The World Cup of Pokémon 2021 - Qualifying Round 2

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Banned deucer.
Would love to see Argentina, China and Pakistan be the teams to make the tournament. The Argeninian players have great passion and they bring nothing but pure country pride to their efforts which is what the world cup stands for. China has a huge playerbase outside of smogon and runs multiple tours to develop their players and eventually qualify for the world cup in smogon, which I respect heavily. Lastly, Pakistan has formed a team to earn a spot in wcop with their homeland instead of trying to fit in team Asia, which shows they value patriotism over some improved chances at the trophy. So best of luck to you three.
Wagah-Attari sab par bhari (Wagah-Attari above everybody)

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Goodluck Team India, best wishes for you always.
A very warm welcome to our neighbor Pakistan ! Really really happy to see you guys. Let's show them that even after many disputes, people on both sides still strive for brotherhood and love. Goodluck to you as well.
Bharat Mata ki Jai
Vande Matram
Jai Hind
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