Finals The World Cup of Pokémon 2022 - Finals [Won by Team France]

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The World Cup of Pokémon 2022 - Finals

Logo by: Iyarito
Hosted by: Amaranth, kjdaas, and Ticken

Welcome all to the Finals of this year’s WCoP! Canada and France have continued their amazing underdog runs and reached all the way to the finals - a first ever for both teams. After finishing 13th and 14th last year, both teams overhauled most of their lineups and have proven themselves to be the very best in this tournament. Both teams are spearheaded by undefeated veterans - 4-0 suapah and 5-0 Welli0u - backed up by exciting rookies as well as more experienced players having some of their best ever tournaments. France even had to run through Qualifiers, where they barely made Round 2 through a tiebreaker, but their form has been immaculate since the main event, and so has Canada's. Both teams tied for first place in Round 1, made quick work of their Quarterfinals opponents, and edged out 5-3 wins in the Semifinals against the former champions of 2020 and 2021. They now face one another for a chance to bring the trophy to their country for the first time - who will come out on top? Stay tuned to find out!

Standard Tournament Procedures:

The general tournament rules and guidelines can be found here.
Please read them very carefully.


Canada (3) vs (5) France

Jytcampbell vs BIHI
Skypenguin vs Corazan
suapah vs Welli0u
Fc vs Fairy Peak
Hayburner vs Pheo'
Amukamara vs Cicada BlazingDark
SpookyZ soulgazer vs Shafofficiel
Bushtush vs DonSalvatore

Canada (0) vs (0) France

Jytcampbell vs BIHI
Skypenguin vs Corazan
suapah vs Welli0u
Fc vs Fairy Peak
Hayburner vs Pheo'
Amukamara vs Cicada
soulgazer vs Shafofficiel
Bushtush vs DonSalvatore

Deadline for this round of games is Sunday, July 17th at 11:59PM GMT-4. Good luck to all participants!
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Even if we lost I want to s/o publicly (ye this can be cringe, but I want to show how much grateful I am) both Aurella and Will of Fire because you never doubted me despite my sus debut vs gama. Please, give them a team in next SCL/SPL because their ability on making a good group of users and also the HUGE support they give for scouting and teambuilding is PRICELESS. Also s/o the rest of Team Italy and from the bottom of my heart I want to say proudly that I feel really blessed to have found a group like you in this game that accepted me despite all my defects.
Bonus s/o:
Empo , Kibo : You have been really supportive to me and you are the ones who motivated and cheered me everytime, I'll be always grateful for that. Kibo next year there is a spot waiting for you, you know.
LittleBigPlanet2 , Punny , Will of Fire , StepC : Ty for the building support, your meta knowledge applied on teambuilding is unmatchable, chapeau (Step as I said to Kibo, stay around...).
clean , AtraX Madara ,
the pharoah, LoSconosciuto , devin : ty a lot for helping me with testing when needed (LoSconosciuto stay around...)
-Howkings : you are the one who believed in me more and I hope you'll get a chance to manage in big tour, every game I won is for you too, GLS.
Tricking : for me you'll always be the best, you know, GLS (If I had this opportunity is also thanks to you, I'll never forget that).

I want to congratulate with both Canada and France, two respectable teams, obv I'm rooting for my french brothers, I really wanted to play vs you but rip, I feel really happy for both Cicada and Bihi that were able to do this amazing run against all the odds (also wp canada for destroying our ass). Chapeau.

(We'll be back... maybe... or not... who knows...)
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These 2 teams have easily been the most impressive w their understanding of gen 8 ou. Both also seem somewhat evenly matched in skill as well, so this finals should be very close

either would be a great winner w a bunch of trophy-less people showing they deserve the blue this year, gl to both teams

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Whoa!!!! TEAM CANADA is in the world cup finals!

They are playing against Team France...what a scary opponent!

But if you believe in yourselves...I know together, you have the power to accomplish anything!

TEAM CANADA...please make FAJI proud!!!


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bd l'homme au timer angoissant, cora le twittos scandaleux, bihi l'aigri originel, welliou le ténébreux, shad le streamer frauduleux, don le marseillais, fp la superstar et pheo le supersub. sah quelle lineup goatesque (herv le roi avec un trophée pitier). GO FRANCE
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