The World Cup of Pokémon 2023 - Replays

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Qualifier Round 1

















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Round 1

SV OU #1:
[EUR] Eeveeto vs. El Quixana [USW]
[EUR] Eeveeto vs. Fogbound Lake [GER]
[EUR] Eeveeto vs. le LLiolae [BEL]
[USW] Roller K vs. Fogbound Lake [GER]
[USW] El Quixana vs. le LLiolae [BEL]
[GER] Fogbound Lake vs. le LLiolae [BEL]

SV OU #2:
[CAN] Fc vs. Malekith [SPA]
[CAN] Fc vs. Soumav [BAN]
[USN] INSULT vs. Malekith [SPA]
[USN] INSULT vs. Soumav [BAN]
[SPA] Malekith vs. Nutrino [BAN]

SV OU #3:
[BEL] Eoward vs. GXE [USS]
[BEL] Eoward vs. M Dragon [SPA]
[BEL] Eoward vs. oldspicemike [USM]
[USS] GXE vs. M Dragon [SPA]
[USS] GXE vs. oldspicemike [USM]
[SPA] M Dragon vs. oldspicemike [USM]

SV OU #4:
[ITA] Santu vs. B1Kharma [BEL]
[ITA] Aurella vs. DonSalvatore [FRA]
[ITA] StepC vs. xavgb [UK]
[BEL] B1Kharma vs. DonSalvatore [FRA]
[BEL] B1Kharma vs. xavgb [UK]
[FRA] DonSalvatore vs. xavgb [UK]

SV OU #5:
[OCE] Aberforth vs. Ahsan-219 [UK]
[OCE] Aberforth vs. MANNAT [USM]
[OCE] Aberforth vs. QWILY [GER]
[UK] Ahsan-219 vs. MANNAT [USM]
[UK] Ahsan-219 vs. QWILY [GER]
[USM] Luthier vs. QWILY [GER]

SV OU #6:
[USM] Kyo vs. lax [USN]
[USM] Kyo vs. RaJ.Shoot [IND]
[USM] Kyo vs. Attribute [USW]
[USN] lax vs. RaJ.Shoot [IND]
[USN] lax vs. Attribute [USW]
[IND] RaJ.Shoot vs. Attribute [USW]

SV OU #7:
[ITA] Raiza vs. Spectear [LAT]
[ITA] Raiza vs. TheFranklin [EUR]
[ITA] Raiza vs. Trosko [SPA]
[LAT] Spectear vs. TheFranklin [EUR]
[LAT] Spectear vs. Trosko [SPA]
[EUR] TheFranklin vs. Trosko [SPA]

SV OU #8:
[CAN] HYpertonix vs. Blimax [IND]
[CAN] Hayburner vs. Sylveon used calm mind [GER]
[CAN] Hayburner vs. TPP [USS]
[IND] pj vs. Sylveon used calm mind [GER]
[IND] pj vs. TPP [USS]
[GER] Sylveon used calm mind vs. TPP [USS]

SV OU #9:
[USN] Gilbert arenas vs. Ox the Fox [USS]
[USN] Giannis Antetokommo-o vs. RedEmption [FRA]
[USN] Giannis Antetokommo-o vs. Ruft [EUR]
[USS] Ox the Fox vs. RedEmption [FRA]
[USS] Ox the Fox vs. Ruft [EUR]
[FRA] RedEmption vs. Ruft [EUR]

SV OU #10:
[USS] crying vs. Leo [LAT]
[USS] crying vs. SKC44 [BAN]
[USS] crying vs. Vert [USW]
[LAT] GasaiYunoSan vs. SKC44 [BAN]
[LAT] Leo vs. Vert [USW]
[BAN] SKC44 vs. Vert [USW]

