The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Round 1 (Tiebreaker - see post #380)

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SS OU #1:
Tamahome (3-0)
SS OU #4:
Floss (3-0)
SS OU #6:
bro fist (3-0)
SS OU #8:
SoulWind (3-0)
SS OU #9:
watashi (3-0)
SS OU #14:
xray (0-0) / Sacri' (0-0) / Empo (0-0) i can't wait this pool's ridiculous GOO JONAS
SS OU #15:
FlamingVictini (0-0) / Dragon Claw (0-0) / blarghlfarghl (0-0) / ABR (0-0)
schaut zu wenn die drachenklaue die monster zerfetzt
vs blargh tues w3 3pm gmt-4
vs abr sat w3 2pm gmt-4 pending
vs fv tbd
SS OU #18:
lax (3-0) the way of the ace
SS OU #20:
frisoeva (3-0)
SS OU #25:
TDK (3-0)
SS OU #27:
rozes (3-0) hell yeah shiloh
SS OU #28:
teal6 (3-0) don't lose before i get to take you down bro if you only look at us west germany will stab you from behind!

watch our games everyone we're taking the top spot before you know it
not predicting each person's record since that seems way too tedious. bold = i think they will do the best in the pool, underline = i think they will do second best.

SS OU #1:
Gtcha (0-0) / Vore Gidal (0-0) / mencemeat (0-0) / Tamahome (0-0): i don't really know where mencemeat is at right now, and while i'm not the highest on vore, i think he could surprise people in this pool. both are solid players, mencemeat probably has a few more tricks up his sleeve, so i'm leaning a bit more towards him, but who knows. tama's a legend, definitely the easiest guy to predict to smash in this pool.

SS OU #2:
reiku (0-0) / EviGaro (0-0) / Conflict (0-0) / Mysterious M (0-0): i think donflict is the definitive standout in this fairly middling pool, especially considering how unified the germans are... and that xray support is nice. i think he's just a much better player than the other 3 overall, and despite being a bit of a boomer, he's one of the boomers that will care more than enough to learn the tier. the other 3 i think are all fairly similar in skill, with reiku edging the other two out slightly based on more OU experience. i think m is a pretty underrated player overall, and evi is one of those lower tier players who is actually pretty good in general, but reiku is just a much safer pick overall, especially with trosko support.

SS OU #4:
Lopunny Kicks (0-0) / Void (0-0) / robjr (0-0) / Floss (0-0): punz is the standout for sure. one thing to note though is that i know from SPL that he really could not stand SS OU, and it hurt his performance. i hope the DLC has made him more interested in the tier, because while this pool isn't necessarily the strongest, if he's disinterested, he suddenly becomes a lot more beatable in a fairly decent pool like this one. void should not be slept on. while rob is probably the safer pick, i favor void by a good margin personally. he has had a good bit of success over a decent period of time in a variety of metagames. this is similar to robjr, but over a longer period of time. furthermore, rob looked a good bit less hot than usual during SPL. i'm a big fan of him as a player in general, but i'm not too sure about him starting over some of the other options NE has.

SS OU #5:
Raichy (0-0) / M Dragon (0-0) / Sjneider (0-0) / Alexander. (0-0): now this is a fun pool. alex has been killing it lately. i have no clue how motivated he is in SS, but considering how close italy is and how many fantastic builders they have, i think it's safe to assume that not only will he try for his friends, but he will be well equipped with some hot teams. i'm just really high on this guy as a player in general. he looks like an absolute monster in every tier, capable of taking out the top dogs in their home turf. this pool is fairly strong, but none of the other players are "top" SS OU. that is not meant to discount neider and m dragon: both are fantastic players, but i think they pose less of a threat to alex than what he's been used to dealing with lately. for the second spot, i'm torn between mdragon and neider. neider looked pretty good in OST, and while he has a lot of success in team tournaments in general, most of it is farming far weaker player pools than this one. cleandavid is a better player overall, but i'm concerned that he's starting to get a bit rusty when it comes to unfamiliar territories. if he's able to develop a strong understanding of the meta (which doesn't SEEM hard on paper considering both his fantastic team and the meta at hand), i think he will beat neider out. very close between those two. raichy is also a fairly solid player, but i have no clue how he is in SS OU lol. he does pose a moderate threat, making this pool more competitive than it might seem to some.

