The World Cup of Pokemon IV - Roster/Flag Formation

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That is awesome. Congrats drunk nazis.

(seriously, that is cool. My kruat dad just walked over, had no idea what the hell beerzong was and started cracking up looking at the flag anyway.)
I actually love this flag!

I dunno if we have a definitive one, but could you try and make an Oceania flag? :)
Considering the only 2 suggestions we have so far are1. an earthworm blowing fire on a jumpluff and 2. an Australian flag with a tentacool crudely stuck on it, I'll say any suggestions are welcome :D. Maybe we should have a picture of someone behind an Ampharos who's bending over...

Most of the team's actually been decided. I really wish the team can get finalized soon, but it's not BK's fault.
I have made an attempt at an Oceania flag, and it turned out great (by my standards)!

On a more serious topic, go Oceania! *hopes for the best*


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As co captain of team oceania I have commisioned steelicks to make a flag for us.

Though, by all means continue coming up with suggestions of your own.

Have a nice day.


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I will be holding tryouts for US West tomorrow afternoon. Anyone wishing to participate should contact me, preferably on irc.

I would like to reiterate the importance of coming to the irc channel. I am not going to put anyone whom I do not know on the team, and it is a lot easier to get to know people in real time chat.

I also encourage anyone to contact me on shoddy battle.

If you have any questions you can PM me on the forums.
Great Germany flag.

And the Australian mascot should be a Buneary, or maybe a Mightyena (dingo). However, I think Kangaskhan is the best mascot.

Blue Kirby

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Based on who has actually contacted me and attempted to make their mark, here is Team Oceania 2009.

Captain: Blue Kirby
Playing 8:
- Blue Kirby
- Earthworm
- Hipmonlee
- panamaxis
- Antique Roadshow
- Junior
- MS
- animenagai
- alive
- Puggy

Congratulations to those that got in, and thanks to everyone who tried out!

Now we just need to get together and work on a flag. Also, that would be a pretty poor Australian mascot, Hip.
OMG, thank you BK, as well as Hip, MS etc. who have said a good word about me! You have both a devoted student of the game and team mate, take my word for it.
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