The World Cup of Pokémon 2022 - Finals [Won by Team France]


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Wanna give a big s/o to all my teammates. Truly awful feeling to lose in finals but it is what it is. Hayburner for keeping everyone in check and holding his weight strong, clutch gene Jytcampbell and suapah . Big s/o to Fc and Amukamara for great breakouts in an OU tour, Skypenguin for the Dragon Wielder ( 1-1 with mence and hydreigon). soulgazer the super sub despite being so busy. Genesis7 Baloor Potatochan for all the help with tests and team building regardless of when I asked. Disappointed how my game went, at the end of the day you cant blame luck if there were things I could have done differently. GGs to France, enjoy the moment best of luck moving forward.


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ggs France, congrats on your run

First official finals I've been in, hurts to go out when we were right there but such is Pokemon. Big thanks to Hayburner, soulgazer, and any other vets who made the roster for letting me on as a starter, glad to have the chance to play in this. Couldn't have came close to the record I had without all the team and test support, this was an incredible team to be on. Canada's only going up from here, next year's our year

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