The USM TurBo3 Tournament - Round 1

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B is for BRUTUS
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Standard Rules
  • USM OU Tournament
  • Best of three format
  • Single Elimination
  • All the standard clauses (Sleep Clause, Species Clause, OHKO Clause, Moody Clause, Evasion Moves Clause, Endless Battle Clause)
Special Rules
  • All the 3 battles must be played simultaneously, with the same teams being used in all three.
  • All battles must always be at most within a difference of one turn, so you cannot play multiple turns ahead in one battle without advancing the others.


Indigo Plateau vs Rex69
Altina vs Acsel
Randomnick vs Cheese5555
Lambo_murphy44 vs Hamhamhamham
GustavoYAY vs perry
eren vs MultiAmmiratore
stuuful12 vs Ninjadog13
Fuladono vs Twixtry
Hec vs monchooo
Maskun529 vs Noblesse Oblige
Triopsman vs Astoria
HNBL vs silver97
Finchinator vs Empo
Exiline vs NoivernSkrub
Squawkerz vs qsns
HQuaze vs We Three Kings
entrocefalo vs mael
Leo vs Cofaiclus
Go0d vs Rewer
Pohjis vs Simia
Diophantine vs Regrets
Jase Duken vs neomon
cb aaron judge vs crosky
Spl4sh vs Stanford C's
Thiago Nunes vs Hassin627
Sneakers vs Snou
Holiano vs Hipparion
EeveeLution Army vs LL
Shoot vs Lycans
MiyoKa vs Hourglass
WhiteQueen vs Lovelle
double switches vs byronthewellwell

Deadline: Sunday, March 3rd, 23:59 EST.
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