The World Cup of Pokémon VII - Sign Up Thread [UPDATE: SEE POST #615 & #636]

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Chile don't need Argentina's players to be complete. And a latin american Team is too massive for all the countries on that zone, US have 4 teams for one country, that's very unfair.
That's why US Metro and US East should be fused. That way there would be 16 teams and nobody would be out.


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Pokémon Online Username(s): AB2
Country / State of Residence: USA / Ohio
Nationality: Romanian
Other Eligibility (if applicable): N/A


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Pokemon Online Username: Double01
Country / State of Residence: USA/Wisconsin
Nationality: American
Pokémon Online Username(s): Arctic Eclipse
Country / State of Residence: New Mexico
Nationality: Mexican
Other Eligibility (if applicable): US West / Central
Pokémon Online Username(s): hbl97
Country / State of Residence: USA/Florida
Nationality: American
Other Eligibility (if applicable):
PO username: GFM2
Country/State of Residence:USA,Florida
Nationality:Born in Florida but of Cuban decent.
Other Eligibility:Cuba/Hispanic Countries/The Caribbean (Both Cuban parents.Been to Cuba.Have family their.)


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PO Username: Myzozoa
State of Residence: California
Nationality: American

I am signing up for US West.
Pokémon Online Username(s): Blue Eon (OldNite)
Country / State of Residence: Spain, Andalucía
Nationality: Spanish
Other Eligibility (if applicable): ???
Pokémon Online Username(s): Pureluck
Country / State of Residence: USA / Utah
Nationality: Irish

I hope I can participate, dis sounds fun.
Pokémon Online Username(s): KillFake, SansJ, KiruFakku, Fakku
Country / State of Residence: France
Nationality: French
Other Eligibility (if applicable):
Pokémon Online Username(s): Xx Ordile / Ordile
Country / State of Residence: Spain / Madrid
Nationality: Spain
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