The World Cup of Pokemon V - Round 1

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Sorry, someone just let me know. I had my PMs minimised because I am watching my team play Uruguay in the soccer WC (which I was talking about in #stark) ~_~ I wasn't trying to avoid you, really sorry about that.

ETA: We are setting up a time now :)

ETA2: We will play after Germany utterly crush Spain!


I leave and they change my avatar to this?
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i got lucky and won from a crit vs tito, it would have come down to a speed tie regardless though, whoever won the speed tie would have one. The crit sort of just made it so we didn't have to go down that path.

flinch didn't matter, i was sacrificing that mon, and it would have shit for health with my team outpacing it.
Well, if we suck, why complain about us haxing? If we really do suck, then you would want us haxing out as many teams as possible, so you get "free" wins out of the prelims.

...unless you really are afraid of us cause WE DA BEST????
I would just like to clarify, rey won his last 3 matches due to a total of 9 critical hits, plus 3 para's via tbolt and a freeze via ice beam. Who is he to call a haxer?
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