The VGC Spotlight: Featuring 2011 Regional Champion Robbie "biffsterPKMN" Miles!

Why did Zog get banned? Did it have anything to do with you linking Zog to Daniel Nolan?

More stories like this:
"Otherwise you may have heard some of my outrageous (and regrettably true) stories on irc which are probably the best things I do on there. Favourites include: "Hide-and-seek turns into a near-miss with a black guy's willy", "I accidentally encourage a boy to full-on rape the Incredible Hulk" and "Kid tries to touch Zog inappropriately while pretending to be Gollum; receives justice in the form of a dirty bog brush". And many more. It's a wild life."

Free Zog (to lose round one)! Free Ruben (AMIGO)!
I'm back. With European interviews. Boo-yah.

Showstopper Showsni

Showsni, celebrating his 3rd place finish at the 2012 UK Nationals on the left.


2010: Round 3 UK Nationals
2011: Top 16 UK Nationals
2012: 3rd Place UK Nationals

Total Winnings

2012 National: Trophy, invitation and trip to the 2012 World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Biography and History

Daniel "Showsni" Whisson has been playing VGC for the last three years, but recently made a name for himself when he finished 3rd at last week's UK National Championships, losing to eventual winner Ruben "RubeNCB92" Puig Lecegui in the semi-finals in a nerve wracking game. Their match can be seen here. (Because of Ruben's recent disqualification, Daniel "officially" finished 2nd.) Daniel started playing VGC back in 2010, where he lost in the third round. His experience back then can be found in his warstory. Daniel then returned to the 2011 Championships with his Trick Room team, and fell one round short of a worlds invitation after losing to Smogon member Havak. His warstory can be found here, and his battle with Havak can be watched here. After two years of bitter defeat, Daniel was determined to win in his third year of VGC. Match after match, opponent after opponent, Daniel swept through his rounds before meeting Ruben in the semi-finals. He may have lost, but he had already won his trophy, invite, and trip to Hawaii at that point. (Daniel's most recent warstory, which is neatly written, can be found here!) Daniel was previously unknown to most of the community, but has finally proved to be an excellent battler in the VGC community over at Europe. With an invite and trip to the World Championships secure, Daniel is a name to watch out for this summer. Congrats on qualifying in such a tough Nationals, and we all wish you luck in Hawaii!


Hey Daniel, thanks for taking some time to talk to me today. First of all, congrats on doing so well over in UK! It's known to be one of the toughest Nationals in the world, and placing 3rd is quite impressive. You're in for quite the treat in Hawaii! Anyway, why don't you introduce yourself to the readers?

Hi, my name's Daniel Whisson, aka Showsni. (If you look at my real name you can figure out where my user name came from...)

Great! How did you get introduced to Pokemon? What about competitive battling? And VGC?

Heh, the first time I saw the Pokémon computer games was in the computer room of my old secondary school. Someone had managed to get a copy of the nocash emulator and a Pokémon Blue ROM onto the shared network, so a lot of people were playing at lunch times. The first time I saw it the person was wandering around picking up Pokéballs fromt he ground on one of the early routes, so I assumed it was some kind of treasure hunting game where you had to find these balls on the ground... Then Pokémon really took off in a big way at school. The anime, the card game, everything. I've still got my complete Base Set of the TCG! I never actually owned the main series games, though. I had Snap and Stadium on my N64, but I only ever played Blue and Yellow on emulators - then a weird half fan translated version of Gold. When the anime stopped showing on CiTV and since I still had no gameboy I then dropped out of the Pokémon loop for a long time. I only got back into it with Platinum. Then I wanted to make a decent team, so I found smogon and got into competitive battling from there - and that's where I heard about the VGC, too.

Haha, what an interesting story! Moving more towards VGC now, what was your first experience like? How did you place?

My first was Birmingham 2010. You can read my story of the day here
It was a great time, and definitely made me want to come back the next year. Eventually winning a trip to Hawaii feels awesome though! The VGC is a great experience however well you do, though.

