The UU Open VI - Round 1

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1-1 with moet, hoping to get g3 done tomorrow because by the time he got around to responding to me, I only had time for 2. There is no case for activity on either side imo.
Not sure my opponent wants to play, I played him one time and he dc'd during the game and I told him if he preferred we could do it another time, I found him two days later and asked if he wanted to play and he said he was still on that hotel wifi. Haven't heard from him since. I'll be on at 10pm GMT +3 to play for the ru open so if hes still willing to play i'll be there. Shadestep


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you can have the win, i completely forgot about this and really don't have time the coming week since i have to work 42 hours and won't be home much to play. Sorry for not letting you know earlier
Activity, we scheduled for both weekends and I never got a response when I was waiting for him to finish his dinner plans
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