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Won vs ABR :
Won vs Alpha Rabbit :
S/o to Team India for all the help and support.
Individual shoutouts: Storm Zone ez Empo Coach Jones $ GXE Amaranth ( you are an incredible host ) Clementine blunder Ox the Fox aim Finchinator starry blanket IPF for supporting us thought the journey. Could not have made it this far without all of your help. (Sorry If I missed anyone)
We might be out of the World Cup, but this has been India's best record yet. We almost made it to the next round.
All the best to the remaining Teams. GG!!


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Won vs Astamatitos, gg.

Not the result we wanted Europe but regardless of that I still couldn't have asked for a better group of people to team with. I loved getting the chance to build this tier & spam you all with nonsense like Rhyperior, Pangoro, and 30 different Blacephalon teams. It's been possibly my favourite team tournament on Smogon ever, so thank y'all even if we fell a little flat when it mattered most,

Good luck to all the playoff teams, particularly to my friends on NE/South/Midwest!


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Round 1 Prediction Tour Recap

The winner of the prediction tour is VyoletRayn, congratulations we all think you are very cool. Also a shoutout to abd1710 who had the most points on player scores alone, but fell short in predicting the correct teams to make playoffs/relegation.

According to Mass Opinion, the biggest individual upsets were damien the genius > Empo (2,122 difference in predicted wins), Amukamara > xavgb (1,970), 2HP > TJ (1,949), Luispeikou > Ox the Fox (1,909), Aberforth > xray (1,806).
The biggest overperformers were Luispeikou (+2,357 above Mass Opinion predictions), Shafofficiel (+2,255), Aberforth (+2,214), freezai (+2,061), haxrme (+1,796) - while the most disappointing were Eo Ut Mortus (-2,663), Gtcha (-2,418), xavgb (-2,357), mncmt (-2,285), Empo (-1,745).
Outside of a few notably contrarian/parody forms (Nigel, FMG) the person who got closest to predicting these results overall was abd1710 - he predicted 2-1 Luispeikou, 1-2 Shafofficiel, 1-2 Aberforth, 2-1 freezai, 2-1 haxrme / 2-1 Eo Ut Mortus, 1-2 Gtcha, 0-3 xavgb, 2-1 mncmt, 2-1 Empo.

Of note, only one player was predicted to have, on average, precisely an integer number of wins - the pharoah with 1. He delivered.

The average predictor deviated from Mass Opinion by 72,835 predicted wins across all players. The predictors who matched Mass Opinion the most were Ruft (49,921), Finchinator (52,561), Vulpix03 (54,803), Rotom Wash (55,107), RaiZen1704 (55,185). The predictors who differed the most were FMG (143,005), Nigel (137,135), Ahmad Alfatih (109,535), Happygate (101,471), doc1203 (94,775).
Ruft had the coldest takes, with dice 3-0 being his most extreme prediction (1,123 wins above Mass Opinion). The single hottest take, on the other hand, is doc1203 predicting Star to go 0-3 (2,704 wins below Mass Opinion).

A bunch of stats about overall team predictions:
US Northeast was predicted 1st on average, with 17,722 expected wins. They finished 2nd with 15 wins. 6 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were Corazan (22-2), We Three Kings, Hiro', Nat, Clone, Thootjuh, Raiza, Ox the Fox (21-3), while the biggest haters were FMG (8-16), Hipmonlee (12-12), "predicted against teamates :o", doc1203 (13-11), Tuthur, Expulso, MangoSteak, MAX UND MAX (14-10).

Germany was predicted 2nd on average, with 17,170 expected wins. They finished 6th with 13 wins. 5 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were LNumbers, Serpi (24-0), mind gaming (23-1), Eonito & Mike Cometa & jcbc & JuanSG (22-2), Amaranth, xray, Bloo's Brother, MangoSteak, MAX UND MAX (21-3), while the biggest haters were Nigel (8-16), Ahmad Alfatih (9-15), FMG (10-14), 0ne Last Kiss (11-13), Michielleus (12-12).

Italy was predicted 3rd on average, with 15,749 expected wins. They finished 4th with 14 wins. 12 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were giove97, STABLE (24-0), Raiza, Mihowk (21-3), Tuthur, IPF (20-4), while the biggest haters were FMG (8-16), Mishimono (9-15), Eonito & Mike Cometa & jcbc & JuanSG (11-13), Nat, Hipmonlee (12-12).

US South was predicted 4th on average, with 14,507 expected wins. They finished 7th with 13 wins. 9 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were Bouff (24-0), Hiro', Xrn, Ox the Fox (21-3), Amaranth, mind gaming, Nat, Clone, Nigel (18-6), while the biggest haters were Happygate (8-16), Gman (10-14), xray, Skypenguin, bdoghlfarghl, 0ne Last Kiss, Michielleus, Rotom Wash (11-13).

