The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Quarterfinals

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this girl rly slapped some letters together huh
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The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Quarterfinals

Logo by: Iyarito
Hosted by: Hogg and kjdaas
Welcome all to the Quarterfinals of this years WCoP. With only 8 teams left, it will be exciting fight for the glorious title of World Champions. Who will rise to the top in the tournament of nations? It's time to find out!

Standard Tournament Procedures:

The general tournament rules and guidelines can be found here.
Please read them very carefully.

Deadline for this round of games is Sunday, July 26th at 9PM GMT-4. Good luck to all participants!

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I had some things to say about Greece, but im so disappointed right now that it doesnt matter to be totally honest. You arent going too far anyway LOL not worthy my lifetime.

To my friends on baril, you already know what happened and its actually pathetic missing playoffs the way we did, even more for it being against such a cancer sack of horseshit players in which they call a team. Hax fest into timeout while playing amazing in both losses is really really really frustrating, and we didnt have an easy time during the first round either, the luck was def not by our side in almost all the games. Just leaves us the oportunity to learn a bit with our own mistakes for the next year, but im def happy with the fucking good atmosphere we had in our chat. The chemistry was surely there, prob a result of the amount of time we have spent together by playing so many tours in the last few months LOLOLOLO. Always a pleasure and im already looking forward to have some of your alongside me on my next tournaments.

I personally think Italy is gonna win, and while i hate all of em and think they should get hit by an australian flaming orphanage together, i also love em and would be happy to see the rings under their names for this time around. The competition has been hot though, props everyone.
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