Certainly, the prizes make it a lot more exciting though haha! Regardless, having fun is the main priority. What was your most recent tournament (UK Nationals 2012) like, how did you feel after finishing 3rd?

Heh, that would be VGC 2012. (Unless we're including random PO tournies, in which case it was a Clear Skies 24 man tournament that I came second in.) Obviously I'm pleased with finishing third overall, and think with a little luck and judgment I could even improve on it.

That's definitely the right mindset to think under, you almost had that match against Ruben bar a few plays. How did you prepare your team for Nationals this year though? How did you practice? Were you confident with the team you chose? Did you like the way it ran the day of the competition? If you could change anything about it, what would you? Will you use a similar team at Worlds?

I'd done a fair amount of testing on the skarmbliss server of PO, though hadn't settled down into one set team. I'd tried quite a few different things - rain, sun, trick room, even some fun gimmicks like Gardevoir Swagger Lickilicky Explosion into Perish Song (which surprisingly managed to win a tournament on the server!). I finally started making the team with a week to go, and decided to go for general goodstuff. I RNG and EV train all my Pokémon 100% myself, and a week's time ended up cutting it a little fine with a few distractions. So much so that I hadn't tested the final cartridge based team at all against anyone else - I'd taken it through the subway once or twice to get a feel for it and left it at that! I wasn't expecting anything great going into the tournament. I think I'm a decent enough player, and the team was as well trained as it could be, but I hadn't practised all that much with the final version. (I even had a Lotad all RNGed as a possible replacement, that I ended up not using). I was expecting to see a lot more rain, especially in the early stages, hence the Lotad I'd prepared, but I ended up not running into a single rain team - the only weather I faced was sand, which just ended up helping my Garchomp. For Worlds, I really haven't decided yet. I'll probably at least rejigger a few EVs, maybe change a hidden power, and possibly just change the whole team.

Yep! We have another five months before Worlds so you have a lot of time to think about that! Out of total curiosity, who were you scared of playing when going into this year's Nationals? Did you beat anybody you thought you couldn't?

I didn't really think about it! I guess if I'd run into Ruben or somebody round one I'd have been a little annoyed, but it all worked out in the end. I think everyone always has a chance of beating anyone so long as your team is decent and you play decently, thanks to the luck element.

I agree, at the end of the day, all the winners are there mainly because of their skill but partly because of luck too. What were you feelings going through Nationals? Were you nervous? Did you get more confident as you kept on winning? What was your closest match? What was winning your Top 8 match like, knowing you had just won a trophy and a free trip to Hawaii?

The first match certainly started off against me, and my feelings partway through that one were "this is it, I'm out round one. Oh well." I maanged to turn it around, though, and then kept on winning. Getting into the finalists lounge for the second year in a row felt good, but then not getting the Bye was a little disappointing. I never really felt as if I'd go all the way to the top four until partway through my top eight match. At one point in that match I was really far ahead, and I just thought "I've done it. I'm going to Hawaii. Unless I seriously mess up now." As NidoRich says, I got a fair amount of hax on my side, and one lucky play that tipped me over the edge there. Closest match on paper that I won was one where I was left with just an orange health Garchomp, but I think my round one match was actually a lot closer in that I very easily could have lost. (I guess the closest one of all was the one I did lose - we finished up with Ruben having Chandelure on a tiny sliver of red, and Metagross on such low health it would die to its own Life Orb).

Getting to Hawaii must be exhilarating though! Are you excited for the World Championships in Hawaii? How will you be preparing for it?

Yes, though I've no idea what to expect! The furthest I've ever been from home before is Malta. I guess Hawaii is meant to be quite hot? Looks nice from photos, anyway! As for the second part... um... Good question! I haven't really thought that far ahead. I'll probably go in hoping to do the best I can.

Yeah, it's your first World Championships so just have the most fun you can! Hawaii is by far the best place they hold it at, so I'm sure you'll have a great time with everyone. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to meet you in person! As an American though, I have to ask you, what's the European scene like? What do you think of your tournaments vs. American tournaments?

