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"fair play", what's this ? People bring full baton pass, people luck the shit out of their opponent, people do crazy shit in this "game" which can royally screw your fun. And here we are, in a situation where a player didnt send his team in a team tournament, what am I supposed to do expect take the win ? I am not supposed to ask my opponent if he has send his team, blame Leftiez for being such a shitty captain and not monitoring his players. That's my right which was set for a couple of years now, and I'm gladly using it by taking the win. You can shit talk all day, everyday, honestly, I can't give less a shit. Not like people see me as a good/nice player. Take this as a reminder, send your team, or get fisted. I'm not even feeling bad tbh. GG
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Only shady part of this is a member of team france turning timer on... there's no excuse for not turning your team in typically, but in this case it might not matter (in my opinion) as McM had no business turning timer on.


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an open letter to team france:

trying to portray yourselves as the fair and honest team when you took a dc win after 1 turn is sickening.

if you were on the other end of this situation you'd be bitching just as much if not more. face it, you only care about the rules when they benefit you.

it's the world cup of pokemon. play the fucking game. treat your opponents with respect. i'd rather have seen greece than you cowards. at least they were competing for the sake of competition, to prove themselves as battlers. all you're doing is openly declaring you will do anything for a win.
it's ideal in a pokemon tournament to adhere to playing and not pedantic rule bending

i totally empathize with go10 and would have taken the win with his circumstances; however, mcmeghan, as a head td, restarting the timer is simply an abuse of power. i wouldn't have cared if a td wasn't on and timer wasn't stopped, but the blatant act of Reinforcing the timer in the face of an obvious d.c. manifests a lapse of judgment.

furthermore, an impartial t.d. such as ciele could have easily joined the game on jsaok's side and screenshotted the team in order to protect france from shadiness. we have the capability to do so. however, mcmeghan Reinforcing the timer (which benefited his team) without adequate discussion prevented this.

it's not the act of taking the win that is what i disapprove of. go10 and france certainly have the right to do so. mcmeghan, however, blatantly preventing a playable game from being played is something i question. interference of an already stopped timer is supppppperr shady.

we play the game to play the game. not to reinforce the timer for the benefit of our own team.

ya jsaok def shoulda sent his team, but this was so preventable. why not prevent it lol
I just don't get why there were games in which timer was put off since timed battle is a clause (okay preventing annoying rematches hard to redo but this struggles against timed battle clause).
What's the criteria for stopping the timer? DC? Then why the timer was put on again in this battle (since jsaok apparently DCed)?
I don't think this stuff can be arbitrary in any way also because, as you can see, arbitrary decisions could be addressed as "biased".
I don't even see anything in rules saying something about stopping timer so, if you have to do that, just put some criterias (written) on which you are justified to stop the timer, or just stop it in every case regardless of submitting teams and other stuff since there are not assumptions for what you can stop timer in one case and let it run out in other one (it's nowhere written).
We can't say anything about advantage (Skarmory could have Shed Shell) or moral (if you can do something, well, you can do it. get it? ), the issue is just in that timer: let it run out in every battle or stop it in every battle (in case of DC of course). Every other way is just biased. I still think that McM didn't do that for gaining advantage though.
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then it makes PERFECT SENSE not to turn the timer back on so that the person who "dcd" can come back. you turn the timer off, let the fake dc shenanigans go away and continue as planned.
Again you're right though I discussed about the timer issues with Mcm the other day and we agreed it should not be stopped. Of course here this was an extreme case where the play to do was obvious and McM probably hoped leftiez didn't send the team, I don't know. But I can assure you he would have done the same for any team, there are clear protections for d/c and people should know them by now.

Lavos Spawn said:
if you were on the other end of this situation you'd be bitching just as much if not more. face it, you only care about the rules when they benefit you.
Also, no, we sent each team to the guys in charge.
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