic Lies (Heatran / Gliscor)
106. Mr. Perry (Mandibuzz / Mawile)
107. Gil4 (Blissey / Ferrothorn)
108. CyberOdin (Bisharp / Gensect)
109. SupremeDirt (Volt Switch / Swords Dance)
110. Qwilphish (U-turn / Manaphy)
111. Antibiotic (Swagger / Dugtrio)
112. The Great Mighty Doom (Genesect / Defog)
113. King (Druddigon / Ice Shard)
114. pokebasket (Defog / Genesect)
115. M Dragon (Aegislash / Defog)
116. idiotfrommars (U-turn / Volt Switch)
117. Erick17 (Azumarill / Lucarionite)
118. Foster (Stealth Rock / Venusaur)
119. Pat Labor (Genesect / Lucarionite)

Aegislash (7)
Bisharp (2)
Blissey (2)
Chansey (2)
Charizard (4)
Dragonite (4)
Druddigon (2)
Ferrothorn (2)
Genesect (11)
Gliscor (4)
Heatran (3)
Klefki (4)
Landorus (2)
Lucario (7)
Manaphy (3)
Rotom-W (6)
Skarmory (2)
Talonflame (9)
Thundurus (4)
Togekiss (2)

Baton Pass (2)
Calm Mind
Defog (12)
Draco Meteor
Dragon Dance (2)
Earthquake (3)
Foul Play
Fire Blast
Hidden Power
Ice Shard
Knock Off (2)
Magnet Bomb
Nasty Plot
Play Rough
Quiver Dance
Rapid Spin
Scald (3)
Shell Smash
Spikes (3)
Stealth Rock (9)
Sticky Web (2)
Stone Edge
Substitute (2)
Swagger (3)
Swords Dance (2)
Toxic (2)
Toxic Spikes
U-turn (6)
Volt Switch (3)
Will-O-Wisp (2)

Air Balloon
Assault Vest
Black Sludge
Choice Band (2)
Choice Scarf (6)
Choice Specs
Enigma Berry
Focus Sash (3)
Leftovers (3)
Leppa Berry
Life Orb (3)
Lucarionite (13)
Pinsirite (2)
Venusaurite (3)
Weakness Policy
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