I only really play online, so generally I just see the Smogon/PO scene. VGC is probably the only time I've been to specifically European tournaments. Everyone seems very friendly, at any rate! Glad we had TVs to watch the matches unlike some of the American tournaments.

Absolutely. Everyone in VGC is incredibly kind and really cool, and you'll get to meet a lot more awesome people over at Hawaii! Anyway, what's your favorite Pokemon and game?

Charmander and Majora's Mask. Oh, you meant Pokémon game? Um... I don't know. Maybe Yellow, maybe Stadium, maybe Heart Gold.

Neat! What do you do outside of Pokemon?

I'm a Master of Mathematics from Oxford University. Currently seeking employment... I guess I do a lot of reading, watching TV and computer games. Favourite author is Diana Wynne Jones and favourite series are the Simpsons and the Legend of Zelda.

Wow, Oxford... I've never heard of someone from such a prestigious university playing Pokemon! That's truly commendable. To finish up this interview, do you have any closing words or shoutouts?

Remember kids, stay in school and don't do drugs. Or you gotta catch 'em all. Or something.
Congrats again Showsni. I really hope I can get top4 in Paris so we can have a rematch, hopefully with no hax joinning the party :naughty:

Wait I was quoted? :D
2012 UK Seniors National Champion George Langford

George, in the white Worlds shirt, after winning the 2012 UK National Championships.


2011: Worlds LCQ Qualifier, 5th Place World Championsips
2012: 1st Place UK National Championships

Total Winnings

2011 LCQ: Invitation to compete in the 2011 World Championships at San Diego, California.
2011 Worlds: 3DS, various Worlds exclusive items.
2012 Nationals: Trophy, invitation and trip to the 2012 World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.

Biography and History

Don't let his short stature and cute look fool you: George "KobraTail" Langford has proved himself to be one of the best European players in the last two years. He attended the LCQ in San Diego for the 2011 World Championships and grinded in. At Worlds, he caused a major upset among American players when he defeated National Champion Henry "Snake" Maxon in the last round of Swiss. The match determined who would move onto the Top 8, and with a victory secured, George was seeded 5th going into the second day. He lost in the Top 8 against Ian McLaughlin, who then defeated my very brother in the semi-finals before losing to Brian Hough in the finals. For his first real VGC tournament, I'd say George did pretty darn well.

I was personally surprised when I saw George's name come up again this year: I just assumed he was a random Junior that got lucky at Worlds the year before. I was even more surprised when I found out that he had won the UK Nationals... not in the Juniors division but in the Seniors division! Winning a Nationals is an incredible achievement, but winning in your first year as a Senior is even more amazing. Generally, Juniors that move up to Seniors have a lot of trouble adjusting with the stronger players and metagame, but it was clearly simple for George. I am interested in seeing how George develops as a player throughout his four years as a Senior, and how he'll perform at this year's World Championships. Congrats to him on winning in UK!


Hi George, it's always a pleasure to interview an international player, especially one that has performed well in both the Juniors and Seniors player! Why don't we start by having you introduce yourself?

Hello, my name is George Langford (aka KobraTail) and I was 5th at VGC 2011 Worlds as a Junior and 1st at VGC 2012 UK Nationals as a Senior.

That's right, you just won the UK National Championships just a few weeks ago. How did you get introduced to Pokemon? What about competitive battling? And VGC?

My brother was playing Ruby version when I was younger and so I picked it off him when he moved on to MW3... I got introduced to VGC while I was in California. I found out there was a Last Chance Qualifier in San Diego for Worlds that year, so I said ''Why the hell not?'' and managed to finish 5th in the world as a Junior.

I actually had no idea that you grinded in, that's really cool. What was your first experience of VGC like?

My first experience was at VGC 2011 worlds, and it was amazing to be an underdog. Coming all the way from Turkey (where I live, although I'm British) it was amazing.

