The World Cup of Pokemon IV - Semi Finals

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Lol at battling when I got my first exam in 5 mins.

I talked to KG and we've decided on Friday slightly later then this time (so exactly 4 days from this post) to get it done.

You're all ganna lose to me, all of you!!!! (cept for oceanians :D)


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[03:36:58] <Shiv> jackal
[03:37:04] <Shiv> you need to figure out what canada wants
[03:37:06] <Shiv> asap
[03:37:15] <Shiv> before like itachi vs tay happens even
[03:37:18] <Shiv> cause if itachi beats tay
[03:37:31] <Shiv> then its a whole game to look at
[03:38:29] <Jackal> were not rematching
[03:38:32] <Jackal> not worth it
[03:38:56] <Shiv> do you still want to hand west that win
[03:39:03] <Jackal> the precedent set is that we COULD have if we wanted
[03:39:03] <Shiv> if you do, ill accept it too
[03:39:05] <Jackal> but chose not to
[03:39:21] <Jackal> nah
[03:39:26] <Shiv> okay
[03:39:29] <Jackal> just sub out stalefish
[03:39:30] <Shiv> ill update the thread then
[03:39:31] <Shiv> yeah
[03:39:32] <Shiv> will do
[03:39:34] <Shiv> obviously
[03:39:44] <Jackal> and as a penalty
[03:39:49] <Jackal> every member of asia has to post
[03:39:52] <Jackal> cdn > azn
[03:39:54] <Jackal> in the thread
[03:40:06] <Shiv> agreed
[03:40:14] <Jackal> including you
[03:40:16] <Jackal> >:D
[03:40:20] <Shiv> i know

Just as an update, Canada have been great sports about this whole affair so I can happily say, .....

man this is hard.

ok fine, cdn > azn.

Moving on, I'll be getting a sub for Stalefish. Dawnbringer was able to shoddy recently so if LoveDestiny sees him on and DB is up for it, he could do it (I'll try and confirm with DB asap). I'll check out other options otherwise.

For the future, stuff like this will surely allow the other team to rematch. In addition, the culprits in such cases will be penalized heavily (not just in the world cup but in smogon overall) and such shit is NOT supposed to happen ever again.
Gonna pm BK in a little bit. Due to recent events I will probably be inactive for most of this week, and possibly for next week. If I cannot find time to organize a time for next week I'll talk to Jabba to get me subbed out for this round. I'll try my best though to get a scheduled time so we can get our match done


I do it for the CHICKS
is a Battle Server Moderator Alumnusis a Past WCoP Champion
Beat KG 3-0. Had a couple of instances of hax on my side also, so I apologise for that. Dunno what the outcome woulda been without it, but it didn't make your task easier :(. Gg
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