US West was predicted 5th on average, with 14,109 expected wins. They finished 12th with 11 wins. 6 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were bdoghlfarghl, Hockey1 (21-3), Corazan, doc1203 (20-4), Feaniix, euglena, tob, Sjneider, AtraX Madara (18-6), while the biggest haters were FMG (7-17), Nigel (8-16), Expulso (9-15), Regnite, VyoletRayn, Ahmad Alfatih, MangoSteak, Freezerman, Bouff (10-14).

Europe was predicted 6th on average, with 13,904 expected wins. They finished 9th with 12 wins. 14 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were STABLE (22-2), kjdaas, We Three Kings, Hiro', Heika, tob (18-6), while the biggest haters were Corazan (7-17), Freezai, FMG (8-16), abd1710, Expulso, Skypenguin, Mihowk (10-14).

Canada was predicted 7th on average, with 11,842 expected wins. They finished 1st with 15 wins. 5 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were Jytcampbell (24-0), Skypenguin, disgusting (17-7), Eonito & Mike Cometa & jcbc & JuanSG, FMG (16-8), while the biggest haters were Leo, India fan (7-17), STABLE, Sjneider, Nigel (8-16).

Spain was predicted 8th on average, with 11,739 expected wins. They finished 10th with 11 wins. 9 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were Regnite (24-0), Livio (23-1), Malekith, Xrn (17-7), abd1710, Bloo's Brother (16-8), while the biggest haters were Heika, tob (5-19), Clone, Happygate, Ravenna, Nigel (7-17).

US Midwest was predicted 9th on average, with 11,680 expected wins. They finished 5th with 14 wins. 7 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were Expulso (24-0), Ahmad Alfatih (19-5), starry blanket, tob, Happygate (18-6), while the biggest haters were Jytcampbell (0-24), Serpi (6-18), Leo, Livio (7-17), Feaniix, Malekith, abd1710 (8-16).

Latin America was predicted 10th on average, with 11,568 expected wins. They finished 15th with 9 wins. 9 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were Livio (20-4), giove97 (19-5), Leo (18-6), 0ne Last Kiss (17-7), starry blanket (16-6), while the biggest haters were VyoletRayn, Boulicrok (7-17), Xrn, Relous, Corazan, Hockey1, Hipmonlee, Bouff (8-16).

Brazil was predicted 11th on average, with 11,333 expected wins. They finished 13th with 9 wins. 9 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were elodin (19-5), Spl4sh, Livio (17-7), Rewer, Ash KetchumGamer (16-8), while the biggest haters were Ahmad Alfatih (2-22), Ravenna (5-19), giove97 (7-17), ojr, Clone, doc1203, STABLE, Daruma (8-16).

France was predicted 12th on average, with 10,037 expected wins. They finished 3rd with 15 wins. 2 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record (Boulicrok and Nat - you get a special mention, nice one).
Their biggest fans were VyoletRayn (21-3), Ahmad Alfatih, Corazan (18-6), Welli0u (17-7), Heika (16-8), while the biggest haters were luisin, IPF, tob (5-19), kythr (6-18), and nine people i cannot be bothered listing (7-17).

Asia was predicted 13th on average, with 8,762 expected wins. They finished 16th with 8 wins. 11 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were Alpha Rabbit (23-1), IPF (16-8), Relous, Ahmad Alfatih, AtraX Madara, India fan (13-11), while the biggest haters were Bloo's Brother (1-23), STABLE (2-22), Hiro' (3-21), VyoletRayn, Heika (4-20).

Oceania was predicted 14th on average, with 8,731 expected wins. They finished 8th with 13 wins. 3 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record (VyoletRayn, Bouff, and Drifting - nicely done).
Their biggest fans were FMG, Hipmonlee (24-0), ninjadog (16-8), MangoSteak, Nigel (15-9), while the biggest haters were Hiro', ojr, Livio, elodin (4-20), Regnite, Hockey1, Icequake, snlfja (5-19).

India was predicted 15th on average, with 7,129 expected wins. They finished 11th with 11 wins. ONE out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record - GOBLIN.
Their biggest fans were Freezai, India Fan (21-3), FMG (14-10), guille14, Nigel (13-11), while the biggest haters were kjdaas, Feaniix, Bloo's Brother, euglena (2-22), Alpha Rabbit, Eonito & Mike Cometa & jcbc & JuanSG, STABLE (3-21).

Greece was predicted 16th on average, with 6,139 expected wins. They finished 14th with 9 wins. 5 out of 98 predictors correctly called their final record.
Their biggest fans were FMG (24-0), Nigel (13-11), AtraX Madara (12-12), Hipmonlee, MangoSteak (11-13), while the biggest haters were Nat (1-23), Corazan, Drifting (2-22), apologies, Hiro', Boulicrok, Clone, doc1203, Ravenna (3-21).