Cool, I don't know of many other players from Turkey. What was the UK Nationals like for you? What about the new VGC 2012 rules?

Well I was at VGC 2012 UK and it was thought I would go out in the first round because of the new rules... But I managed to be victorious! I got there from Turkey, Istanbul because my grandparents were there so I said ''Why the hell not?''

Cool, how did you practice for the UK Nationals? What team did you end up using? Is there anything you would change about it?

Well I practiced for like 5 months on Pokemon Online's Skarmblissserver, with like 10 different teams, and then I wanted to make another one... and it was my rain team I won with. I would've liked to put in Gastrodon, because of Storm Drain and Special defense bulkiness.

Rain teams are the best! How did the actual tournament go for you? Who were you scared of playing? Were you nervous?

I was scared of playing my group of friends that came with me. [ØHax] (my clan/friends) As for how I felt throughout the tournament, I was shaking like a dog for the first 4 rounds and then I got confident. You can see what the day was like for me here.

Are you excited for the World Championships in Hawaii?

I am very exited for the World Championships, I've never been to Hawaii and it's gonna be amazing meeting people again!

Yeah, Hawaii is awesome! Are there any Seniors you're afraid of playing at Worlds?

I don't really know many senior competitors XD.

Haha... we'll see then! What's your favorite Pokemon, and game?

My favorite Pokemon metagame wise would have to be Politoed. I really like Scrafty though just because it's so cool. I like the 5th Gen games.

Great, what do you do outside of Pokemon? Do you have any final words or shoutouts?

I make YouTube videos... and study for school. I wanna give a shout out to Pokeguru01 and the team of ØHax for supporting me, and my YouTube channel :D
Oh my God! Jesus Plays Pokemon?!

Jesus, in the middle, posing with strong trainers SapphireBirch and Werecario.


2004: Top 4 Pokemon Rocks America
2010: Top 16 Seattle Regional, World LCQ Qualifier, 32nd Worlds
2011: Top 16 Seattle Regional, 21st Nationals

Total Winnings

2004 Tournament: Various tournament exclusive items
2010 Regional: Invitation to compete at the National Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana.
2010 LCQ: Invitation to compete at the World Championships in Kona, Hawaii.
2011 Regionals: Invitation to compete at the National Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Biography and History

Whether you know him for his singing abilities, incredible work out ethic, or just general sexiness, Jesus "Ninahaza" Ninajaza is one of the coolest people I have had the honor to meet throughout the past few years. He first started playing competitively way back in 2004 and finished in the Top 4 in a local Pokemon Rocks America tournament. Jesus then returned in 2009, but because of the poor lottery system, was not chosen to play. He "quit" Pokemon after the incident in 2009, but came back in 2010 for what would be the best Pokemon season of his life.

Jesus attended the Seattle Regionals, where he finished in the Top 16 and won an invitation to compete at that year's Nationals. He finished with a 4-3 record, just one game shy of winning a Worlds invitation. His account (with a TON of great pictures) of the entire event can be found here and here. Jesus then flew out to Kona, Hawaii with his own money with hopes of "grinding" in through the Last Chance Qualifier. After a few brutal matches, he had successful made it through the LCQ and qualified for the 2010 World Championships. He finished with a 2-4 record and placed 32nd in the World. His legendary picture museum of Worlds can be found here. Jesus also played in VGC 2011 and qualified for the National Championships after placing in the Top 16 at Seattle. He finished with a 4-3 record, similar to his finish in 2011, having played strong trainers including ryuzaki and eventual runner-up TTS. His season ended there, as he did not attend the World Championships that year.

Jesus has been one of the friendliest posters here on Smogon, and is generally just a really nice guy. He's proven to be a very strong competitor in Pokemon as well, having knocked me out in the 1st official Smogon VGC tournament early on. I look forward to seeing how he performs this year as well as just hanging out and talking with him!


It's Jesus! Thanks for taking some time to talk to me today. Why don't you introduce yourself?