SS OU #7:
Christo (0-0) / Bobby Dagen (0-0) / Sweepage (0-0) / Rexus (0-0): as much as i want to bold sweepage, his recent posts make it seem like he doesn't even know what discord is, let alone that teleport switches you out now. christo was a menace in SPL. while he is a fantastic player with a great understanding of the metagame, one must admit that he got pretty easy matchups for the most part during SPL... still, i really like his take on the metagame, and i'm a fan of his aggressive yet calculated playstyle. this pool looks on par with the opponents he was beating pretty comfortably in SPL. rexus is a very hit or miss player, but it's clear that he is a big part of the italian win machine. i think all of rexus, sweepage, and rodri are very high ceiling low floor players, but rexus probably has the best understanding of the metagame and the best support behind him, making me lean strongly towards him over the other two.

i hope i'm proven wrong here and sweepage 3-0s.

SS OU #8:
Luigi (0-0) / SoulWind (0-0) / BIHI (0-0) / Finchinator (0-0): LOL this pool is so great. up until like the last month or two i have always sworn that finchinator was permanently stuck in some box he made for himself. he brings the most wonderbread teams of all time, he always makes these safe plays, and when someone gets a good read on him, he refuses to accept that he got outplayed and instead just whines about it. HOWEVER, recently finch has been something else man oh my god. he's clearly repaired a lot of his issues. he has been playing with increasing confidence since this last SPL, and i think a new and unexplored metagame really FORCES him to not think so in the box like he does in BW, where he believes that putting 8 more defense EVs on a ferrothorn is the pinnacle of innovation. finch has really been fiending to be viewed as a top dog for awhile now, and recently i think he's been paving that path to go from "overall good player who tries hard but can't consistently compete with the big guys" to "one of the big guys" ...i hope to see it happen in this tournament. also, i think he's gonna be HELLA motivated to beat all 3 of the dudes in this pool: his BW rival, the guy he said should "stay out of CG OU," and an stour winner...

all 4 players in this pool are fantastic, but i think soulwind is the clear cut best out of the remaining 3. most would put him over finch, i imagine, but that's why i wrote a whole ass paragraph explaining why i don't think that. i am not as high as others on SW outside of BW OU, but he's still a fantastic player overall. GB and BIHI are both fantastic players as well, but i think they are a good notch or two below finch and SW.

SS OU #10:
March Fires (0-0) / Jrdn (0-0) / Analytic (0-0) / SANJAY (0-0): completely unfamiliar with march fires, and sanjay did not look good in quals from what i remember. i'm fairly high on analytic and jrdn as players in general, and i think both have what it takes to do well in a pool like this.

SS OU #11:
FMG (0-0) / Tokyo Tom (0-0) / Cdumas (0-0) / Bloody alfa (0-0): pretty tight pool, though i feel for ttom as he is the odd man out here. i don't think bloody's recent success was any sort of fluke, especially on the SS front. it's a good thing this is an all SS OU tournament. still, it is hard to say a lesser experienced player will beat out guys with as much success as cdumas and FMG. i think all 3 are fairly equal in terms of skill, but cdumas has been on a downward trend for awhile now. i feel like FMG will do what suapah did from snake -> spl: managing a successful team into playing extremely well since he was clearly a big part of why that team was successful.

SS OU #12:
ggggd (0-0) / Hayburner (0-0) / Valentine (0-0) / Blimax (0-0): man what. idk this is a weird pool. pablo looked sick in LC in SPL, and i think the skill level of this pool is perfect for a mainer to transition to OU success: it's not a hard pool, but it isn't a joke either. hayburner and valentine are both solid players in their own right. putting any rumors of spooky business aside, val generally looks decent in tournaments the last couple years. hayburner, however, i think has stagnated a bit as a player. this makes me wanna put val over him by a slight margin.

