The World Cup of Pokemon 2021 - Introduction

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The World Cup of Pokémon 2021

Hosted by kjdaas and Amaranth, logo by Iyarito

In 2020 we saw the introduction of the full current gen format, which ushered in a new era of European and more specifically Italian dominance. Although this was just their first win, the Southern Europeans have proved to be an unstoppable force, dominating their opponents in a fashion never seen in WCOP’s 16 years. Is there any team that can knock the Italian menace from their throne, or will this be the first of many trophies for gli Azzurri? Last year finalist Team Europe will not make it easy for them, especially because they are still longing for their first trophy after another lost final. Will this year be their time to shine in the spotlights or will Europe just be The Netherlands of WCoP?

And meanwhile, outside the European mainland, the great machinery of war has been rumbling to life. While Europe claimed all four of the semifinal slots in WCOP 2020, teams from all corners of the world, have all been clamoring to reclaim their dominance and prove themselves world powers once more. Will Team West reach the same heights as in WCoP 2019 or will Team Northeast come back after a disappointed 2020. You can also never rule out the old giants of Asia and Oceania, both of which showed great form in last years WCoP. Or will we see another new winner come to the fore? The only advice I can give is:


WCOP 2021 Teams:

  • Asia - Altina & Alpha Rabbit
  • Brazil - Tamahome & Spl4sh
  • Europe - Jordy & Lilburr
  • France - Welli0u & Cdumas
  • Germany - xray & CMx
  • Greece - the pharoah & Mysterious M
  • Italy - Lyss & Micaiah
  • Latin America - Raichy & Flamita
  • Oceania - false & Tom Bus
  • Spain - Malekith & Colchonero
  • US Midwest - starry blanket & Sam
  • US Northeast - BKC & obii
  • US West - ima & lax
  • Africa - Amir & BlessyZ
  • Argentina - Enzonana. & MegaLucario
  • Austria - Charmflash & Astoria
  • Bangladesh - Oshim & Xboy
  • Belgium - Eoward & Vextal
  • Canada - Genesis7 & Tokyo Tom
  • China - Separation & Starmind
  • India - SANJAY & Mikaav
  • Pakistan - raf & Arby
  • UK - shade & HJAD
  • US South - Stone_cold & jacob
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Leaving out active players for putting in your friends like k12 would be funny if you weren't 40 years old and didn't go 0-4 every year. Put your ego aside and assume that you are making a fool of yourself.

The people and staff of smogon will obviously suck your dick since you have a name here and I'm nobody, but it's a shame that people know that Spain is a ghost festival and nobody has the balls to say anything.


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This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone at this point, but I want to be very clear cause I feel like we live the same situation year after year: Malekith is a great teammate, player and captain.

The reason why he has my support and that of so many other proven Spanish players is not by chance, but because he deserves it. He deserves it because of the effort he has put and keeps putting to make the Spanish community grow, he deserves it because he values more than numbers and sheets when giving his opinion and he deserves it because he decides things in a democracy.

Is he perfect? Nope. Nobody is. But if there’s something Male has been doing since I know him as captain, is giving opportunities to those who prove they are worth it. FYI, I made my World Cup debut just because I did a good HPL record back in the day, when my Pokémon experience was not more than a year and a half. Don’t be fooled, the Spanish Team gives opportunities to promising people. Some players will get self-discarded on the way to World Cup, others will use his/her first Smogon experience as a trampoline to become proven and keep growing ... But how do you expect anyone to believe that players that cannot even succeed on their national community are going to be useful for a World Cup Team? Please. It's not about making friends, it's about winning the tournament.

For the record: as one of the main catalysts of our community, Malekith organizes each year a Spanish National tournament, as well as a WcoP qualifying tournament so all those “young promises” have the chance to be seen and be part of the team without having achieved anything before in Pokémon. If you win, you join the team. And even if you don't, be sure the entire team will check your replays / team choices if you make it far enough. Again, don’t be fooled: Male is no dictator and his friends are’t chosen for the mere fact of being his friends. There are plenty of opportunities to join the Spanish squad in the best possible way and making your own “B Team” with unproven players is not one of them.

I think I speak on behalf of the team when I say that any Spain Team proposal that doesn’t involve Malekith as captain is a complete joke, so let’s please stop the “he manages cause he’s a dicksucker and someone in the Smogon community” speech. That’s bullshit. Malekith manages Spain because those who have shown a good level of contribution to the team at the highest competitive level want him as our captain.


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If you have Asian IP, and will be active for the duration of the tour to provide tests etc., pm me on discord (IPF#9395). We'll give you a fair tryout and we're always looking for fresh faces!
Any of the countries in the attached map apart from India (eligibility rules) to avoid confusion


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Eres un grande Malekith. No solo tienes todo el curro de organizar esto, sino que ahora tienes que aguantar las estupideces de otros.

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