The World Cup of Pokemon III - Round Two

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proper translation:

Gandalf the blue said:
Bash Gorm, that idiot always uses shitty CM Jirachi and if I outpredict him he always haxes me. His team is SashGar, Infernape with HP[Ice], CM Jirachi with enough speed for jolly Mamoswine, Taunt-Gyarados with less than 245 Speed and I forgot about the two other ones. He used Pursuit Snorlax and Celebi at one point.

Who is Taylor?


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ps@Shiv: You cannot compare the match of judgement&me and melon&me.. I used a random team against melon xp..
I don't see how its my fault that I presume you tried to play your best against both your opponents for the same tournament.

Also, Taylor I'd say its because you're up against a german :)

gorm, I can't really do anything there bro, i'm pretty sure people in most teams give advice like that, thats many of the people on asia for example, don't battle with their tournament team when they're battling randomly.


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UNLESS, I purposefully battle with the team I plan to use, in hopes of them thinking I wouldn't use a team that I would use in a tournament in front of them, therefore them not expecting for the team they already know, and being unprepared for that team, as opposed to another team they were hoping to have faced.

Dun dun dun mind fucking muahahah
#81 do you test your team then? Random shoddy ladders are the quickest way to test against a lot of people!! Having to use an alternate name is ridiculous, but it looks that is what you 'should' have done Gorm ;(
i dind't used a counter team against you i used my standard team. if i would have been unfair i could have used something like dugtrio..
sorry anyways for gandalfs behaviour, im member of this forum and so i can badly overlook gandalfs post =/.

sorry, i wish gandalf never posted that ._.
Indeed. xd

Other news, Michilele says she can't meet up to play one battle this entire week. Frustrating as it is, I'll just have to wait until next Sunday.
You are very similar as Melon. A nap, who tells very much not interesting things in this topic to influence the TO xD
Something like that is very lousy.

You've said, that you can battle only @weekend, so that i suggested next weekend , because i cannot this weekend ;D

Because of that I will be on the server by a consented time.

ps: lol, Gorm xp, I think, every team on this tournament do this and it cannot be prevented. In addition, only use more than one team and you have no probs like that.
Are you out of your fucking mind? I said I'm available whenever and everyone knows that. Preferably on the weekend, but I'm able to go out of my way to play at anytime to suit my opponent, as I'm not fussy. Please don't say anything like that.

Let's just meet up as soon as we can, and I'm free whenever so you don't have to wait until the weekend.
Ok, The post was a bad idea lol.
I am sorry for the dirty guy and the other offenses, I didnt wanted to hurt you with. I was just angry because I lost to you 3 times in a row and I am a bad loser so I need another reason for my lose then my skill.
But I am sure that other teams do some scouting aswell, or how did you find the post?...

@Taylor: No that were other reasons, lol. I am very courios about pokemon, and I am asking a lot of other good battlers about their thinkings and stuff. Ask Aldaron, Obi, Goofball, IPL and other people if you dont trust me. The kick was due to me using an illegal moveset with Pursuit+Selfdestruct Snorlax, again ask Gouki, Antique Roadshow or IPL.

Edit: What am i doing lol. I didnt scouted your team, as the Ladder matches us together, and as you used the same team over and over again in every match we had, I assumed you would use the same Team in the World cup. So whats exactly wrong with posting the team? >_>

Edit2: I just remembered you posted the Team anyway... So next time I will just give the link lol


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Okay seriously i don't want all of this bullshit in here. That refers to you Michiele and you Gandalf. Gorm had a valid concern.

I just want my match results, thanks.


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Gouki vs MoP He is pretty shit but ehh sympathy vote :)
picklesword vs Jackal
[kd8]otome vs Pilocus
GG vs LonelyNess
Taylor vs Michilele
batpig vs COalex
VIL vs Phuquoph
Jirachi268 vs Gormenghast
dynamo vs Mysterious Stallion gl dude
Lockon vs maddog
hibachi vs Fade_Away poor hib :(
omni vs TAY Hard one, but I think TAY will win this
Foreys vs Thunderhorse Another hard one, but Thunderhorse has given me more trouble in our battles.
Giga Punch vs Sonuis
Sapientia vs Obi
Melon vs salaspectrum
Maniaclyrasist vs FiveKRunner Well done dude
aldaron vs Hipmonlee Unlucky Hip. IMO aldaron is the best battler left
Earthworm vs zerowing Would pick EW even if he wasn't part of Oceania.
CLegacyM vs Loki I was surprised at how gracious Curt was.
JabbaTheGriffin vs DD Upset of the round
husk vs Stalling
rojo2 vs Brawley
Floppy vs Antique Roadshow Hopefully he can hit top form again.
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