The World Cup of Pokémon VII - Sign Up Thread [UPDATE: SEE POST #615 & #636]

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World Cup of Pokémon VII

One year ago, team Oceania defended their championship and took home the title once again as the best PokéNation in the world. Today, we begin a new quest to determine which of our fiercely competitive nations will outlast all the others in a tournament like no other.

You may be wondering why I'm posting this thread in lieu of Jackal. He's moving onto to much better things, and due to real life matters, Jackal is no longer able to dedicate the time to host this tournament. He did an absolutely amazing job hosting the World Cup for the past years, so a round of applause goes out to him. Iconic and I will be hosting this year and will, without a doubt, try to live up to the quality of hosting Jackal demonstrated countless times. We hope everything goes well for you in life Jackal, thanks for everything! Too bad Canada will never win a World Cup, though (iconic EDIT: screw you man!).

To be clear this is a BW OU team tournament. Everything on-site is ready to go, and before we move into the details of this years tournament, you may want to check out the following:

Make sure you read through and understand all of the rulings listed below, as well as all of the general tournament rules.


The system utilized last year worked well, so we will be using it again. We will not be releasing a list of teams prior to signups; instead, we will allow people to sign up, and then base teams off of who signed up and for what. This allows us to ensure that the teams list is representative of the signups, and that there will be a good balance in the tournament. Ultimately, we don't expect too much deviation from last years team list, but it could happen.

To sign up for this tournament, use the following format: If you do not sign up in this manner, we will delete your post.

Pokémon Online Username(s):
Country / State of Residence:
Other Eligibility (if applicable):
Pokémon Online Username(s): This is self explanatory. If your main name on Pokemon Online is Bloo, then you will list Bloo next to this field.

Country / State of Residence:
Easy. Put what country you currently live in. If you live in the USA, put what state you live in.

Nationality: This field is for your family’s place of origin. For example, if your family moved from India to the USA, then you would put Indian. If this is the same as your first field or you don’t think it is important, omit it from your signup. List no more than two regions here (one for each parent).

Other Eligibility: This field should be a rarity. This is for situations like "I just moved to England but I lived in Canada all my life". We will review these on a case by case basis, and will only grant them in clear cut situations.

Team Captains

Team Captains will be responsible for assembling the roster, promoting the tournament through their team through IRC or other means, ensuring their team is completing battles and subbing battlers in and out as necessary. If there is an issue with a team we will approach the captain to resolve it. Include with your sign up post whether you would like to be considered to be a Captain. One week today, June 4, 2012, we will announce the final team list and the Captains for each team.

If you are relatively new or not known well by me, you probably should avoid signing up for captain. We have given some relatively new players captaincy in the past and it has had some pretty poor results, so we will be sticking to our veterans that we know and trust. Being captain has nothing to do with your skill, it is all about leadership and trustworthiness. The captain is not required to actually battle in the tournament.

Team Formation

After captains have been announced, there will be another one week period in which the captains have to hold tryouts / scout users to assemble their team. This will be the time period where the most activity is required from the captain, an ideal candidate would be on IRC every day and getting the opinion of well respected members of their team on potential roster spots.

Final rosters are to be submitted on or before June 11th, 2012. All rosters should include the team name, captain name, starting 8 players and 4 subs as well as the team flag. The captain does not have to be on the playing roster at all. We understand that two weeks is a long time to wait before the start of Round 1, but please take advantage of this time. It is to be used to form the roster, make teams together, test those teams, etc. By the start of Round 1, all teams should be at the top of their game. Don't just sit around until the first round starts and then start training.

Format Changes

There are a couple of changes to the rules and format that you should be aware of. The most important of which is the locking of the tier for the entire tournament. Pokemon Black and White 2 are going to be released in Japan on June 23, which falls directly in the middle of this tournament. If Platinum is any indication, this will result in a massive metagame shift. The Tournament Directors have decided that the current BW OU tier will be locked at this point and will not change for the duration of the World Cup. This means that no Pokemon, item, abilities, moves, etc. released in BW2 can be used in later rounds. We understand this may bring about some frustration, but it is unfair to force players to learn an entirely new metagame in the span of a few days, and preventing potentially broken Pokemon from being allowed in the World Cup will preserve the tournament's integrity.

The seeding of teams after the preliminary round is another important format change. In the past, teams were ranked based on points, but this year they will be ranked based on record to prevent unfortunate circumstances from the past two tournaments. If any teams within the top 8 have identical records, the point system will be used to break these ties. However, if two or more teams are tied for the last spot based on record, the point system will not be used to break the tie, and the teams will instead choose a player for a sudden death playoff to qualify for the next round.


Our wonderful artists all worked very hard on the flags last year, and we would like to maintain continuity by keeping them. If a new team is made, or you seriously don't like your flag, it's the team's / captain's responsibility to contact artists. We encourage you to wear these flags with pride!


IRC is a major part of this tournament. You may be left behind on a lot of the community aspect of the tournament if you don't use it, so don't miss out! Join us in #wcop on SynIRC ( for continuous World Cup of Pokemon chat. This channel will make it easy to find your opponents and discuss the tournament. If you have a problem connecting to IRC, please refer to this page for instructions on how to get there. If you still can not connect, the easiest way to do so is by using mibbit.

Further, each team is encouraged to create their own IRC channel for team use. If you want to try out for a team, it is a good idea to sign onto their channel and get to know everyone there. These channels are the heart of this tournament (and an endless source of entertainment!).


