The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round One

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to the Zapdos division, Ill be on shoddy battle this week but right now Im trying to develop another team since everyone by now knows what I run. Plus this week Ill be a little busy preparing for a yugioh tournament this weekend so I wont have as much time as usual. Unless someone can play after this weekend Im gonna hold off battles until then.
Curt's Results (CLegacyM)

X Curt is King X(10:10:47 PM):Lost to SSBM roy 0 - 2
X Curt is King X (10:10:54 PM):Beat Fade Away 6 - 0
X Curt is King X (10:11:04 PM):Beat TheBM 3 - 0


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Anyone else having extreme trouble getting on Shoddybattle? I tried to get on last night to battle Picklesword and I couldn't connect to ANY server.

If this keeps up I may need to sub myself out lol :/
I've been having that trouble alately. I was blaming my own Internet / Computor for this, however, I think ShoddyBattle was fucking up for me. Fortunatly, I have not had any troubles since last night.

I'll seriously get BK played soon. Possible in a few hours if I see him.

Metabou, you can't PM me saying you want to get this done and that you were on while I was not, you haven't been on when I have, it's the same thing. I want to get this done as much as everyone else wants their matches to be finished, but, we must schedule a date for this; Thursday at 10:00pm(Gmt) or Friday, etc.
Looks like Aeolus and I won't be able to battle until next weekend. I'm waiting for a reply from GG. I won't be able to get any more battles done until sunday or later, considering my online availability is very limited this week.


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I have a date set up with WER, next Monday at 7:30 PM, he's enjoying his spring break so he isn't available.

IPL is on shoddy fairly frequently, but I have sent a PM regarding the battle anyway.

Conker, I have no idea about. He's never on Shoddy, and he hasn't replied to my PM.

Just thought you'd like an update.
beat lord gloom 6 to 0, gg lg

i have logs for both of my battles, do i still need to send them if both battlers have confirmed the match?
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