Well, allow me to start off by saying that I am listening to the sound track of the first Pokemon movie while doing this. If you haven't checked out the soundtracks to some of the Pokemon movies, you really should. I am also going to make this very personal so prepare to go on an emotional roller-coaster ride with Jesus. This also means its going to be tl;dr most likely, but I hope you take your time and read it :)

Anyway... my name is Jesus J Ninahaza. I am 21 and contrary to popular belief, I'm actually Asian.

What a strong response. How did you get involved in Pokemon and VGC, what made you stay?

Actually, most people do not know that i have been playing doubles in Pokemon competitively since Pokemon Rocks America in 2004. My TV introduced me to the competitive scene of Pokemon. I remember seeing an ad for Pokemon Rocks America in 2004, and, living just a short bus ride away in Seattle from it, I decided to check it out and I haven't looked back since.

I never really experienced the social aspect of Pokemon until VGC 2010 when I decided to travel out of state for Pokemon. Usually, my experience starts and ends in Seattle. I just played for the competitive aspect and that's all I cared about. Once I decided to travel outside of Seattle and attend the Phoenix Regional and Nationals in Indianapolis in 2010, I was truly introduced to the social aspect of Pokemon and that's the moment I knew it would be the people that would make me stay, not the competition itself. From then on, I stopped caring so much about the competitive aspect and started caring more about the people/friends I made at these events. Now I attend VGC because of the people: they are the reason I continue playing!

Yeah, I think the social aspect is what drives a lot of us on Smogon to keep on playing VGC. It's certainly my favorite part of this game! Why don't you tell us about your first few years of playing competitively!

Like i said, my first year was in 2004 and it actually shaped my love for the competitive scene. Without the social aspect back then, I can honestly say that had not had a good first experience, I would have probably quit that year and chances are, you guys wouldn't even know me today! I remember it so fondly, as if it happened just yesterday...

I was a kid in every way possible on that day. I couldn't get enough of all the posters around. I battled people, I traded, I saw a giant Pikachu and other Pokemon, i sang Pokemon songs, and I got myself into the official tournament and came in either 3rd or 4th, I don't remember. I won a sweet poster, which I still have today, as well as some other stuff for doing so well. That was also the day my love for Jolteon was born. He was the star of my team that day and I couldn't have gotten so far in the event without him. Until this day, I still have a soft spot in my heart for Jolteon. I had so much fun that day and it was the best day ever. I wouldn't get to feel that way again at these events until VGC 2010, 6 years later.

My first VGC experience was in 2009, but I didn't get to play due to the stupid lottery system. I remember going home early, super mad that I put so much time and energy into my team without even getting a chance to play. I was so angry that I quit Pokemon that day. That was the only time I have ever quit Pokemon, seriously. I didn't touch the games until right around VGC 2010, but that become the beginning of a whole new chapter in my Pokemon career and life.

VGC 2010 was a blast: I finally felt as much joy as I did in 2004. Regionals was a fun experience. I ignored Huy, Paul and the rest of the Ducks in Seattle, but I made up for it by saying hi and meeting people like Fish, OmegaDonut and BadIntent in Phoenix! Nationals was magical. I did everything from calling Huy "Duy" the first time I ever talked to him, to seeing a waitress getting punched and dip flying all over the place/almost destroying my laptop. Worlds that year would only help solidify VGC 2010 as the experience I had been waiting for since 2004. I met Kinneas and formed the now legendary KINNAHAZA. I just had a blast overall.

I can't put it all into words. VGC 2010 was also the year I made my perhaps most famous team, the Toxic team. Why talk about it when I have a video that tells you everything you'll need to know? This team took me to Worlds AND got me through the Worlds LCQ. It only failed at winning me Worlds because I was too stupid during Worlds. So, I guess I failed the team... I also have to give major props and a huge shout out to Boomguy, he helped shape my VGC 2010 team. He was one-half of the 2-man team behind my VGC 2010 Toxic team. I also feel like Deagle and Alaka deserve a mention, they helped better my Toxic team, whether they knew it or not.

