The World Cup of Pokemon 2021 - Captain Signups

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this girl rly slapped some letters together huh
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The World Cup of Pokemon 2021

Hosted by kjdaas and Amaranth, logo by Iyarito

This is the thread to sign up for World Cup captaincy. This is going up prior to player sign-ups so that hosts can have some idea of what teams will be competing this year. If you want to lead a team this year you must post here.

Expected returning teams are as follows:
Latin America
US Midwest
US Northeast
US West

All of the above teams have qualified based on their WCOP 2020 performance. Team US South, Team India and Team Canada are up for relegation (see the format here), and if all of the above teams return, they must play a qualifier to be included in this year's WCOP. Any teams who did not participate in Round 1 of WCOP 2020 must also participate in a qualifier if they wish to enter this year.

Please note that we will not be accepting alternative versions of teams (such as Spain #2) or expanded/multi-country teams (such as Spain + Portugal or Benelux). Additionally, the only United States teams that will be allowed are the ones mentioned above.

Also, please only post here if you are applying for captaincy. Like the SPL thread, this will be moderated and memes/nonsense will be deleted and possibly infracted. If you have any legitimate questions or concerns then feel free to PM us and we will address them.

*** An Important Note For Qualifying Teams ***

In order to move things forward as swiftly as possible, signups for qualifiers will go up on April 18th, with games to begin on April 25th. Therefore, all teams who wish to play in the qualifying rounds must have Captains signed up by Sunday, April 18th at 11:59 AM GMT -4. Furthermore, please send me on Smogon or Discord, a preliminary roster so that we can gauge if your team has enough eligible players to participate in the qualifying rounds.
I will be captaining US South with fakenagol. We will be trying a new experiment where we actually tryout players abilities instead of recruiting based off of clout. Feel free to come try out. Everyone will have a fair chance to join the team.
confirming with my co-captain xtra... our accomplishments: we tot Empo how to ladder and how to build teams and that lead him 2 hone his skills and win not only smogon tour, but also OST as well... cuz we tot him the power of friendship and how 2 double switch...

no1 rly knows me but ill list my accomplishments rite here 2 justify why me and xtra should lead US south

(i will get the new logo dun soon with xtra)

my accomplishments:

got into smogon tour 31 week ss finals
decked soulwind in the face (he is a very good player, probably 1 of the best on the sites. i very much respek his ability 2 play mons and how aggressive his style is... this proves my skilsl that i was able to match him)
won roapl with av chomp
got to top 64 of 2021 OST (that empo won)
and was trickings only lost in 2020 (in his historic season)
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