The World Cup of Pokémon 2019 - Semifinals

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in brazil rain
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last time Brazil faced LA was in 2010, and that's so freakin' old that me and hantsuki were still very active players and rewer played for LA lmao
and we also had to tiebreak and got fucking destroyed by hanke

guess we have the plot armor now

(close series gg)


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hi, now that our run is over I just wanted to give a quick shoutout to everyone who supported us in the past couple weeks, nobody really expected us to make it this far or to go down in such a close series and all the support and cheering throughout made for a very cool experience outside of that of being part of the team itself. this wcop exceeded my expectations and im happy with pretty much everyone overperforming and making such a deep run, despite my mediocre performance Im glad to have ended on a win and I can only look forward to next year’s edition where we’ll prove that our run wasnt just a fluke. this is just the beginning

oh and congrats to Brazil for making finals, it was a fun series


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Its over. A way better run that pretty much everyone expected comes to an end.
With wcop coming up i was hesitant on playing but i really wanted LA to keep all of lusa, spectear and posho, so i ended up asking to join LA this time around (i still lost in qualifier oops :bloblul:). And boy this was a ride: all the way from qualifier till tiebreak in semis, even after a poor start r1, and being behind r2 we managed to bring it back and made it this far. I had a really fun time all around, im glad i could play a tier i prepared for this time around and get some good wins for the team (still sad over my r2 choke tho @_@), and i feel like we did our best to help each other prep for their games, which is nice. Of course, there's still a lot of room for improvement, but with an up and coming latin forum, i think theres a lot of room for new faces to appear or old ones to patch things up.
And hey at least i ended positive in 1 wcop haha nice
With that out of the way, my time has come. Playing tournaments, hanging in ps, discord, skype etc has all been hella fun, mostly cause of all the great, fun people i've been able to meet through the years, which are the big reason i've been hesitant over quitting or not. But all things must come to and end, and i just don't have the passion i used to have for this game anymore. I'd just like to give a wholeheartedly thank you to everyone who has been nice, who has played with me, who have given support through this tournament (and other tournaments too s/o Genesis7 first vileman believer, at least in tournaments), and have been my friends, you guys are the best and i wish you all the best :toast: ill still check discord sometimes over some couple months but don't expect much @_@
En particular, suerte a LA en las futuras wcop, gracias por tenerme con ustedes todos estos años, apunten cada vez mas alto que si pueden ganar esto si se lo proponen! Y gracias a todos mis amig@s por todos los buenos momentos :) Lamento no dar s/o individuales pero no quiero olvidarme de nadie, si fueron mis amigos, ya lo saben.
GGs to brasil, hope u guys win it all!!
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