SS OU #13:
xImRaptor (0-0) / Relous (0-0) / ShinyAzelf (0-0) / Gilbert arenas (0-0): prior to SPL, i would've 100% bolded relous in this pool. sadly, he just did not look good, and i think the players here are about on par with those he faced in SPL. marcop is really good. if he does poorly, it's because the US NE tyrants refuse to let him rfn. i have no clue where his meta knowledge is, but considering his teammates, he will have no issue being kept up to speed. raptor looked really good in both SPL and snake. honestly not much else to say there. sadly, i don't know much at all about shinyazelf.

SS OU #14:
Ninjadog (0-0) / xray (0-0) / Sacri' (0-0) / Empo (0-0): poor ninjadog man. i'm really rooting for him to blow us all away, but the deck is really stacked here. i think empo is top 3 SS OU, and at that point, the competition is so close, that he's basically top 1. nonetheless, sacri and xray are also both top contenders lately, especially sacri, who has proven to be a top dog in CG OU in the last couple years. i think empo beats them both without much issue honestly, but that speaks more to how strong of a player empo is imo. i pick sacri > xray since i think he will be able to beat xray. this will be a close matchup i'm sure, but i think sacri just has more fire to him than xray does right now. both looked great in SPL, but they achieved similar results with dissimilar circumstances: xray's luck and matchups in SPL are heavily overstated, but they aren't an irrelevant factor. nonethless, whoever loses this mu will have a lot to say, that's for sure.

SS OU #15:
FlamingVictini (0-0) / Dragon Claw (0-0) / blarghlfarghl (0-0) / ABR (0-0): ok people keep calling this one the death pool, but i think pools like 14, 11, and 8 are tighter in terms of competition while also housing some top dogs to say the least. basically i mean ABR + FV is the real race in this pool, with blargh lagging behind significantly, and erz left in the dust. not to say erz and blargh are bad players by any stretch... just that ABR and FV are the respective second and first best SS OU players right now imo. while it's safer to bold both, i am predicting FV to get a 3-0 here. while he has fewer results in fewer tiers than ABR, i think in SS OU specifically FV has been something else. i have a huge bias here: FV was my manager in the second half of SPL, and honestly the teams he passed us looked so fucking insane and stupid that we all just kinda laughed. looking back, literally every tech he suggested, every metagame obeservation, every goofy ass set... they were all hits. this showed in OST, where he absolutely dominated the competition with some rather unorthodox picks. point being, his meta knowledge is about on par with what we all know ABR's to be, but his ability to innovate exceeds ABR significantly. ABR seems to like to make these smaller tech changes to his comfortable, consistent styles in order to counterstyle his opponent while still having tools to outplay all sorts of MUs. i think FV is one of the few people this won't work against. furthermore, i rank the two of them as about equal regarding overall playing ability, so i don't think ABR will be outplaying any not-so-good matchup in this one.

ABR and FV both pretty comfortably take the rest, but again, that isn't because blargh is a slouch. he is very large, and he probably has bad posture irl, but when it comes to pokemon, he's a solid player i guess. honestly i don't even see a point to predicting him since odds are west will lock or miss poffs before he even schedules his games, leading to him bringing wishkiller minus heatran or some dumbshit. erz is good too, but nowhere near as good as any of these guys. he is the type to thrive off being an underdog, though, so if anyone's gonna make an upset happen against these titans (blargh is a titan because of his size, not his skill), i think erz could MAYBEEEE do it. idk.

