The World Cup of Pokémon 2018 - Qualifying Round

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Black Z said oro e diamanti will bring benelux to the next page and black z is ariyama's and toei animation's spokesperson so it is undeniable and unquestionable


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SM: ayman x v Chaitanya
SM: denger v SANJAY
SM: tehdicktutor v Anish
ORAS: Afsin v Pradhaaan
BW: Zarif v Serene Grace
DPP: Asim12 v Dj Breloominatiâ™
ADV: CKW v Lord Ninjax
GSC: RaiyanGotNo3DS v OminousDraco
RBY: darius45 v Deepika

SM: austriangeorge v Oro e Diamanti
SM: Charmflash v Shadestep - Love Shadestep but Charm is in a rly good shape rn
SM: MJ v Twixtry
ORAS: GenZeon v Michielleus
BW: Phil de Mon v ReshiRampage
DPP: mael v tjdaas
ADV: DnB v Jarii
GSC: neomon v Drud - bro neomon
RBY: Bedschibaer v Djokra

Most of them were literally "oh, such a cool nickname. I think he'll win." but there are some cool matchups.
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