Wow, what an incredible few year's you've just summarized for us! So much detail and emotion in each paragraph... it's beautiful. Moving onto last year, how did VGC 2011 go for you? What teams did you use? How was VGC 2011 compared to VGC 2010?

I'm going to be honest, VGC 2011 wasn't as fun for me as 2010... actually, not even close. I just hope I don't have to wait another 6 years before feeling like i did in 2010 again, haha. Don't get me wrong, 2011 was fun. Maybe if i had gone to Worlds in 2011 I would feel differently about that year. In 2011, i decided to go with an all-out attack team instead of a stall team.

My Seattle team was inspired by my rival Evan. I won't go into details about how this legendary rivalry between Evan and I began, but after many battles with him on PO, my team began to take shape and he inspired it. I had Pokemon like Bisharp, Chandelure and Thundurus on my team. It was a very high octane offensive team that took advantage of Gems and hard hitting moves, the team got me into the top 16 and an invite to Nationals.

Nationals was hard: I had to defeat people like TTS and Ryuzaki but my team held up and I did it. My Nationals team was an enhancement of my Seattle team and the product of PO itself. It was a mix of Trick Room Pokemon and 2 fast Pokemon for non Trick Room mode. I brought in Pokemon like Musharna and Scrafty. I went 4-1 before somehow screwing it up and ending up with a 4-3 record.

Losing your last few matches to miss cut... that sounds familiar... >_> Moving onto this year, have you been preparing for VGC 2012? Will you be attending a Spring Regional or Nationals?

I haven't been preparing for VGC 2012 at all: I haven't even touched PO since around September/October of last year. I also haven't had a battle in a very long time. This seems to be a trend for me, it was the same way last year. I didn't prepare until very late into the season, just a few months before Regionals actually. With a little over a month before spring Regionals begin in the US this year, I'm aiming to start training soon.

I am hoping to attend the Vancouver regional in Canada. So far, my status is still "attending" and I hope it remains that way. I am also hoping to attend Nationals and at the moment my status is, once again, "attending". However, the only event I know I am attending 100% this year is Worlds in Kona, Hawaii.

What has been your favorite metagame to play throughout the years?

VGC 2010 hands down!

What's your favorite Pokemon and game?

What is my favorite game? This is hard for me, I like quite a few of them.

...after five minutes of thinking, I still can't pick one!

Let's just move on to my favorite Pokemon, I'll post in the thread later once I make up my mind on my favorite game. My favorite Pokemon changes each year it seems. I'll just list the Pokemon that have held the title of "my favorite Pokemon" at one point. This is in no particular order:

  • Pikachu
  • Snorlax
  • Jolteon
  • Tyranitar
  • Cresselia
  • Blaziken
  • Arcanine
  • Milotic
  • Absol
  • Dragonite

I feel like I'm forgetting a few, but I've had so many favorite Pokemon since I was a kid so you'll have to excuse my crappy memory.

Wow... you sure have a lot of favorite Pokemon. I guess mine changes like every other day though, so it's cool. Can you tell the readers a bit about your workout ethic? It's kind of legendary here on Smogon.

Haha, how do I answer this question without sounding like an insecure teenage girl... When I was a fat kid, throughout my teenage years, I kept telling myself I was happy with the way I looked/my body. I truly believe that at one point I was happy with my body, but later down the road, that feeling went away. It was towards the end of my teenage years I think, as the years passed, I grew more and more unhappy with myself. So... I finally decided to drop the weight and put on a 6 pack v cut abs, some nice biceps, you know, the usual order every boy makes.

It would, however, take me 3 years of trying. No, 3 years just to start for real. They say the hardest part of doing anything difficult is the beginning: starting. I would have to agree because once I truly started, well... you know how the rest turned out.

