The Walkthrough Tournament - Sun & Moon Edition [Sign-Ups]

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The Walkthrough Tournament
Sun & Moon Edition

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of the Walkthrough Tournament! In this tournament, you will play an edited version of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. You will start as a new trainer in the Alola region, trying to beat the Island Challenge and proving to everyone that you are the very best.

Each round of the tournament will take place at a different time in your journey. For example, the first round will take place in Verdant Cave during Melemele's Challenge, which means that your pool of available Pokémon and items will be limited by what is available in the games.

This tournament is Best of one, based on Smogon's SM OU ruleset. The General tournament rules and regulation are in effect.

SM OU clauses:
  • Sleep Clause. A player cannot put two or more different opposing Pokémon to sleep using attacks that induce sleep to opposing Pokémon.
  • Evasion Clause. A player cannot increase their pokémon's evasion stat with a move that specifically increases evasion. Items or indirect boosts do not break this clause.
  • OHKO Clause. Players cannot use moves that have a chance of instantly KO opposing Pokémon. For example, Horn Drill is an illegal move to have on a Pokémon's move set.
  • Species Clause. You cannot use the same Pokemon twice on the same team. For example, you cannot use two Snorlax.
  • And of course, you are not allowed to play any Pokémon in the Ubers tier.

Walkthrough Tournament specific rules:
  • Each round will be placed at a different part of the games Pokemon Sun & Moon. There will be restrictions in level, Pokemon availability, TM availability and item availability. These will be dependent on where you are in the game. As the rounds go on, more things will obviously open up.
  • You are not required to send teams to me for approval, but if you have questions on whether your team is legal, feel free to ask me.
  • Choices in the game: being either picking the version, picking the starter, or any other choice I don't have in mind right now, you are allowed to change between each rounds. You can only play one starter at the same round, but playing Rowlet round one won't prevent you from bringing Primarina in finals. In the same vein, you cannot bring two Pokémon exclusive to the opposite versions in the same round, but you are allowed to use Oranguru (Moon Exclusive), then Whimsicott (Sun Exclusive) the following round.
  • Allowed moves: you can use any move as long as the Pokémon (or any pre-evolution) learns it earlier than the current level limit OR the Pokémon can learn the move from an available TM. For the sake of simplicity: every egg move is banned, moves that would be unavailable without heart scale but that the Pokémon learns at a lower level are allowed. Also Smeargle is banned.
  • Early overpowered stuff: just like in any other game, Sun & Moon gives us its share of broken early stuff. For this reason, Pokémon exclusive to SOS calls will be banned in the earliest rounds (no lvl 5 Snorlax and lvl 10 Salamence, sorry). Evolutions by happiness and trading are also delayed to a future round.
  • Some HA are available through the SOS calls. I will tell precisely which HA is available, to avoid any confusion. They won't be available before the releasing of SOS battles though.
I know there are a lot of rules, but be sure that I will do everything I can in order to make the list of available stuff as clear as possible. If there is any argument wether a team is legal or not, this list will be the only judge (even if I make a mistake and the list doesn't reflect the game, sorry).

Sign-Ups will last for a few days and the amount of interest will determine how large the tournament will be.
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