Miscellaneous Stats

and France had the best starts, going 9-3 in their first 12 games, while Italy and US Northeast had the strongest finishes, going 9-3 in their last 12 games.
Greece and Asia had Jekyll-and-Hyde performances; the former went 1-11 in their first 12, then 8-4 in their last 12. The latter went 7-5 in their first 12, then 1-11 in their last 12.
No team recorded the exact same score in their first 12 and their last 12.

Despite failing to qualify, Europe (tied with Germany) had the biggest win streak of Round 1, winning 6 games in a row at one point (Europe going from 1-2 to 7-2, and Germany from 0-1 to 6-1).
Greece had the biggest loss streak, going from 0-0 to 0-10 to start off the tournament.

Canada, US Midwest and India recorded their best ever Round 1 finishes, with 15-9, 14-10 and 11-13 respectively.
On the other hand, US West went negative for the first time in their history (!), with 11-13 being their worst ever Round 1 result. This is also the first time US West misses playoffs 2 years in a row, and only the 3rd time they miss playoffs in general, in 14 participations (2009-2022).
US West can at least celebrate being the first team to cross 200 total wins across World Cup Round 1s; they now sit on 206. (France is in second place with 195, and Germany in third with 191.)
US Midwest also has a further reason to celebrate as they won exactly 69 Round 1 games since the team was formed. Nice.

The longest active playoff streak was held by Europe (2017-2021) - it's ended and has been overtaken by Germany (2019-2022). The all-time record streak is still far away at 7, shared between US East (2011-2017) and US West (2014-2020).
The longest active not-making-playoff streak, on the other hand, is held by Asia and still going strong (2017-2022), tying Team UK's 6-year record (2014-2019) - which ended due to relegation and not due to making playoffs. This does not bode well for Asia.
India, on the other hand, is the first "new" team to manage consecutive years in WCoP since Greece in 2016. Hats off to them.


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cringe loser post incoming

Another year, another disappointment. At this point I've come to expect it LOL. I wanna quickly shoutout some people who were exceptional for us this year even if we once again completely flopped.

haxrme fucking king, so happy you put in a performance this dominant and showed everyone just how good you are. One of the most consistent players I've watched in SS, your games were some of the few that I was able to watch without constant fear. If this guy ever decides to sign up for team tours, please pick him up, he won't let you down.

clean my guy, you weren't even on the roster and you were fire. So much assistance with team picks and test games, hope you get your own chance at an official soon.

infinitemugen99 broke the SPL curse this time, awesome sub and I'm really glad we picked you up.

sugarhigh idk when/if you'll see this but thanks for coming back from the dead to play LOL. Talking to you is always a blast who really cares if we're on a losing team every single time

ofc much love to all my other teammates as well. The last 3 years may have had zero success, but the vibes have always been immaculate no matter what which makes this game that much more tolerable. Missing hurricanes and stone edges would be a lot more painful if I didn't have you guys chilling in the server malding with me after the game. We hit some incredible highs this year through qualifiers and the first 2 weeks and 5 days of round 1, but holy shit I don't want to have to sit through another collapse this bad ever again. After a few games it just became funny, perfect storm of throws, bad luck and bad matchups.

On a personal note, going into this tour I'd decided that it would most likely be my last official considering my irl commitments. Nobody who makes a quit post on this site ever quits though, so ig we'll see how that goes for me. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone I've teamed with over the last 4 years, and everyone I've spoken to who made my time on this site so enjoyable. Much love.

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India finishes with 11-13, not an exceptional score but our best so far.
Mixed feelings, to be honest, obviously happy that we will get to play the next wcop directly in the main tournament especially considering our past, but disappointed too because we missed playoffs by a small margin of 2/3 games.

This season had up and down moments but still was really fun, thanks to the teammates and helpers. We will get into the playoffs in the next one for sure. :swole:

Good luck to all the teams for the next round. I will be rooting for France to win the tournament. We wanted to dodge you guys in qualifiers, and it turns out even the main tournament teams struggled vs you guys.:worrywhirl:
it has been four and a half years since i made my first and so far only shout-out post after a team tournament. the second and last one i reserved for my favourite tournament of all time. however, after 5 years and 6 attempts, you have to acknowledge that some things are not meant to happen even if you give it your very best effort and all you have got left in the tank. it is time for the veterans of the team to pass the torch and let new, fresh blood take over and there is no better time for that than with the upcoming released of scarlet and violet.