Another reason I think I did it (and went from being happy with my body as a teenager to hating the way I looked being overweight) was because of the kind of future I wanted. My dream is to work in the entertainment business , preferably the music or movie industry. For the kind of life I want, I know that I can't be overweight. I mean, seriously, look at the the music/movie industry and see what the media feeds us. You just CAN'T be a big guy. You have to have a body they can market... When I pictured my future, I just couldn't picture an overweight me in it.

If someone asked me today, "How does it feel to have abs? How does it feelto have the body you always wanted?" I would say that I don't know yet. I'm happy, yes, but I feel that it's too early. I mean, I'm not even done with this whole weight loss/muscle gain journey yet. I haven't experienced a summer where I can take my shirt off in public voluntarily. I haven't experienced anything really, but I feel that the best is yet to come and that I just have to keep up the hard work.

I think it's absolutely amazing how far you've come with your journey, and I wish you the best of luck. It's incredibly inspiring. With that being said, do you have any final words or shoutouts you'd like to make before we finish?

I have made a lot of friends from my Pokemon experiences, whether it be VGC or just a random non battle related meet-up. There are just too many people to name. Cybertron and the site staff have also been thanked enough so I won't bother giving them a shout out. I will however say this:

After quitting in 2009, I am glad I decided to give Pokemon another chance in 2010, just before VGC season started. I am also glad I decided to finally make an account on Smogon. I had accounts on other websites dating back to 2004 but for some reason decided to ignore Smogon. The combination of me giving Pokemon another chance and joining Smogon proved to be life changing. I remember the first time I met Huy and how i called him Duy, lol! Who knew I would come to admire him so much? I remember the first time I made a war story thread in the VGC section of the forums and everyone received me so warmly. I remember how accepting every one was in general. From Nationals to Worlds, I didn't know most of you but you welcomed me into your group and everyone was so friendly. I owe you all so much and I want to just bust out a huge shout out list full of names, but I'm afraid I'll forget a couple of people or that I'll stretch out this post (because of how big the list of names would be).

I'll just save that huge shout out for my 1k thread, if I'm going to embarrass myself by forgetting to mention someone, let it be in an 1k or 2k thread.
I am super excited for this year's VGC season, and for Nationals and Worlds. I am excited because I can't wait to see you all again. I could care less about actually competing. It is, after all, the people that have slowly taken priority, that have kept me here, and have driven me to attend these events, not the events themselves.


VGC 2016 Masters Champion
I actually was the one who played Jesus when we were both 4-2 in the last round of Swiss, so his opponent lineup was incredibly tough, and as I recall our match went to time. Great interviews keep them up!


Has anyone in this family ever seen a chicken?
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Jesus' interview was absolutely excellent, well worth reading. Should get to meet over the summer, though it could have been a year earlier, if SOMEONE didn't pull out of Worlds last year. Just saying.

Nice to see this back up and running, should be plenty of people to interview with results of Europe, and Regionals coming up. Get working again Cybertron!


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Pokemon Rocks 2004 at Seattle? That brings back memories. I was also there so we may have passed each either with no idea who the other was at the time.
TRE, have you been attending the Seattle Pokemon events since 2004? we have probably passed each other on many occasions over the years. sucks that it took until vgc 2010 for us to be introduced, or was it 2011? i'm pretty sure i ignored everyone in Seattle 2010, not just the ducks. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER

and don't worry dozz/bearsfan, i'll (hopefully) be at nationals. i heard Brits plan on invading

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TRE, have you been attending the Seattle Pokemon events since 2004? we have probably passed each other on many occasions over the years. sucks that it took until vgc 2010 for us to be introduced, or was it 2011? i'm pretty sure i ignored everyone in Seattle 2010, not just the ducks. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER

and don't worry dozz/bearsfan, i'll (hopefully) be at nationals. i heard Brits plan on invading
Yep, I've been at pretty much every official Pokemon giveaway or major event in Seattle since at least 2002 with the Pokemon TCG Worlds in Seattle (and I didn't even play TCG >_>). I think it was 2011 that we first met up.


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wow, what a shame. it took us 7 years............this seriously makes me sad.

at least we can look back and..........nah, this is still some bs

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