SS OU #17:
Leo (0-0) / Astamatitos (0-0) / Kickasser (0-0) / J0RIS (0-0): i have no clue where kick is with mons atm; it's been a min since he's played. this makes me favor asta, who is a GOAT tier player, in this pool. despite greece's poor chances, asta's lack of familiarity with this tier, and his lack of reliable team support with talah out of the greek equation, i still think he will take this pool. he loves this team, and having the skill he has plus that care for your team makes you kinda unstoppable. i also include leo next to kick in second place because even though he is probably a good bit worse of a player than kick, he is one of the guys who is looking at every little detail of this meta, and he'll bring well prepped, effective teams that could work well with his overall decent play.

SS OU #18:
GypsyKing (0-0) / CBU (0-0) / lax (0-0) / Twixtry (0-0): lax got a comfortable pool once again, though probably a bit less comfortable than last year. twixtry and gypsy are both great players imo, but both a a good bit below lax to say the least. i think twix is the safer pick to do second best in this pool. he's a solid player who brings solid teams who cares a solid amount. gypsy is a player i am honestly higher on, but i question whether he even knows that he's in this tournament... if he shows up he could also 2-1 or something.

SS OU #20:
Century Express (0-0) / BluBirD252 (0-0) / Xiri (0-0) / frisoeva (0-0): i'm a big fan of friso. he's just an overall solid player. not flashy, not like some top dog or anything, but he just gets the job done man. with that SAID, i am feeling an upset on this one with a xiri 3-0. i'm just feeling bold now that i've been typing this bullshit for a long ass time ok. but seriously, xiri is a sick ass player. all of his success is in lower tiers, but to me, he's one of the better lower tier players overall. i like his approach to the game, and i'm really interested to see how he does in SS. honestly, i got no clue how well century express is gonna do here. this is a pretty hard pool to predict in general tbh.

SS OU #22:
soulgazer (0-0) / Santu (0-0) / Ace-11 (0-0) / Insult (0-0): insult's up there in SS OU. this is not a surprise. he's a good margin better than all these players, but not so much that there's a really low chance of him losing... santu and sg have a reasonable shot at beating him for sure. i'm a big fan of santu, and he's just been looking sick af lately (not really in stour poffs though). it's cool to see how he's evolved as a player, especially since i feel most of his success goes really under the radar with a lot of people. he brings a lot of already known teams, so it'll be interesting to see him bring some new italian inventions in this tournament. he just makes nice, aggressive plays with solid teams. sg could maybe take the second spot, but i got no clue where this man is at. he's a good player tho.

SS OU #23:
Alpha Rabbit (0-0) / Akola (0-0) / ZDen (0-0) / false (0-0): weird pool. false has been kinda sick lately honestly. not really as a player, but this pool is pretty weak, so i think he can take them. what i mean is the last year or so false has worked on becoming a better builder, and a lot of his builds in snake were really cool honestly. another thing to note here is that false cares about team ocn more than anyone cares about any team that has a low chance of making poffs in this tournament. like legit. this guy is gonna try hard as fuck for his team, and i think he's gonna do all he can to put up a good record to get ppl hyped up. i don't know much about akola honestly, but he did well in OST, and this is a lightweight pool. zden's cool. no clue about rabbit in ou tho.

SS OU #24:
Garay oak (0-0) / TonyFlygon (0-0) / Ewin (0-0) / Serene Grace (0-0): ok a little bit of an "upset" predict here. this pool is fairly close imo. i think al l4 of these guys are similarly skilled overall, but in VASTLY different ways. garay is a killer lower tier player who also has oldgen success now. tony's just an all around good player in general. ewin has his finger on the pulse of the meta, most notably on how to cheese it, but his play lacks consistency. and serene is kinda like garay in the sense that he's one of the better players in his respective lower tier, but he has far less experience with branching out. still, i feel a kind of similar situation to what i feel with false when it comes to serene: he REALLY cares about team india, and he's definitely a good enough player to handle a pool like this. he looked good in quals, so i'm really hoping he handles this pool well. tony's the safest pick for second given he has more success in tougher pools of players than garay and ewin, but i think ewin could also take it if his trusty fishing rod doesn't let him down.

