The World Cup of Pokémon VII - Sign Up Thread [UPDATE: SEE POST #615 & #636]

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Hey if you want to play for Latin America, just get on IRC or Pokemon Online (Smogon) and contact one of the previous la players for a tryout. If you are good, you have a solid chance at making the team. No one is trying to monopolize anything. Every year we find some awesome players as a result of tryouts, like last year we got Soto purely from trying out and his mass "xD"s. I made it the year before that by trying out too.

This is one of Smogon's most competitive tournaments and each year the teams get closer and closer in terms of skill level. Unfortunately, you can't expect to ask for the creation of new teams if you do not have the strength to back them up. It would make the WCoP take a step back, instead of forward.

If you want to play for Latin America, tryout. This goes for any WCoP team for that matter.

Good luck and have fun.

ps. rey sucks at drawing
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Oh btw, I'd like to vouch for Earthworm or Hip as Oceania captain but if neither of them wish to apply/take the role, I'd be happy to take it on!
hello friends here is a USA qualification update because it was still an issue for some people so we divided regions by state . . .

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