The World Cup of Pokémon 2017 - Quarterfinals

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Posting to apologize to everyone in LA. I know you expected more of me and i really tried my best to help with more than simple test games and team suggestions but unfortunately i just couldnt play to my best. Thanks so much for the opportunity and for the invitation, i really had fun teaming up with you all and it sucks to have ended like this, but i know LA will be back stronger next year. Hope we can keep on being friends after the tour is done.

Also huge thnx to Eternal Spirit, Sand Castle, lighthouses and everyone in Brazil who supported me, as well as my r1 opponents for being so nice to me in my first tour.


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Well, looks like the season is over for us, I've had plenty of fun playing this tournament, some people had told me I ought to ditch LA and go with Spain beacuse LA was not that good, but I saw potential on you guys, and also you gave me the chance to introduce myself into tournaments two years ago when I first joined the team, hell, I still can remember the excitement and the nerves I was going through before my first match. I could not be more grateful and that's why I would never change you guys for anything, you're like a family to me, and the thought of ever leaving you apart is something that would never come across my mind, that's for sure.

As for me, I think I've done pretty well thus far in this tournament, 3-2 is a decent record, I got unlucky at some points but I'm not in the position to complain, even if these series were one sided in terms of luck and I got mad at some point, it's just pointless. I've honestly enjoyed playing with all of you: youngee(aka 300k subs LOL get owned blunder bop) , Meru, Asuya, Soulwind and ZoroDark, most of you guys are great players I had always looked up to, and I'm quite glad I finally got to play against the big guys on the big stage. I'm sure I'll keep playing on tournaments, this has just been a little piece of a big ride that I want to go through.

Femen: Man it's been quite a long ride, I remember meeting you when I was an arrogant bitch on the pandora server, I really used to despise you to death, legit LOL. You've been turning it up a notch since last year, you've been hot dude, even if this was not your best tour, you have been playing like a true beast even though you were going through some rough stuff irl, and you've done whatever it was in your reach to help out the team, it's been more than a pleasure to share team along with you, keep it up man.

Shogarth: Mi papaíto Joga, one of the best guys I've met on the internet, now that you were finally free you really turned it on man, helping out with everything, even if you don't know that much about current tiers, you were just out there trying to give advice, test, everything bro, I'm just speechless with all the hard work you've put on to this tournament. It was also nice to have you around since you know a lot of BW and also come up with the craziest ideas, I guess it was a bit contagious, I mean, fucking sun stall without a steel type, who's this nuts hahahah, love you a lot man, we'll take that fucking selfie even if we didnt win but gave our very best to get in here :)

Lcans: My guy CH PokeJose, I'm pretty sure we've known each other since I got unbanned from that server like 3 years ago, we've played a lot of battles since then, there in the pandora ladder and most recently in SPL, tour I wasn't expecting to ever see you in but I was so happy when I saw the classiest draft you. You're sometimes a bit shaky, but the fact that you're a big tryhard makes up for it, it's been a big pleasure, I hope we share team again n.n.

Gondra: THE TRUE LA GOAT, I'm soooooooooo happy you proved all the dudes wrong(pointing at you shakeitup asexual frog), you've done excellently throughout the tour and along the other guys you've been trying hard like no other, but try and avoid to let this game get over you, you sometimes seem a bit unmotivated whenever you get unlucky and I mean, that's what you get when you play this game seriously, you have to deal with it in some way and move on, I hope this tournament has taught you a thing or two, see you soon in other big tournaments :)

-herO- :I think you're the guy I've known for the longest time, quite ironic that we ended up on the same team in one of the most important Smogon tournaments after 4 years , isn't it? I know this tournament didn't go as well as you wanted, there's always a first time for everyone and not everything can go as planned at first try, but you've certainly been a huge help to us, I was so adamant about trying to get you and I'm so glad we did, I hope you enjoyed your first world cup and keep on playing more tournaments, you still have a long way to go Rigoberto :P

Temperarious: Sabella recommended you because he told me you'd be a decent pick, I saw some of your replays and then you did some tryouts, but for some reason you vanished during the tournament, I don't know if you had any personal reasons to do so, and I'm still up to listen to them. Either way, if you join a tournament, at least you should have tried to help or something, I'm a bit sad about this, but you sure have your reasons, good luck.

