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At this point, can you just stop being an asshole for absolutely no reason. The only gain you are receiving is your own satisfaction, the fact that no one finds you humorous or witty (i saw you fishing for likes with your snack pack joke aimed at Joey) simply means, you're being an asshole to be an asshole. You're exactly what's wrong with this community as of late and why I personally have no interest in the site anymore. You can't do anything without someone being a dick, and unfortunately unless we as a community become more strict than we already are, you'll continue to post and be a dick for the sole reason that you have nothing better to do.

All of this negativity towards players, especially as of late is disgusting. Me and my friends used to troll, or make fun of someone being swept, but it was always in a joking manner. Things have changed so much since I started playing the game, now people are just douchebags to everyone. I don't get it at all, there's no fun it for any party lol.
I usually don't say anything about fake outrage post, but this one bothers me a lil bit.

So what you are saying is that a shitposter (with less than 100 posts) and blatant troll, that nobody likes or knows, is exactly what's wrong with the community. That doesn't make much sense, or any sense at all, but ok.

"All of this negativity towards players, especially as of late"

This happened 3 years ago. For context, I got a flinch against Windsong early on, which helped significantly, and he crit the Pokemon that was sweeping 4/6 of his team, which benefited a ton from the flinch. He complained, I complained; nothing beyond the usual, it was semis of playoff so everyone was a bit excited. Wish I still had the logs of that match

(there's a lot more, including non-deleted posts)

I also remember getting shit from Scooters, specifically Ace Matador, earlier in the season, because "only scrubs used Electivire" (RU) and then winning 5-0 comfortably after Electivire killed its intended target. jaja

I feel like there was some negativity there. But hey, I was just a PO random playing his first SPL getting shit on by well known players, so who cares? Definitely not you

Where were your complaints about the community back then? too busy stirring up the pot?

Just so you know, that event was the reason why I didn't start contributing to UU with koko back when Jabba, who also talked shit in irc, was still leading the tier.

I'm sure that if you try hard enough, you'll find plenty of similar crap older than that.

There are assholes in every single big community, this includes Smogon. Assholes here are nothing new, but I'm sure you know that because you used to be one of them. (eg: "let's harass e-girls because I think they are dudes. But it's fine, we are ONLY JOKING")

Maybe you changed, but the community hasn't changed. There are assholes now (CTC is in East, so I'm sure you well aware of that fact) and there were assholes before, but the majority of the community is composed by normal people who just want play / win. Shitting up on the entire community just because this particular situation affected someone you like makes you a biased asshole.

The "Smogon sucks now; it used to be better when I was active" circlejerk is annoying. It completely ignores that the majority of the playerbase is as good as ever, and that the staff is regularly cleaning up threads to deal with the few assholes.

PS: If I had actually done anything wrong in my game, I would had gotten a reply here

Still waiting
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@whoever is in charge of updating the spreadsheet
I know you like Team Italy and we're clearly the best team in this tournament so you want to give us more wins, but marcoasd got 0-2'd by Tiba, not the other way around
sorry boss, my mistake in inputting it

please let myself or nails know if any other matches have been incorrectly inputted or been outright missed


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#4 Oceania
#3 ????
#2 ????
#1 ????

At least half of the people on this team are recognizable "big name" players. They're known for their Pokemon skills as well as their overall lack of European tact and shady behaviors. A team that is clearly better than Canada and other foreign countries, especially U.S. Metro. At #3, I present you team France.


Captain: Ojama --
Co-Captain: Zephir -- I feel like I know you from somewhere

ORAS: Boudouche -- a good player and a seemingly nice guy. Clearly insane too. So don't push this dude over the edge or he'll kick you in the dick. Bonjour, Tele
ORAS: Reymedy -- this guy cracks me up with some of his posts, which are saltier than any McDonald's french fries that I've ever had. Good and salty, what more can you ask for in a French player?
ORAS: Lyconik -- he's been impressive. For a guy who just bust onto the scene out of nowhere, he sure doesn't let the pressure get to him. You should friend Laurel on Facebook and teach him how to win
ORAS: Fantasy -- Like daftmau5, he's a good player. And like daftmau5, I also eliminated him from this year's OST 2-0 ez snackwraps
ORAS: Cicada -- not as over-glorified as some of his French teammates. Still a decent player
BW2: Ojama -- he's often criticized for being too predictable. I disagree and think he plays smart. There's no reason to make fancy plays when your 'predictable and safe switches' easily win you the game. He's in the finals of virtually every one of those Smogon Classics tournaments...I think he's good
DPP: Go10 -- I 6-0'ed this French in one of the last BW OU tours with dEniSsSs' unstoppable Baton Pass chain. Have you forgiven me yet? A solid DPP player from what I've seen. Just pray to the lord Jesus Christ you don't run into a player like -Tsunami- and his Gliscor + Metagross combo and you should have a chance to win
ADV: McMeghan -- Earthworm's fangirls will probably attack me for this, but I don't give a damn. In my cockiest of opinions, McMeghan has already surpassed the great Worms as the best player in Smogon's history. The amount of tournaments McM has won (and will win some more in the future) is beyond disbelief. Or maybe he's manipulating the system and is yet to be caught under the bright sunlight...

Ohmachi is onto you, dear.


GSC: giara -- sorry don't know you :(
RBY: froggy25 -- sorry don't know you either :(

Cristal -- Aren't you supposed to be German? I remember saying you were a better German than Fakes in one of my previous power rankings. What you doing in team France?
Lusso -- sorry don't know you :(
Aqualouis -- his Pokemon skills deteriorated quicker than ... my attempt to say something about him
Meridian -- he's solid, I guess
GeeMick? -- haven't seen you play enough yet to really know how good or pretty good you are compared to the other French above. You were rather spot on analyzing my team in that 'Team Study' thread, so you obviously know your Pokemon
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