The World Cup of Pokémon 2020 - Semifinals


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Grats Italy, coming into this i considered you as one of -- if not the -- most dangerous team out here, and it shows given the results you had so far.

Ngl it's frustrating to go out like that, especially after BIHI and Cdumas' games. But tbf, we weren't unlucky overall this tour, and as the GOAT said : 'luck evens out eventually' so yeah.

With that said, rooting for y'all to take it home !
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ggs Italy, props in particular to the builders of the team who outdid us on multiple occasions. When things get heated during a series I usually apologize at the end but I don't think it's warranted in this case. If "trolling" and overall being a dick makes this game more enjoyable for you then by all means feel free to keep going but don't expect me or anyone else to sit back and take it.

Before anything else, I want to thank the entire french community for the support we received over the past few weeks. The trust that so many of you demonstrated throughout this tournament truly made this a great experience, no matter how frustrating these semis turned out to be.

I have no clue what the future holds for Team France but this probably needs to be said regardless: to me taking over the team was never some quest to "fix the problems" of the past team in any way. While I do think we can be proud of what we accomplished this year, I don't necessarily buy into the theories that the atmosphere was "healthier" or that I was the "proper leader the team needed". Each wcop is different from the last and none of these comparisons align with my experience on the team over the past 2 years.

To my teammates: I'm sorry for performing so poorly. I failed to match the expectations I set for myself for the first time in a while and not being able to bring the wins the team needed as the captain was nothing short of painful at times. For some reason I still haven't figured out, I just don't understand this metagame as it stands (and that definitely is on me, @OU council please do ban cinderace tho lol). I will post in depth shoutouts on the server but thank to every one of you for working hard, we had a lot of great moments that I hope made this experience worth the time spent for all of you.

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