The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Qualifying Round 2

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i opted to ignore this discussion when crux brought it up in smogtours because i felt it was fruitless to engage at the time, but considering we're bringing it here and i feel this is pretty much a direct callout to a lot of people, myself included, i'll bite

no one just turns a blind eye to shitty behavior; you're delusional if you think so. if you think people such as myself just don't do anything i'm pretty disappointed you think that way of me. i frequently call people out for posting stuff that is inappropriate and get called a sjw and the like for doing so. ask anyone. even if it's not something i think is worth bringing up with the individual in a chat, typically it'll get mentioned in private. stuff doesn't get ignored or accepted that is over the line. a lot of people are friends and aren't afraid of calling others out for saying things that are fucked up.

i'm not going to discuss my friendships with people individually who may say things inappropriate, because a lot of things happen internally and it's not my place to share a lot of it, nor do i want to in the first place. i'm not going to explain why i do or don't cancel friendships with people, but i will say i have before and am not afraid of doing so. if you want to judge me for associating with people you don't like, go ahead, but don't act like you know everything that goes on.

if we want to discuss holier than thou... let's look at your own post? as yeezy sniped me to it you were incredibly toxic during spl (and much before that too; should we discuss all the people who have canceled their friendships with you?), but here you are preaching about how people should be behave when you're no better. i don't have an issue with crux's post but you chiming in is pretty golden considering how awful of a user you are
I can second this, TDK was nice enough to call out bugzinator when he cancered in RUPL as was expected of him after trying to bluff a set win in OST


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It seems like none of you understand what the tournament “World Cup of Pokemon” really is. After seeing the constant drama and namecalling, its clear you guys don’t know the reason why this tournament is run every year. This website brings many different people from many different places all around the world. To see everyone FLAMING AND ARGUING WITH EACH OTHER makes me sick to the bone. This tournament is supposed to bring everyone together. To make new friends and meet new people along the way. There are people who only play this game for this tournament. That’s because they love the people they play with and they love pokemon as a whole. Why are you going to ruin that love and passion for them with all this mess in the thread? Do you think RaiyanGotNo3DS would be proud of any of you here? Why are we being mean to each other during a pandemic?? There is one thing in common everyone in this thread has. We love pokemon. At least, we love it to the point where we’ve made Smogon accounts. Lets share that interest with one another and remove the hatred from this thread that already exceeds 7 pages full of toxicity. Look, I may have the vocabulary of a 10 year old but it doesn’t take anyone older to know anything about peace. Lets all watch these games together. Good or bad lets watch how they battle for their country and friends.
I really think that our hero, the great Sir. RaiyanGotNo3DS would be really sad and might even be crying. And that, my Smogon fellas, is not cool at all. So, out of respect of this legend, please, be respectful to each other and love thy neighbour like it was your best friend. Thank you.
well to absolutely NO ONE'S surprise, this random dude ended up being an absolutely AWFUL PLAYER

HOW DO YOU LOSE FROM HERE??? THE ROTOM'S TOXIC'D LOL AND ITS REGEN REUN TOO LOL WHAT BEATS CLEFABLE LOL EVEN JIRACHI AND THE FURRY GO HAM WHAT IS GOING ON PEOPLE!!! Only this unviable as fuck African team could be 0-2 in SS OU against THE GREEKS who aren't even using Clefable my god dude.

I'm giving myself a pat on the back for this one. god im amazing.
Me: Ahh man this person is so disgusting.
Scrolls down....

I have been informed otherwise.

He literally had the free-est win on PLANET EARTH if he just hit soft-boiled and just choked on balls instead
Me: Oh fuck, this is probably how worse a person can be.
Keeps reading....

Well, at least the Africans understand they're trash now.
Me: Oh nvm, he can always manage to be worse.
Oh shit he got a paypal oh fuck im finna donate holy shit man let me click, good posting user, wait what why is youtube loading up, this isn't a paypal, what is thi-

Oh no bro, I got fucking clowned on, I have made a blunder it seems. A bit of a folly, a mistake if you will. Tears roll down my eyes as I write this, I am scared for the future, my career is over. This may be my last post.
To save this thread (or derail it further), I have decided to bless your souls with (most of) the beautiful kitties from Team Europe. Inspired by Alastor Law's heartbreaking story, and WhiteQueen's image of Pikachu, I sensed this would be the perfect opportunity to show how Team Europe still sticks together even after I continuously shout toxic stuff at all my teammates, despite it not being World Cup season.

Note: Jimmy Turtwig also has a cat, but he did not want me to post it on Smogon, a decision I respect. However, his cat is cute as hell, and you should definitely bother him by asking him for pictures in private.

Note 2: august is also in our cat channel, but he was not online at the time of me making this post, thus I was unable to ask for permission to post his pictures. If he sees this post and allows me, I will edit this post and add them.

This is Pippi. She is my cat (she's actually my grandmother's, but I visit her so often I usually just refer to her as mine). I'm not exactly sure when she was born, but we got her around 2009 I think. She was initially my brother's girlfriend's cat, but my grandma took her in when they moved to an apartment that wasn't very fit for cats. She enjoys food, hunting birds and mice, and sleeping on my lap. She also enjoys me petting her, but if I do, she starts drooling on me, which is a bit annoying.

This was Balder, also my cat. He passed away last fall, but I decided to include him anyway because he's been an integral part of the Team Europe cat channel. I unfortunately don't have that many great pictures of him, since he usually just slept on the couch, or was outside hunting. His black hair made him blend in with the sofa, so I've accidentally sat on him several times. A very good kitty, may he rest in peace.

This is Fiinu, Pohjis' kitty. You may have seen her before, but if you haven't, she is practically the mascot of Team Europe at this point. She enjoys long walks on the balcony, watching birds and rabbits, stretching in the sunshine, and bothering Pohjis while in call. She is also, according to Pohjis, quite the diva.

Here are Felix and Poema. They are Twixtry's cats. Not much is known about them, since we don't see them all that often. They are quite similar, and I've mistaken them for each other before. Very cute, hope to see more of them in the future.

This is Ulysse. He is Adri's cat. This is the only picture we have, but it is a great one. Again, not much info here, but we greatly appreciate him anyway.

Bonus cats:

Void's neighbor cat. Apparently he eat his plants.

This is my neighbor cat. I once left the front door open and he peed on my carpet.

Eeveeto runs into quite a few cats on the daily. Here are some of them.

I have done my very best to salvage this thread. To do the same, I recommend that every other cat owner on Smogon posts a photo of their cat.

august TDK Eo Ut Mortus Trosko reiku Alastor Law WhiteQueen SaDiSTiCNarwhal Ricardo Pearl pasy_g Separation dice Cam
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PSA: the grand finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 will air tonight @ 8:00 PM ET on VH1.

I highly recommend this show whether you eat vagina, dick, butt, or nothing at all. Regardless of how you identify yourself—straight, gay, bi, non-binary, gender fluid, gender neutral, gender confused, it does not matter. Watching this show will make you a better human being. I used to be a real bitch until 2019. I’m cotton candy nowadays because of Ru.

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