SV OU #11:
[LAT] Fakee vs. March Fires [OCE]
[LAT] Fakee vs. So Noisy [IND]
[LAT] Fakee vs. Stellar Flares [FRA]
[OCE] March Fires vs. So Noisy [IND]
[OCE] March Fires vs. Stellar Flares [FRA]
[IND] MAVERICK SHOOTERS vs. Stellar Flares [FRA]

SV OU #12:
[USN] Star vs. xdRudi.exe [GER]
[USN] Star vs. Yelodash [UK]
[USN] Star vs. Mashing [LAT]
[GER] xdRudi.exe vs. Yelodash [UK]
[GER] xdRudi.exe vs. ZDen [LAT]
[UK] Yelodash vs. ZDen [LAT]

SV OU #13:
[SPA] Ado vs. Ewin [GER]
[SPA] Javi vs. Leftiez [FRA]
[SPA] Ado vs. Vaboh [USW]
[GER] Ewin vs. Quartosa [FRA]
[GER] Ewin vs. Vaboh [USW]
[FRA] Leftiez vs. Vaboh [USW]

SV OU #14:
[UK] 1 True Lycan vs. Dasmer [SPA]
[UK] 1 True Lycan vs. Kushalos [EUR]
[UK] 1 True Lycan vs. myjava [IND]
[SPA] Dasmer vs. Kushalos [EUR]
[SPA] Dasmer vs. myjava [IND]
[EUR] Kushalos vs. myjava [IND]

SV OU #15:
[USM] avarice vs. Lily [EUR]
[USM] avarice vs. Luirromen [LAT]
[USM] avarice vs. watashi [CAN]
[EUR] Lily vs. Luirromen [LAT]
[EUR] Lily vs. watashi [CAN]
[LAT] Airi vs. watashi [CAN]

SV OU #16:
[OCE] Chloe vs. Kebab mlml [ITA]
[OCE] Chloe vs. shiloh [USW]
[OCE] Chloe vs. sunsets [CAN]
[ITA] Kebab mlml vs. shiloh [USW]
[ITA] Kebab mlml vs. sunsets [CAN]
[USW] velvet vs. sunsets [CAN]

SV OU #17:
[BEL] AtraX Madara vs. ninjadog [OCE]
[BEL] AtraX Madara vs. RggV [LAT]
[BEL] AtraX Madara vs. TheUzigunner [BAN]
[OCE] ninjadog vs. RggV [LAT]
[OCE] ninjadog vs. TheUzigunner [BAN]
[LAT] RggV vs. TheUzigunner [BAN]

SV OU #18:
[USN] blunder vs. DugZa [OCE]
[USN] blunder vs. Rubyblood [BEL]
[USN] blunder vs. Scarlet Stars [CAN]
[OCE] DugZa vs. Rubyblood [BEL]
[OCE] DugZa vs. Scarlet Stars [CAN]
[BEL] Rubyblood vs. Scarlet Stars [CAN]

SV OU #19:
[USN] Finchinator vs. mind gaming [GER]
[USN] Finchinator vs. Mushfiq [BAN]
[USN] Finchinator vs. Punny [ITA]
[GER] mind gaming vs. Mushfiq [BAN]
[GER] mind gaming vs. Punny [ITA]
[BAN] Mushfiq vs. Punny [ITA]

SV OU #20:
[LAT] dahli vs. Fairy Peak [FRA]
[LAT] dahli vs. MichaelderBeste2 [GER]
[LAT] dahli vs. Skypenguin [CAN]
[FRA] Fairy Peak vs. MichaelderBeste2 [GER]
[FRA] Fairy Peak vs. Skypenguin [CAN]
[GER] MichaelderBeste2 vs. Skypenguin [CAN]

SV OU #21:
[IND] Dj Breloominati♬ vs. Feen [BAN]
[IND] Dj Breloominati♬ vs. MSnt [BEL]
[IND] Dj Breloominati♬ vs. Unamed [FRA]
[BAN] Feen vs. MSnt [BEL]
[BAN] Feen vs. Unamed [FRA]
[BEL] MSnt vs. Unamed [FRA]