SS OU #25:
TDK (0-0) / Jytcampbell (0-0) / Sharow (0-0) / Tricking (0-0): tricking's hella good, significantly better than all 3 people in this pool imo. second is tight between TDK and jyt imo. TDK is the more conventional pick, but i think his play is seriously lacking the last couple years now. also, from a metagaming perspective, he makes solid, consistent teams, but he really loves his comfort zone too much for his own good. these issues aside, bringing a safe team and playing solidly is enough to do fine in this pool, probably... is what i would say if jyt didn't look like a heatman recently!!!!! his exculsion from stour playoffs was really just some bullshit honestly. jyt has always been like DECENT as a player, but lately he's been quietly improving. i think he has what it takes to 2-1 this pool for sure.

SS OU #26:
Eternal Spirit (0-0) / the pharoah (0-0) / Fairy Peak (0-0) / Star (0-0): would be easier to just bold both gama and star, but i wanna predict a 3-0 for the magician. ok honestly, i think gama is just the type of player that matches up incredibly well vs star. frankly, nothing gama does makes sense. most of his plays are just ridiculous, and his team choices are absurd. star's a real analytical player... i don't think he has much to analyze with gama LOL. in all seriousness, gama just isn't afraid to bring stupid shit and trust his gut with plays when they seem odd. idk why this works, idk how it works, but the sheet don't lie. star's a sicknasty player tho. the jerk hype is far too much, but damn he is really good.

SS OU #27:
rozes (0-0) / Savouras (0-0) / beatiful (0-0) / Kebab mlml (0-0): all 4 of these guys are similarly matched imo. in a more predictable pool but similarly skilled pool, i would bold rozes, but these 3 are fucking MENACES, and i think they're gonna give rozes a big ass headache LOL. i think both beautiful and kebab are pretty solid players, not much else to say. savouras is decent, but he looked really bad in qualifiers... hope he gets his shit together for the medi gang!!!

SS OU #29:
TPP (0-0) / Trosko (0-0) / RedEmption (0-0) / We Three Kings (0-0): trosko is levels about the rest of this pool. the other 3 are all fairly close imo. i'm gonna predict TPP to go positive here honestly. he's a pretty good player, and his understanding of the meta and building abilities are fantastic. he just has bad nerve issues, but i think he's on his way to resolving them. i don't really think this man w3k cares at all hoenstly. like... you gotta be a really good player to just roll up and win in a tier you don't know. w3k is not at that level, and whatever tony feeds him will not be good enough to carry him to that level. if red brings good teams he could do fine, but he's not. why isn't corazan in ?!?!?!?!

SS OU #30:
Ash KetchumGamer (0-0) / Lord_Enz (0-0) / Feliburn (0-0) / OminousDraco (0-0): ok i'm sorry i just have no clue what's going on in this poo. ash is good. the rest i am unfamiliar with. sorry! just gonna say ominousdraco takes second cuz his name is cool.

SS OU #31:
z0mOG (0-0) / Gefährlicher Random (0-0) / Snowy (0-0) / Quaze (0-0): i think quaze is a good ass player who brings ass teams. he still does fairly well despite blatantly handicapping himself, and i saw firsthand in SPL that he is probably a good bit better at SS than other tiers. granted, SS is completely different now, but it's similar enough.. probably. i think he's about as good as z0mog honestly. z0m's fine as a player, he just has some really weird lapses in judgment after playing well for a whole ass game.

once again, go midwest.
SS OU #26:
Eternal Spirit (0-0) / the pharoah (0-0) / Fairy Peak (0-0) / Star (0-0): would be easier to just bold both gama and star, but i wanna predict a 3-0 for the magician. ok honestly, i think gama is just the type of player that matches up incredibly well vs star. frankly, nothing gama does makes sense. most of his plays are just ridiculous, and his team choices are absurd. star's a real analytical player... i don't think he has much to analyze with gama LOL.


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