we evidently did not win the tournament so there can absolutely not be a massive shout-out post. i want to shout-out a few people during these five years and the first one goes to the person who gave me a chance and trusted me all the way from 2017. TonyFlygon, all of us and myself included appreciate everything you have done for team europe and the atmosphere you created and build all these years. your life has changed after the surgery you went through this year and your health is way more important than the tournament this year. whenever you are able to read this, i seriously hope you won't carry any guilt for not being able to help us. all of us wish you the very best and hope that we will be able to get an update on your life whenever possible.

as someone who made me stay up at 4am just to get baton passed out of the tournament, there is no deny that you were disappointing in 2018-2020. i am more than happy to say that for this year, you redeemed yourself in every possible way. this was the most passionate, active and helpful We Three Kings i have seen in years. obviously we have talked on a daily basis but 'mons wise this was kind of weird but a pleasent surprise to experience. i appreciate your time and effort for this year for this tournament. you still kinda suck though but at least, yeah i will stop here.

from copycatting with lopunny to testing metronome tyranitar 24/7 into blizzarding tangrowths to weezing it up back to back. it took 4 years but you finally played a group stage game. last year was a disappointment and you know that. for this year you stepped up big time leading this ship by playing most games (with lasse of course) prior to this tournament and caring about the success of team europe this year even if it meant cutting off players we grew a bond and regretting those decisions later on (we both are truly sorry Void about that). it didn't work out this year and we didn't get the crown we both wanted but i am more than happy to have shared these experiences and memories with you Mana and i wouldn't change them for anything.

it is evident that something will be changing regarding the rulings of eligibilities it is up to the tournament directors if they go as they should by revamping of the entire system or if they decide to act nice and draw arbitrary lines in the sand that will bring back the same old people complaining in the end. obviously i will be happy for team europe if it is the latter but regardless whatever will be decided, i want to thank everyone who has been playing or just armchairing in the team europe server ever since the #atleastsemis goal.

for someone whose very last team tournament this one, i want to wish the very best to not just the teams who made it to playoffs this year but to the future of team europe as a whole. i am fully satisfied with my experience as a whole and join the retirement home for good.


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Hey guys, just wanted to say I had a blast playing this tour, it's been my first official tour where I did decently, and it certainly wont be my last. Shoutouts Team India for having me on and helping me, and also to everyone who wasnt on the team but was rooting for me. Peace out guys!
We knew this was likely the final time we could play with eachother like this, so to say the results are disappointing is an understatement.

Big s/o to everyone for putting in the effort. Especially big shoutout to TonyFlygon for giving me a shot a couple years ago & I hope you get better soon. Pohjis and Mana too for being some of the best teammates, I know you guys wanted it just as badly. Also big ass shoutout to the goat talah, without you our teams wouldn't be even half as good and #atleastsemis would've been dead a while ago.

xavgb you are one of my best friends on this website and I know you have what it takes to play and win some big games. This time the results were disappointing but don't let that stop you in the future bro.

Thank you for all the great experiences team Europe and who knows maybe there's a next year.


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Glad to have participated this year. It meant a lot that you still trusted me to start, even though I didn't fully deliver. Despite that, I'm happy I could make a little contribution to the team.

A lot went wrong during this tour and sadly we were never able to take off. There's something to be learned from this experience and hopefully next year we will come back stronger (make sure not to be friends with fucking assholes bbeeaa stupid bitch :smogonbird:).

With that said, I overall had fun. I love this team that welcomed me 7 years ago. Without them I wouldn't have been propelled into the tour scene and I'm grateful for that. Siempre podréis contar conmigo, aunque estemos en la mismísima mierda :totodiLUL:
Yes, we had a difficult year, but in these years you can see who people really are. Who cheers for you and doesn't talk bad behind your back and really cares about the team.
Thank you to everyone who cheered for me, I know there weren't many but I know there were some.
A hug for Gama for being one of the only ones that cares about the team and its companions and not only for victories, for Tama for being fair and even not having time, it helps with what he thinks is right without prejudice, and for the newbies Beraldo and Greg for their good nature and responsibility

we still have a tiebreaker playing, so let's go brazil!!

and good luck to everyone who is still competing, especially to Blargh because he is sick..


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Round 1 Tiebreakers for 13th-15th

It is necessary to play a tiebreaker to determine which team places 13th and is thus safe from relegation, and which two are not.

Brazil (2) vs (1) Greece
Eternal Spirit Hyogafodex vs 2HP
elodin vs Stathakis
Lusa vs Mysterious M

Brazil (1) vs (2) Latin America
Eternal Spirit vs Gtcha
elodin Hyogafodex vs dahli
Lusa vs Leo

Greece (1) vs (2) Latin America
Stathakis vs Storm Zone
2HP vs Gtcha
the pharoah vs dahli

Teams have until Sunday, June 26th at 11:59 PM GMT-4 to complete their matches.
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