The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Semifinals

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US West (1) vs Germany (2)

SM OU: lax v xray | I would probably favor xray in this matchup if it was in ORAS, but lax is on another level in SM OU right now. I never imagined this clown would get this good when I first teamed with him in RUPL. lax has proven himself to be a top player on Smogon, and I see no signs of him stopping now. He did have a very...retarded game earlier this round, but ar least he did manage to win LOL I'm pretty sure I've predicted him to beat everyone except for blunder, Trosko, and John in recent memory. xray's not on the level of those players in SM OU. Look for lax to come through in the clutch yet again.
ORAS OU: z0mOG v CrashinBoomBang | z0mOG is solid, but ORAS OU is CBB's main tier. West ORAS has been in absolute shambles the entire tournament, and I don't see their fortunes turning around in this tough of a matchup. ben gay's game against CBB earlier this week was nothing short of a disaster, with Mega Tar claiming about 95 Pokemon. Matchup plays a big role in this tier, but West has had no luck finding good ones this tour. Big edge to CBB.
ADV OU: Lavos v Fakes | West seems to have inherited the US East plot armor, so picking them to lose this game might be a bad idea. Nonetheless, I bold the matchups as they come, so here they are. The Jerk seems to heavily disagree with the notion that Fakes is better than Lavos in ADV OU, but I'll gladly take the German in this one. Lavos is obviously one of the best old gen players on the site, but he's obviously not as good in ADV as he is in GSC. He has had way fewer important matches here over the years than Fakes, who I've been very high on for years. He did make a greedy ass play against Phil that allowed him to get lucked into a loss, but I don't foresee it happening again. I honestly disagree with the ADV pick, but it's understandable, especially after taking into account Lavos's unwavering confidence. Betting against a former Smogon Classic winner who is on top of his game is a scary proposition, but I'll give a slight edge to Fakes in this one.

Latin America (1) vs Brazil (2)

SM OU: Gondra v Eternal Spirit | OFC, the one time in ages I pick against Gama, he wins. I think he's a better player than Gondra, and seemed to have gotten some of his mojo back with his last win. Gondra had an easy matchup win last time out vs Anti, but if that doesn't happen here, I think Gama should take this.
ADU OU: CyberOdin v Tamahome | There comes a time to hop off every bandwagon, and this is where I take my leave. I have been a proud member of the CyberOdin bandwagon since the end of Round 1, but there's no way im picking him to beat one of the best ADVers of all time. Tama is a threat and a half, and before he became known as a DPP main, he was destroying people in this tier. I would have picked RBY if I was LA, but I understand the pick. Solid edge to Malfoy.
GSC OU: Raichy v KratosMana | This is a very interesting one to me. Raichy's luck seems to have run out in his last game, but he has put forth a solid effort in the tournament. I wouldn't call him "bad" at GSC. It's just hard to know how good he is. The same is true for Anti, who really has no important showings in this tier at all. He's obviously a good player, but I have no reason to really believe he's that great at GSC OU; he's not an old gen God like Tamahome. I don't really have that strong of a read here, so I'll give the slighest of edges to Raichy. I would have picked ORAS if I was Brazil, but apparently Nintendi did not want to play fot some reason. So in that sense, I suppose this pick is acceptable.
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