Znain: My old clanmate from SN, still obsessed with that fucking "rajita" :( You've impressed lots of people, 4-0 man, nonetheless, you're absolutely amazing and another tryhard who has quite a unique style, I'm happy you could do well and I'm sure I'll see you in at least SPL, I know you despise SM but you should try it at least so you could get picked for the upcoming snake tour :P Anyway, thanks a lot for everything, sharing this ride with you's been quite an exciting experience :)

NightFox: Man, I'm so happy you finally could prove yourself on the big stage, one of the nicest guys I've got to meet, some people really wish they were at your level, even though you were going through some difficulties, you did your best to test and all that good stuff. I'm so glad we had your presence around, you're the funniest guy ever n.n

CyberOdin: GOOOOOOOOO ODIN *-* YOU CAN THIS *-* You're truly the man, even though this tour didn't go that well for you, you brought an important r1 and we're grateful for that. You've done nothing but to cheer us up all the time, and giving us endless motivation speeches, you're such a great teammate, we love you SAMSOM *-*

Vileman: Vilememe, the guy who has to play the tier everyone hates, you really are a man of honor, sacrificing yourself for the team and then trying so hard to bring us those delicious W's but it was sad that some things didn't go your way, you played well throughout this tournament and there aren't many regrets you should have. It's been a cool experience to share team with you again Vicente, I'm sorry though I bought Foggi over you in HPL LOL, don't hate me.

.Mx: Another part of our ADV core, this man's one of the biggest tryhards I've seen, even though things didn't go your way, I'm pretty sure people is aware of how good you are at this game and I encourage you not to retire yet, I thank you a lot Mx, you've been nothing but a great teammate for the team, thanks for sharing this experience along with us :)

Hangover: You've been kind of dead, but I'm sure it's beacuse of stuff that's clearly beyond you, so worry not, good luck with everything Sakurita :D

DennisEG: Probably the guy behind our success during round 1 in ORAS and SM, how the fuck did you not get bought in SPL man, the amount of hard work you put onto this game is just amazing, your teambuilding skills are just flawless, I mean Z Dig Weavile man, are you nuts?!?!?!?!? I'm sad your wcop record doesn't resemble to your skill level, this game is just unfair sometimes, thanks for everything man, I hope I see you on the big stage again.

Vai Lusa: Our latest addition, I'm happy we could get you on the team instead of some other inactive guy, I'm aware this is one of your first official tournaments and it is not that easy to manage the nerves and thus we sometimes make mistakes, but don't blame on yourself, I'm pretty sure it's just a lack of experience, you definitely have what it takes, and you're also a tryhard, you've done plenty of work along with the SM guys, so just keep on going, you're gonna reach big heights :)

blunder : Thanks a lot for all the teambuilding help you gave me, you're just a great guy and I couldn't feel more proud of being friends with someone like you.

Finchinator: My good SPL teammate, you've helped me a lot with testings during the first and this round, even though you keep it up with your hax rampage against me lol, stop that right fucking now bitch

GG's Europe, I'm sorry I got mad at some of you, but take a look at some of the things you say, it's not cool when you make fun of the opposing team when you're getting lucky, I wish you guys luck, specially ZoroDark Pearl choolio We Three Kings Blackoblivion :)

And thank you to all the people who has been supporting us from the very start, you know who you are :P
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SM OU: John vs. Mazar
ORAS OU: ABR vs. Get this Money
GSC OU: BKC vs. Bedschibaer

SM OU 1: Bro Kappa vs. Axel10
SM OU 2: -Snow vs. Poek
ORAS OU: Alexander. vs. reiku


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SM OU: John vs. Mazar - Both are very good, but easily I pick bro fist here, I've mentioned before he's just one of the player I enjoy watching the most, and he will certainly not disapoint anyone, not when the stakes are this high :)
ORAS OU: ABR vs. Get this Money - ABR is great but I'm leaning towards GTM this time around as I feel he has the momentum on his side after a hot 4-0
GSC OU: BKC vs. Bedschibaer - Kevin is just great, and so is Beds, but knowledge-wise, I think BKC is more experience and thus he'll take this one, gonna be a tight one that's for sure

SM OU 1: Bro Kappa vs. Axel10 - Both have been playing great but the Sheriff is probably thirsty for revenge, he's been doing really well so far
SM OU 2: -Snow vs. Poek - My tocayo can't just lose, though I reckon Snou's been great, that win with Camerupt was just impressive, but I feel Poek will put on a great show here
ORAS OU: Alexander. vs. reiku - Great fight for sure, both quite succesful players, but reiku isn't the one to fuck up when the stakes are high and I think he just needs to be solid enough against what Alexander might bring, it's gonna be a great fight, I hope
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