Alright, with all that out of the way, we expect a great tournament this year. Let the World Cup of Pokémon VII begin!
This post contains extremely crucial information regarding sign-ups and team eligibility. Please read it thoroughly before posting in this thread to prevent any potential screw ups.

Last year there were a number of World Cup controversies, and many of them stemmed from eligibility issues. We have decided on a few rule changes to prevent these problems from arising again. Please note that these decisions were made after consulting the rest of the TDs and other relevant parties, and they are intended to preserve the integrity of the World Cup.

On Team Eligibility

In order to sign up for a team you MUST qualify for one of the following conditions:

  • You were born in the team's country/region.
  • You are currently living in that country/region.
  • You lived in that country/region for a minimum of 5 years.
  • You are a citizen of the country/region.
  • You have at least one parent born in that country/region.

Although it's pretty obvious what users qualify for what teams (especially since we know the tournament circuit very well), some cases may be dubious and will therefore be heavily scrutinized by the TD team. If it's discovered you lied about your team eligibility to join a team at any point, you will immediately be removed from the tournament. Please, don't put yourself at risk to let this happen -- only sign up for the teams you are qualified for. Players are strongly encouraged to sign up for the country/region that they live in and/or were raised in, since after all, the whole fun of WCoP is showing pride and representing the country/region you love!

To all you Americans, please use this masterpiece made by Jackal and me to determine your eligibility:

Metro is NY + NJ.

On Team Loyalty

This became a huge issue last year with players flopping from team to team to create 'superteams', which greatly detracted from the spirit and integrity of the tournament. We have decided to implement a new 'loyalty rule' to prevent this kind of behaviour. Simply put, if you play for a team in this World Cup, you must play with them for every subsequent year if the captain chooses you for his roster. It goes without saying but we'll mention it anyways: players who have never participated in any World Cup can play for any team they qualify for, but must stick with this team in each following tournament.

Update: We have removed the rule that players who participated in a previous World Cup must play for the same team this year due to a number of confounds with this rule. However, we reserve the right to scrutinize and potentially reject extreme cases.

So, in essence, whatever team you choose to join this year (assuming you qualify for multiple teams) will be the team you're locked into for every World Cup of Pokemon in the future. The purpose of this is to prevent players from switching teams each year in accordance to the strength or weakness of their team at that given point in time, thus preventing the formation of the aforementioned 'superteams'. We encourage players to choose their teams wisely based on potential teammates and team pride.

We understand special cases may arise, and they will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the tournament team.

On... Actual Teams

Teams have not been set in stone yet, but it is likely they will be the same as last year with the possibility of a few changes. This means that, although very unlikely, some players may not qualify for any team. As a completely arbitrary example, let's say Canada was removed, then a Canadian fellow whose parents are 102381923124th generation Canadian farmers wouldn't be eligible for any team. In this case, he will be allowed to try out for the country/region they feel most closely associated with at the discretion of the TDs.

Alright now that's all settled go ahead and sign up! If you have any questions we strongly recommend coming to #wcop on IRC to ask them because this thread is only for player applications. We look forward to a great tournament, and as the Great Jackal once said...

Pokémon Online Username(s): Ojama / anne hathaway / Haunter sucks
Country / State of Residence: France
Nationality: French

Steven Snype

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Pokémon Online Username(s): Steven Snype | Andrew.
Country / State of Residence: USA | New Jersey
Nationality: Indian
Other Eligibility (if applicable): N.
Pokémon Online Username(s): Jets
Country / State of Residence: USA / PA
Nationality: Vietnamese
Other Eligibility (if applicable): Born in America (CA)

BIG loven

Not so little anymore
Pokémon Online Username(s): Loven
Country / State of Residence: Florida
Nationality: Cockasion
Other Eligibility:california grew up there etc


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Pokémon Online Username(s): TAB IS A CUTIE/SEABERT THE CUBCHOO
Country / State of Residence: London, UK
Nationality: British
Other Eligibility (if applicable): Team Africa


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Pokémon Online Username(s): tab
Country / State of Residence: uk
Nationality: uk

unless twash turns up, i'll put myself forward to captain
Pokémon Online Username(s): Noodlez
Country / State of Residence: USA, Washington
Nationality: Chinese
Other Eligibility (if applicable): Latin America (Mom is part brazillian)
Pokémon Online Username(s): zdrup15
Country of Residence: Portugal
Nationality: Brasil and Benelux

If anyone wants to try out for Benelux, you're welcomed to join our IRC channel #benelux
Pokémon Online Username(s): Nachos
Country / State of Residence: UK
Nationality: British

Volunteering to be captain if Gonkhauled or twash don't want to.


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Pokémon Online Username(s): ShakeItUp, -TheWorld-
Country / State of Residence: USA (Tennessee)
Nationality: Indian (both my parents and most of family were born in India)
Other Eligibility (if applicable): I was born in New York, and moved to New Zealand when I was two-years old (I'm 16 now). I lived in New Zealand until I turned 8. We then moved back to the US, and went to Lousiana (Hurricane Katrina happened and I moved to Tennessee so ya)
Pokémon Online Username(s): JabbaTheGriffin; Treiner Orenge
Country / State of Residence: USA / NJ
Nationality: Metronian

applying for captainship of team metro. potential metronians please join #metro for tryouts.
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