The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Round 1 (Tiebreaker - see post #380)

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won against zden with an absolute fucking amazing bit of luck w my blessed clef, dear lord mamo fucking sucks

I wanted to thank Altina and Analytic for picking me up. Going into the tour i had really no experience of OU but still wanted to try and build my teams and even if they were p bad and always lost to cinder my luck pulled through quite nicely. Even if we pretty narrowly missed poffs I wanted to say that the entire of team asia is really great and the atmosphere was awesome. But a special s/o goes to our subs devinn (turned beast starter) curiosity sugarhigh and IPF. They carried the full load, built most of our teams and tested a fuckton with us making building significantly easier even though we managed to lose to cinder every fucking game we ever played. I hope the rest of asia continues in these tours with snake upcoming and hope you all get future chances to shine especially devin who's ready as hell to be a starter in ou in officials.

Rooting for Italy - avedo, walter, woatli, embo, nip, the boy's fan niko, prinz, giorgoz santuz, ceo of zac, mix, raizoat and underaged boy kebab, and my friends on team EU including bench manaphy and poorjis. Special mention to Will of Fire who drafted me 2 years ago for snake and has had my back ever since for anything building related. I'm excited to see what you cook up for the poffs and the future.

I'm likely far too busy for officials anytime soon. Maybe this would be my last, maybe not but for everyone that made my time in officials so far quite fun I just wanted to say thanks.


Have a good poffs people
i'm gonna save the individual shoutouts for our discord, but just wanted to say i never imagined after quitting competitive mons for 6 years that i'd come back one day and be part of an official team tour for the first time, more than a decade since signing up on smogon forums. special thanks Analytic and Altina for picking me and trusting in me to start. special shoutouts to devinn for building every single one of my squads i brought in the tournament - you're a great builder and player, and i'm glad we both managed to put up positive records in our debut tour.

it sucks i couldn't get my final win which would have put us in playoffs tiebreak but it is what it is. i have no idea what the future holds for me in this game now that things are starting to normalise and with lots of irl stuff to deal with, but whatever happens, i'm always going to be thankful for this experience and look back at this tournament fondly.

lastly thanks to all my opponents relous, xImRaptor, and gilbert arenas for the good games and for being easy to schedule with. good luck to all of you in the future.
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I know most players are a bit uptight today given it's the last Sunday. I created this sort of continuation for Royal Flush's Smogon Shitty Digest videos. I probably don't come close to the level of comedy he provided, but I hope it's good enough for you :-)

I mean no offense to the players displayed here. It is just a fun video and there's no malicious intent behind it.
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