SV OU #22:
[ITA] Ciro napoli vs. damien the genius [OCE]
[ITA] Ciro napoli vs. Garay oak [SPA]
[ITA] hellpowna vs. pdt [USS]
[OCE] damien the genius vs. Garay oak [SPA]
[OCE] damien the genius vs. pdt [USS]
[SPA] Garay oak vs. pdt [USS]

SV OU #23:
[OCE] etern vs. McMeghan [EUR]
[OCE] etern vs. Nat [USN]
[OCE] etern vs. Xrn [USS]
[EUR] McMeghan vs. Nat [USN]
[EUR] McMeghan vs. Xrn [USS]
[USN] Nat vs. Xrn [USS]

SV OU #24:
[USW] Fusien vs. Jytcampbell [CAN]
[USW] Fusien vs. njnp [USS]
[USW] Fusien vs. Stareal [UK]
[CAN] Jytcampbell vs. njnp [USS]
[CAN] Jytcampbell vs. Stareal [UK]
[USS] njnp vs. Stareal [UK]

SV OU #25:
[ITA] Niko vs. One Last Kiss [LAT]
[ITA] Niko vs. Piyush25 [IND]
[ITA] Niko vs. Tace [USM]
[LAT] One Last Kiss vs. Piyush25 [IND]
[LAT] One Last Kiss vs. Tace [USM]
[IND] Piyush25 vs. DripLegend [USM]

SV OU #26:
[USM] FatFighter2 vs. Kaif [BAN]
[USM] FatFighter2 vs. mimilimi [FRA]
[USM] FatFighter2 vs. Trogba Trogba [UK]
[BAN] Kaif vs. mimilimi [FRA]
[BAN] Kaif vs. Trogba Trogba [UK]
[FRA] mimilimi vs. Trogba Trogba [UK]

SV OU #27:
[CAN] 3d vs. ayevon [USM]
[CAN] 3d vs. Highv0ltag3 [EUR]
[CAN] 3d vs. Oshim [BAN]
[USM] ayevon vs. Highv0ltag3 [EUR]
[USM] ayevon vs. Oshim [BAN]
[EUR] Highv0ltag3 vs. Oshim [BAN]

SV OU #28:
[USN] ABR vs. Carkoala [FRA]
[USN] ABR vs. kythr [USM]
[USN] ABR vs. PikachuZappyZap [USW]
[FRA] Carkoala vs. kythr [USM]
[FRA] Carkoala vs. z0mOG [USW]
[USM] kythr vs. PikachuZappyZap [USW]

SV OU #29:
[IND] Floss vs. Joeshh [UK]
[IND] Floss vs. Pais [ITA]
[IND] Floss vs. Samqian [USS]
[UK] Joeshh vs. Pais [ITA]
[UK] Joeshh vs. aesf [USS]
[ITA] Pais vs. Samqian [USS]

SV OU #30:
[IND] freezai vs. SoulWind [SPA]
[IND] freezai vs. Sylvi [GER]
[IND] freezai vs. Wanony [BEL]
[SPA] SoulWind vs. Sylvi [GER]
[SPA] SoulWind vs. Wanony [BEL]
[GER] Sylvi vs. Wanony [BEL]

SV OU #31:
[OCE] false vs. Igniizard [BAN]
[OCE] false vs. blittius [UK]
[OCE] false vs. Luispeikou [SPA]
[BAN] Igniizard vs. KillaLeston [UK]
[BAN] Igniizard vs. Luispeikou [SPA]
[UK] KillaLeston vs. Luispeikou [SPA]

SV OU #32:
[USW] mushamu vs. procorphish [ITA]
[USW] mushamu vs. Uxilon [BEL]
[USW] mushamu vs. ZoroDark [EUR]
[ITA] procorphish vs. Uxilon [BEL]
[ITA] procorphish vs. ZoroDark [EUR]
[BEL] Uxilon vs. ZoroDark [EUR]
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