The World Cup of Pokémon XI - Sign Ups

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Team Brazil: 4/10

Brazil is about as good as Spain, which isn't good at all. Their ORAS lineup is...average. Destiny Device is probably Brazil's best ORAS player, but he's not elite good. Unlike his peers, he's stuck at level three and is unable to mega evolve. Yeah I get Nintendo just made it to the finals of OST. I'm confident I can beat him using an all UU squad, that's how good I think he is from what I've seen. Matter of fact, I'll use an UU squad and win against him if he gets unluckily paired up against me. The rest of the spots are shaky at best, with only one solid spot in ADV with dekzeh holding down the fort. Luigi in DPP instead of Tamahome? Lol. No doubt he'll end up playing another tier next year because there's no way Brazil is coming out of round 1 this wcop for him to play anything else.

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Tiba's not even a solid spot? I'm fine with most of the analysis but that's a hell of a snub, he's one of the few dudes with a claim on best rbyer.


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People are simply greedy nowadays. I give you some and you want it all. Do you know how long it takes me to analyze teams and players to do these ratings? They're always so accurate because I spend all my lunch time doing them. Be grateful I even do them at all. #mad #powerankings #thewhitequeen #teamasia #wcop #instagram #gay #pridemonth #pokemom #smogon #ORASOU
Its ok.
As long as Spain is as good as Sharks this year everything will be fine.
Dont you think Whitequeen?
He's intimidating, on the other hand he's very shy. He has a sweet glance, but that doesn't mean he is a good persona, in fact he will make whatever he has to do to destroy a person who tries to contradicts him. I'm afraid that when he says he has tested all before anyone else he is referring to all the men in his city.
Both top and bottom. 6,17/10

AD impish john

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Team Oceania: 7.8/10 (Too Much Whitequeen)

I personally try to stay unbiased of certain areas around the world, but Oceania is SURROUNDED by water. I hate water, so I'll knock it down 1.1 points which is reasonably fair imo tbh fam. Also will knock it down another 1 point for not having a banner; Team Asia has a mother fucking Panda has our mascot banner, which is the reason why Team Asia gets an 11/10 (MASTERPIECE). Team Oceania has a very good select of players, but the fact that it has NotFalse on it just ruins the team entirely which I'm nocking it down by .1 points.

Dont shoot the messenger. The WhiteQueen is only keeping it realest.

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i have moved to canada over the summer to live w my dad
team canada we litattehnightshow2016 SKRRRRRRRT

shit is hot up in the 6 boi

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